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File 136308552457.jpg - (637.68KB , 1271x1283 , sharing is caring.jpg )
6811 No. 6811
I do art, sometimes. Have at it!
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>> No. 6812
Why has no one replied to this yet? Wonderful job!
>> No. 6813
This is great. The lighting looks awesome.
Can't wait for more of your stuff!
>> No. 6814

No one's replied because no one's here.

This is really wonderful, though, Mawaru. I love the Engineer's gunslinger design, and I love the fact that you can see the Pyro's eye through his/her/its mask. I hope you keep posting your art.
>> No. 6815

Yes, please, I am here.

I am here for real.
>> No. 6818
Aaand time for something fun and easy: a linking spray set for my friends and I.

Here's the first one, for my Solly buddy and lovely fiancé.
>> No. 6819
File 136358928816.jpg - (231.95KB , 580x580 , combo spray-clacker.jpg )

Ooop, forgot a few details and his crotch was looking a bit hairy. Have this version instead.
>> No. 6820
File 136358950888.jpg - (253.17KB , 596x596 , combo spray-ratio.jpg )
Here's one for our fantastic medic buddy
>> No. 6821
File 136358956757.jpg - (193.18KB , 489x489 , combo spray-mawaru.jpg )
And my chubby little Engieneer
>> No. 6822
Oh my god I love the way you color! I especially enjoy the little speckles in the shadows and highlights.

Do you have a tumblr or devart or something? I would love to follow your work. Also, could you possibly break down how you color please? I wanna give it a try!
>> No. 6823

D'aww, thank you for the kind words! So nice to see someone actually checking on poor neglected /fanart/

Well, I thought I would try and stay as faithful as possible to the 'chan by posting most of my work here... when I get around to making more, that is, haha. If you're really keen, you can find my tumblr account under the name heyitsmawaru - but only expect occasional polished pieces to go up there.

I'm going to be doing a set of avatars soon, so I'll do a breakdown of how I colour as I go along with those. (Didn't save enough progress stages when doing the spray set to warrant an art lesson, sorry)
>> No. 6825
That Engineer is such a pile of Daawww I can't even.
>> No. 6845
File 136490461729.jpg - (564.84KB , 864x1825 , oh dispenso.jpg )
what am i doing
>> No. 6846
I don't know what you're doing, either, but it makes me giggle uncontrollably.
>> No. 6848

You are giving warm chuckles to the masses.

This...this needs to be a show.
I'd watch it
>> No. 6850
You make me so happy, mawaru.
>> No. 6855
File 136627542319.jpg - (498.06KB , 1034x958 , rasslin sollies.jpg )
For my super duper awesome buddy who has a huge soft spot for Soldiers and got all kinds of flustered when I told them I draw nudes first and then clothe them.

ilu bb
>> No. 6862
File 136782128788.jpg - (333.25KB , 782x1224 , ronnie demoman.jpg )
I've been really out of sorts lately, and finally my muse returned today. Not ready to show what I'm working on yet, but in the meantime, have this unfinished homage to Ronnie Coleman Demoman. Based off this image: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/olympia2005res_ronnie.jpg

I haven't forgotten your request, just so you know! I'll have a rough step-by-step on my next piece, so stay tuned and please don't hate me for being so slow with it
>> No. 8185
File 137558996967.jpg - (508.48KB , 1300x674 , sketch-13-08-02.jpg )
Ugh, I've been so snowed under the past while, I've had little to no time to produce anything big beyond my freelance commitments.

Have some sketches/things in the pipeline, until I get around to finishing my long list of WIPs... starting with the results of my first livestream for a friend
>> No. 8186
File 137559006864.jpg - (755.91KB , 1480x997 , sketch-13-08-04.jpg )
I realised during the livestream that I really should study Solly more. He's such a cutie patootie
>> No. 8194

Your stuff is so amazingly awesome, mawaru. I want to see more of it, and I hope to see some variant of the whole team from you! The way you draw soldier is especially wonderful.

and that little engie and medic oh god
>> No. 8195
File 137621081853.jpg - (234.54KB , 702x920 , less than three you creo.jpg )
Some diabeetus for my super patient, caring friend who forever puts up with my ups and downs. Please to be accepting tiny token of my love okay yes thank

Thank you, good sir/madam! I do plan to draw all of the boys eventually, so stay tuned
>> No. 8196
File 137622013088.jpg - (42.17KB , 500x282 , keith_lemon_ec511bc9af38abf3a48c9070a5d5461e.jpg )
Maaaaaan that is goshdarned cute. I love the choice of colours and the way you shaded it!
Also Solider reminds me of Keith Lemon, which makes it even better.
>> No. 8226
File 137709201257.jpg - (87.09KB , 353x401 , paintchat pyro.jpg )
how does one paintchat
>> No. 8356
File 138624296374.jpg - (692.43KB , 767x1007 , artbook submission-rgb.jpg )
I keep meaning to upload this and never do. Done for that artbook project from over yonder that seems to have died, and I'm sick of waiting and everyone else has revealed theirs so HAH.

There are things wrong with this, I know this because looking at it makes me feel uneasy. But it was done so long ago, and I have spent so many cumulative hours staring at it, that I can't figure out what. Any ideas would be most appreciated.
>> No. 8357
File 138624316413.jpg - (542.44KB , 660x990 , ouija-smaller.jpg )
Oop, and here's my contribution to GhostFort (has it really been 2 months already?)
>> No. 8365
this is amazing and i am filled with regret that i didnt participate in GSFT. seriously THIS and every other submission is like something valve would put out. really good thing you did for the fandom, mawaru.
>> No. 8369
The birth of a most glorious friendship.
>> No. 8371
File 138647780237.png - (116.96KB , 506x480 , kisses3.png )
PAINTCHATS EVERYWHERE with 110% more erich

thank u again based mods for bringing it back
>> No. 8372
File 138647792737.png - (169.13KB , 461x503 , rude2.png )
>> No. 8373
File 138647796095.png - (213.87KB , 845x698 , grabass2.png )

I'll have to colour some of these later
>> No. 8374
File 13865477213.jpg - (297.54KB , 754x1060 , beta scooty.jpg )
Ridiculously late birthday beta!Scoot for a friend.
>> No. 8375
Beautiful! And what a lovely Scout.
>> No. 8381
I've never seen this before. Soldier looks PERFECT here.
>> No. 8422

Everything in this thread is amazing, but these two pieces are especially gorgeous. I love your art so much.

And I hope you and erich keep paintchatting ohgod
>> No. 8424
File 138854247859.jpg - (495.37KB , 625x856 , happy-holidays-buddy.jpg )
I did this back in late November, for an xmas package to a friend. Still haven't posted the package. Lel.
>> No. 8488
File 140050159281.jpg - (214.97KB , 800x634 , oh no you didn't.jpg )
Jeebus, has it really been 5 months since I last posted? Better fix that
>> No. 8489
File 140050168657.jpg - (172.10KB , 670x674 , what to do with you.jpg )

>> No. 8490
File 140050175758.jpg - (530.40KB , 793x674 , gotcha.jpg )
how draw hat send help pls
>> No. 8491
Incapacitated spies, oh YES.
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