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File 136418611077.png - (1.10MB , 2000x2000 , naga!sniper2.png )
6828 No. 6828
I'm usually just a lurker here, never really tried to contribute much. I write, and I draw. I just started getting back into TF2, and the first couple of things I've drawn are, to be honest, horrendous compared to a lot of the other magnificent pieces here. I'm still working on anatomy and such. Crit welcome. In fact, it's encouraged. I love getting tips and pointers from other artists on how to improve.

(Nevermind, knee-jerk reaction. You're good.)
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>> No. 6829
File 136418635742.png - (1.51MB , 1600x1600 , Kevin.png )
Have another.
>> No. 6830
File 136418640445.png - (1.12MB , 2000x2000 , naga!sniper.png )
And one more for tonight.
>> No. 6831
While the original ban was "Furry Art," you're fine for now. A word of warning though, Naga!Sniper appears to be a touchy subject, in relation to its supposed popularity on and connection to DevArt. Perhaps something with legs once in a while would be a good way to alleviate the scrutinous eyes of the moderation for a time, if they are your favoured subject matter. It also gives us more to critique, rather than just having an amorphous tail.
>> No. 6833
For all of your pictures:
1) The head is too large.
2) Ditto the eyes.
3) The chin is too small, especially for TF2 characters.
4) The transition from man to beast looks too unnatural, like they're just wearing a costume.
5) Why black sclera? If you want to emphasize their bestial nature, why not just make the iris larger so that the sclera isn't visible (because having obvious whites of the eyes is what makes human beings capable of very subtle non-verbal gestures) that are in non-human colors and with non-human pupil shapes?

For the NagaSniper:
1) The curve of his torso looks too extreme even if he's supposed to be very skinny at the waist.
2) The snake portion doesn't seem to make sense considering gravity. Tentas get a slight pass because they're mostly in the water and they're typically drawn with thick muscular tentacles, but your Naga Sniper doesn't look like he can hold himself up with that snake portion, much less be mobile.
3) The coloring and lack of variation makes said snake part look kind of like poo, even in the picture where his pose is more "action"-y. You spent the time detailing scales on his underside, why leave the top portion undefined, especially when in real life, even snakes that are "all brown" has variations in their colors?
>> No. 6834
File 136441044992.png - (1.84MB , 1300x1300 , medic.png )
Trying something new. This is a WIP, might paint it later.

Posting because I feel like something is wrong with the shape of the head, but can't place my finger on it. Can anyone else spot it?

Also, I'm aware that the ear is kinda wonky. I'm fixing it.
>> No. 6835
File 136446895788.jpg - (11.68KB , 320x380 , medic_face_side.jpg )

Here's what I noticed comparing your picture to a screencap of Medic's head from the side. (The coloring is weird because I did this in Maya and I couldn't figure out TF2's distinctive lighting style. I suggest you use Source SDK as a reference, since that's free and you can rotate and zoom in however you like.)

1) General shape - The Medic, as befitting his reputation as a mad-scientist, is a literal egg-head: the top of his noggin tapers in a very distinctive manner.

2) Facial proportions - For real people, the face is approximately composed of thirds: the forehead, the nose, and then all the rest. Medic's hairline, then, is too low, especially since the rest of the pose suggests that he's tilting his head forward.

Also, TF2's style exaggerates the size of the chin and gives all of the characters (except Pyro) Manry Manjaws of Manriness as well as slight underbites. It's up to you whether you want to draw it that way, but I still suggest you make his jawline a bit more square.

3) Lines of symmetry - even considering the shape of the Medic's head, it looks like his facial features "pull" slightly to our right (his left). It's fine to be not symmetrical, of course, but since you took the time to draw in the guidelines I thought I would point that out.

4) Faces face forward - and as the sample picture shows, the actual portion of the face that does so is surprisingly small. Medic's face looks too wide, especially his eyebrows and cheekbones. His lips also seem a bit wide (especially combined together with the above issue); in a neutral expression, the lips are not wider than the center of the pupils.

5) Less scribbling, more deliberate shading - Now, this gets more into the opinion side of things, but I feel like your hatching is very messy and it looks like it was thrown on haphazardly. If you plan to keep the shading in this style, I suggest you have these lines follow the contours of the Medic's face and each set of hatches be more or less parallel within themselves as well as spaced identically.
>> No. 6836
File 136452156949.jpg - (568.27KB , 1200x890 , guideforkd.jpg )

I would suggest you do some more life drawing practice, if you don't already, to better see proportions. That will definitely help with your "I can tell something is wrong but can't see what" issue.

Things I'd recommend:
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. If you can buy it, do it, most artists should have this in their personal libraries. But there is also a PDF version floating around the internet. The activities might seem a bit weird but they will really help you if you follow them correctly and don't cut corners.

http://artists.pixelovely.com/practice-tools/figure-drawing/ and http://www.posemaniacs.com/thirtysecond will also help you.

I've done up a quick proportions guide for you, just from measuring the dimensions of Medic's head and allowing for stylised changes (like the fact his eyes aren't actually at 1/2 way point, but a little higher on his head)

Best of luck, keep it up
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