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File 131345868648.jpg - (149.42KB , 2012x708 , 1334323456.jpg )
7298 No. 7298
So, right off the bat, I'd just like to say that I am NO artist. I do it for shits n' giggles, but I really have close to zero desire of improving. I'm a writer first and foremost. That's what I put all my stock into. So you can offer crit if you really want to, but don't expect results.

Second, I know that I draw in a horrible, retina burning, cartoony animu-like style, and I am SORRY. I try to do a little here and there to make it less awful, but it's nowhere near the quality you guys are used to.

Third, I don't have PS, soooooo I've made a ton of crude edits (especially on my church pamphlets) to keep the public from seeing spoilers (real AND fake), and to protect identities and the like. There is also a fucking annoying solid black line my scanner puts on the far right of all of my pictures. I hate it, but have no clue how to edit it out or make it stop. TL;DR: sorry for the eyesores.

Despite my shortcomings, I hope you guys will enjoy.
>> No. 7299
Engineer be trollin'. I giggled when I saw this, despite the source material, mostly because of the rage guy and troll faces.(Not a whole lot more to say, sorry!)
>> No. 7300
Thanks, Zigzagoon! (I'm gonna call you Ziggy from now on, because I'm boss like that.)

So, uploads will be kinda sporadic because my scanner decided it'd be a great effing idea to blow everything up to three times its original size. Probably more.

The filesizes were so huge, the chan wouldn't allow me to upload them. I'm currently trying to work this out with a friend, but it'll probably be slow. Currently, we just found out a way to get a file that was a whopping 8.7 MB big to about 1.5 MB. which is still too big for the chan. FAWK.
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