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File 135822873742.jpg - (238.60KB , 777x713 , hatersgonhate.jpg )
6768 No. 6768
Figured I'd mann up and actually start an art thread here, instead of just passively lurking.
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>> No. 6769
Awww yeaaah, lay it on us Des!
>> No. 6770
File 135822999950.jpg - (529.84KB , 807x1217 , spylegs_edited-1.jpg )
Let's kick things off, shall we?
>> No. 6771
File 135823015389.jpg - (201.89KB , 560x924 , ww2spy soldier 2.jpg )
Annd one more for good measure. WW2 Spy/Soldier.
>> No. 6772

Jesus actual Christ, that is insanely hot.
>> No. 6773
Why didn't you delurk sooner? Think of all the time we could have spent together.
I forgive you, though. You're here now.
>> No. 6774

Okay yeah this is why we need more of this pairing everywhere.

Glad you've started a thread here. I love your work.
>> No. 6775
File 135858922992.jpg - (390.47KB , 896x1109 , spyboardingschool.jpg )
Have some boarding school kid Spy, as told by Sniper.
I also wanted to give a big thank you to the two Anons above, I am very excited to be here guys. Thank you!
>> No. 6776
File 135863019867.png - (49.37KB , 254x292 , mffw.png )
you belong here forever :D cant wait for more of your work, they are too artistically done well
>> No. 6789

That smarmy little bastard. I love it.
>> No. 6792
Please stay forever.
Your use of colour does things to me.
>> No. 6795
This is amazing and so are you.
Wish these could have been on the chan in it's great days, when there was more than five people left to comment the art and fics being posted.
Anyways keep on truckin', this shit is great.
>> No. 6802
File 136135152559.jpg - (293.26KB , 1200x760 , ац3п4357ш8щ_edited-1.jpg )
Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! Also, my apologies for my inactivity, it's just that recently my art's been all wips and doodles. Hopefully I will be able to upload some finished work on here soon.
>> No. 6803

Personally, I love seeing art threads interspersed with sketches/WIPs. There's something about looking at the progression of others' work that gives me the warm fuzzies, and I honestly think helps the art community to grow.

Whatever you post, keep going - I beg of you.
>> No. 6839
File 136464079623.jpg - (386.84KB , 788x968 , onispoo.jpg )
I'm back! This time, with something decent.
>> No. 6840
File 136464150720.jpg - (446.13KB , 788x968 , onispoo copy.jpg )
My apologies for the re-post,I wasn't sure how to delete the previous post. Anyhow, fixed a few errors in this, mostly the knife.
>> No. 6841
That is gorgeous! I has no crit to give, it's perfect in my eyes

(Oh, and if you want to delete a post, click the checkbox next to the post, then down the bottom of the page is the Delete Post password field and delete button. If you haven't cleared your cookies/just made a post, you should be able to delete it no problem... but it's a good rule of thumb to always use a memorable password every time you post, if you don't already, in case you want to delete older posts)
>> No. 6842

Hoooly shit.
This is beyond cool. I especially love the lighting and the way his mask flows into his head and the blood on his suit. It's wonderful.

I also caught some of your livestream while you were working on this a while back and not to be a kiss-ass, but it is a complete pleasure to watch you work.
>> No. 6847
This is one of those disheartening pictures. I should probably just look at it and appreciate it in all its intense, dramaturgical beauty. But instead I'm going to crawl under a rock and cry about how I'll never be able to produce colours like that. Do you have any idea how long it's been since I've done that? You should feel bad.
>> No. 6849
Well, to be fair, Desole does do a lot of photo studies and churns out a lot of art, polished or not. They've reached this point partly through talent, sure, but also a lot of practice. Besides, talent without polishing it will only take you so far...

Maybe instead of crawling under your rock, use that envy to fuel your own practice in art?

Sorry for potential thread derailment and/or unintended snideness, I mean no harm. I'll just... go back over there now
>> No. 6851
No offense taken, because it's the same goddamned lecture I give to everybody else once a goddamned week when people try to tell me they're jealous that I can draw/sculpt slightly better than a rabid hobo, as if the amount of sleep I've lost is anything to be jealous of. I was trying to give Desole a compliment but I'm bad at saying nice things.
>> No. 6852
File 136580806921.jpg - (161.83KB , 590x898 , Spy wip.jpg )
Thank you so much Mawaru and Anons for your wonderful comments (and mawaru for all the help)!

Anyhow, here's a wip of my next big project
>> No. 6853
Oh, fancy Spy, how I love you so.

I was wondering, do you work from photo references or purely from your mind/what you've learnt from your study pieces? Your use of colour has always amazed me and I'd love to know what makes your mind tick, haha
>> No. 6854
All that dapper. This is gonna be a good one.
>> No. 6863
File 136787872197.jpg - (346.79KB , 962x1025 , [PERFDECT_edited-5.jpg )
I lied. Here's a finished piece of something completely different!
>> No. 6871
You use colour so well. I'm stealing this for my reference folder, under "How to use a tiny amount of contrasting colour to make a massively big difference in a composition."

Now I'm going to try and say something critical of your piss fucking perfect art. I have a hard time seeing how the mask is sitting on Spy's face. The mask looks great, the silhouette of his head looks great, but they don't quite look like they fit together.
>> No. 6875
Ooooo Thank you anon, I see what you mean. It seems like the top bit around the forehead is a bit too rounded to suggest it's in line with his actual head. Just as well, the blood around the neck, just under the mask, seems to confuse the eyes of where the mask actually ends. Thank you so much for the critique!
>> No. 8128
File 137207197855.jpg - (184.24KB , 594x565 , tumblr_mok5uh6Owh1r099vio3_1280.jpg )
Another massive piece I am working on, figured I'd post the wip here as well
>> No. 8129
Mmm so handsome already...
>> No. 8130
Oooh! Can't wait to see this one finished.

Though.. uh.. poor Spoo, whatever happened to his neck? It looks either squashed in, or he has the trapezoids of a body builder under there, haha.
Easily fixed by dropping down his collar and whatnot
>> No. 8131
Thank you so much! I hadn't noticed it earlier, I'll be sure to fix it! Yeah, it shouldn't be too complicated a fix. Thanks again!
>> No. 8132
I'd have said that the length of the neck/height of the collar is fine, but the fact that the contour of Spy's jaw is directly on top of the contour his collar is what makes it look like they share an edge. Mawaru's solution will definitely work, but I think just about anything that that will give Spy's jaw its own dimension will also do. It could very well resolve itself once you get around to tightening up the lighting, depending on what exactly you have in mind.

Also, I think Spy's head looks a wee bit small. Not dramatically so, particularly not if you're following TF2 form, but small enough that it looks a bit weird when I view it in thumbnail format. But that also might be something that will go away on its own as you keep working, because there isn't really enough consistency in the lighting and line placement to make it perfectly clear where the perspective is, which in turn makes it hard to estimate the breadth of his chest and shoulders. So who knows what the fuck I'm comparing anything to.
>> No. 8157
File 137352926469.jpg - (310.80KB , 924x1005 , weeiieie.jpg )
Thank you guys for all of the wonderful critiques! I am working diligently on the last wip I posted here, though it's taking me much longer to get everything to look right, unfortunately. I did however fix the neck and am working to get the face to look like, well spy. But in the meantime, have yet another wip heh.
>> No. 8158
I'm so excited for this. Dat disgruntled faec.
>> No. 8162
File 137371596380.jpg - (303.83KB , 917x942 , fgdrwrrw_edited-2.jpg )
Cleaned up the last doodle/wip I posted oh here a bit :)
>> No. 8170

Very nice! I really like where the lighting is going, and his expression is lovely as well.
>> No. 8171
Dat shadin'. Unf.

Have you finished any of your previously posted WIPs? You should totally share them if they are done, as I'm sure others here are also hanging out for them... haha!

captcha: oneysue years
One every few years? Is that what you're trying to say, Captcha? I sure hope not...
>> No. 8173
File 13744968824.jpg - (436.99KB , 817x904 , demomand_edited-1.jpg )
I think I've drawn Demo once before, despite my closet love of him. Regardless, I hope you guys like it :)

Mawaru, unfortunately no. I am working on one of them at the moment, but the other I think has been laid to rest in the wip cemetery that is my hard drive...
>> No. 8176
I shat myself. I thought I was perfectly happy with you drawing Spy all the time but now I think my life won't be complete until I see the entire team from you.

The first time I looked at this drawing, I could not get my eyeball to leave the gap between Demo's waist and the chargin' targe. The contrast there is so much greater than the other areas of the drawing that it became a natural focal point, and it started competing with the rest of the drawing. When I came back to look at it the next day found that I was able to look around the picture more, but my eye still wanted to rest on that one area. So, uh. That's a thing.
On the other hand, I really like how you've dealt with light and edges in this drawing. It manages to look both cartoonish and painterly at the same time, sketchy but finished at the same time, crisp and soft in different places. Once you get your eye moving around, it's one of those images that you just want to smush your face up against so that you can stare at every little detail.
>> No. 8177
Thank you Anon, I might actually try my hand at drawing the entire team.

Heh, yeah I see what you mean. It was bad judgement on my part, the bright patch underneath his arm. It wasn't originally there, more a last minute sort of thing. A careless error on my part. Not sure why I left it there though, the main light source was supposed to be focused on his face and torso. Regardless thank you for the thoughtful critique Anon! I appreciate you're guy's feed back, artists can't always catch all of their mistakes right off the bat, though I feel silly honestly, I should have caught that one lol.
>> No. 8183
File 137525584536.jpg - (180.88KB , 748x1215 , finished-oni-smaller.jpg )
Dead ringer
>> No. 8184
File 137547691623.jpg - (291.25KB , 937x854 , doodles.jpg )
Just a few doodles, not meant to go together but eh...
>> No. 8187
File 137559166350.jpg - (75.15KB , 305x300 , redline for des.jpg )
There's probably some sort of blasphemy in me redlining Des' lovely work, but I don't think I'd be able to explain through mere words. Hope you don't take offence in this or nothin'

Currently I feel there's something really off with his face. I understand you're going for a crooked smile, but I think it may be on the wrong angle to the rest of his features. With the redline, I've suggested widening his face and nose, and dropping the perspective on his mouth. Buuuut.. I dunno. Every time I go back and look at the original, I seem to be unable to pin-point exactly what it is, argh!

Hope it helps, even if a little.

Oooh, lurvely. You inspire me to do more colour sketches instead of derping with lineart, haha

The DR/oni piece has brilliant lighting, might I add. And I love the little glints of light on his watch chain and gloves!

I've been curious - around how long do each of your detailed pieces take?
>> No. 8189
I am a complete sucker for this thread. Your art's fantastically done. The way you handle light and colour blows my mind. Not to mention, you draw Spy perfectly.
>> No. 8246
File 137910716031.jpg - (266.05KB , 864x900 , tumblr_msssgsUxxa1r099vio1_r1_1280.jpg )
Sorry for the recent inactivity been very busy with class and work and just generally unable to finish much of anything as far as art.
>> No. 8248
File 137911073185.jpg - (859.98KB , 2091x1411 , SPOOOZ_edited-1.jpg )
Art dump of my recent doodles/wips :)
>> No. 8251

MM, dose Spies.

I do have one nit, though. The cropping of the lower right picture makes the context very ambiguous. Is this hurt/comfort? Torture? Comical Third Option?
>> No. 8253
Thank you for the con-crit and redline of Demo's face Mawaru! I worked from a reference and his face felt off to me as well, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I'm not very familiar with his face to begin with but when I look at it now,it seems as though it's the position of his nose and mouth that are throwing the rest of his features off, more than anything else. They need to be shifted lower on his face, and slightly to the left I think.

Ty Dotchan, but the cropping of that piece was intentionally left ambiguous. The picture itself is massive, but I don't want to spoil it till I've had a chance to finish. And partly, I tried to include all of the above, to have the picture lend itself to more than one interpretation.

Anyhow, I'm hoping to have more art to post soon, ty for commenting and providing me with critique and quality feedback. I can't express enough how grateful I am :')
>> No. 8260
File 138010566337.jpg - (525.67KB , 1455x845 , egsfbdgjtkuly.jpg )
A few of my most recent in progress pieces, doodles and studies :)
>> No. 8266
Ohhh! Lovely! I really dig your unmasked Spoo

Puhleeease finish the meeting/board room image? Multiclass images make me so giddy, it's ridiculous
>> No. 8272
File 138093575720.jpg - (80.49KB , 752x634 , spy952.jpg )
Another little something...

Thank you Mawaru! I will definitely try to finish that pic for you when I get the chance :)
>> No. 8273
File 138093721435.gif - (1.00MB , 250x250 , ilu.gif )
jfc dat detail. The stubble. My god the stubble.

>try to finish that pic
Image related; it's me right now.
>> No. 8288
File 138174594828.jpg - (271.73KB , 804x648 , grrthr.jpg )
Loosely finished up an old doodle...
>> No. 8289
File 138179586193.jpg - (191.11KB , 1150x413 , ghrjtukyil_edited-1.jpg )
Just some practice
>> No. 8313
i think you've been drawing spy for so long that every other class looks really weird
i remember one spy/sniper thing where sniper's skill was really strange looking and spy's was perfect
it just seems youve really gotten used to drawing spy and only spy nicely
>> No. 8348
File 138493425762.jpg - (379.74KB , 1546x657 , spies-large-size.jpg )
Most recent spy doodles all mashed into one convenient pic. Idek what that hair is, I am sorry.
>> No. 8354
Desole is like the picasso in our fandom so I disagree with you. Besides she/he stated clearly it was 'PRACTICE', how come you need to be this rude and call them weird looking.
>> No. 8355
If anyone here is being rude, it's you. Saying something looks weird, even on a practice doodle, isn't a bad thing to do. In fact, it's helpful, especially if you can explain why it looks weird. People here, as a general rule of thumb, enjoy critique so they can improve. For example:

The Spy here looks great to me. The only thing that I can really say is it looks like he doesn't have pupils, which when sitting next to others that do, looks off.
The Soldier, while overall looks nice, I still can't get past the weird, dark splotches where his other eye should be. I get there wasn't a whole lot of room there, but it just stands out, especially since the dark-colored splotches are right up against his much more lightly colored nose. The contrast is a bit jarring, to me.
The Sniper is the one that I think looks the strangest. Though I really like the way his glasses are colored, that's great. It's just the way his eyes in particular are positioned, it gives me the feeling that I'm looking at a plastic doll. I think part of it is also the completely neutral, blank expression. With the other two here, Spy looks sort of pensive, Soldier looks bored, but Sniper doesn't appear to have any emotion at all. I think he would look a bit better if his eyes were just slightly more closed, like half-lidded, to make him look like he was bored or tired instead of the blank, doll-like face.

So please, don't try to pick a fight when someone says something less than positive about someone else's artwork. If anything, >>8313 is trying to help "the picasso in our fandom," as you put it, to get even better. Isn't that a good thing?
>> No. 8543
Desole, your art will always have a place in my heart because I am mad digging your painting style.
>> No. 8640
always found it super weird how desole only draws/paints spy and rarely ever draws the other classes or actually anything original at all. with skill like that its surprising. or she probably just isn't showing her original art which would be weird.

and when they do draw/paint anything else they either fail miserably or the person looks like spy, again.

ive just never seen an artist this talented who latches on to one character from one fandom and now has gotten so used to drawing that one character that they suck at depicting anyone or anything else.
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