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File 136804721082.jpg - (943.34KB , 1469x1734 , MEDIC.jpg )
6864 No. 6864
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>> No. 6865
1) Faces should face forward, even in side view. You've got all of his features stretched out way too far back in his head.
2) No matter how I contorted my lips, I couldn't get them to match Medic's expression. His teeth should be showing, and the widest his mouth can stretch is the middle of the eye.
3) The Medic has a much more sloped forehead than you have drawn it.
4) Needs more Manry Manjaw of Manriness.
5) Shoulders seem too narrow compared to the size of the head.
>> No. 6866
File 136832759870.jpg - (1.59KB , 96x76 , teeth.jpg )
Slight correction here: by "his teeth should be showing", I mean like in this picture.
>> No. 6869
Dot, I haven't said anything because I haven't wanted to rile up the chan over shit, but I just have to say it.

This isn't /workshop/. No one is asking for your "grading". It's creating a stifling overtone in /fanart/ and /afanart/. I'm not stepping on your right to crit, I'm just being honest.

Note to Amicat: I really love the style you've got going on here! I'd love to see more of your stuff.
>> No. 6870
I think you need to revisit the rules. This site encourages constructive criticism. I find Dotchan's comments to be polite, respectful, and very helpful. If you think we need more asspats around here then by all means take it upon yourself to pat some more asses. I'm sure the artists would like that, too.

Amicat, your shading is really erratic. Remember to establish your light source before you shade.
And look at Medic's nose. It's aqualine and points slightly downward.
I do enjoy the softness of the colours, though, I imagine you could bring it together a bit more if you added blue throughout the foreground--for example, in shadows, or in his vest--rather than restricting the selective colouring to the eyes. Selectively coloured eyes are a bit cliche to begin with, but more importantly it isn't really enough to balance the composition.
>> No. 6872
If asspatting is what you'd like to call it, by all means... Just don't tell me to revisit the rules. Dot, no matter what I say, has every right to give crit.

My point is that the crit Dot-chan provided was indeed unsolicited. The style the artist seems to be going for isn't even compatible with the realism tips Dot's giving.

And personally, I'm of the mindset that complimenting the best aspects in a piece leads to the most profound (independent) growth of an artist.
>> No. 6873
Oh Dot, you always take the words right out of my mouth, haha.

Amicat: as Anon said, this is a place for growth and improvement. Crit is given in the hopes it will help you improve, so I hope you take it on board and not see us as arsehats.

Both Dot's and Anon's advice were solid, and leave me with little to comment on without repeating what they've already said. I can, however, give you some pointers in colour use:

This piece is currently lacking in contrast/any visual "pop", leaving Medic quite washed out.
Even in a soft pastel piece there should be use of contrasting colours to catch the eye. Grey is usually used to enhance the vibrancy of other colours - in this case, it's making the blue of the background stand out.. but Medic should be the focus, not the blue background wash! Next time, you could try using grey for the whole piece, and add selective colour to highlight something you want to bring attention to (bloodied hands or equipment, for example).

I sincerely hope you take our advice on board and keep drawing with these notes in mind. You've got potential, and I'd like to see you keep improving.
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