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File 136285794127.jpg - (1.43MB , 2526x2748 , Fatty Scout.jpg )
6807 No. 6807
Well, I finally decided I should maybe post my art here... since I feel I need to share it somewhere.

Have some fat TF2, beginning with... Scoutie boy. Oh Scout... Poor thing.
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>> No. 6808
... Is this fetish art?
>> No. 6809
No it's just a random idea. I have other art consisting TF2.
>> No. 6810
File 136307312726.gif - (488.90KB , 200x113 , Eeesh.gif )
>> No. 6816

It might have been a better idea to start out with examples of your work that don't.. y'know.. leave the impression this is going to be an inflation fetish thread.
>> No. 6817
It needs to be clearer within the picture itself that this is an actual Scout who's just let himself go, otherwise it just looks like some random rotund kid cosplaying.
>> No. 6857
really funny, i like it
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