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File 131330417589.jpg - (100.26KB , 344x407 , cupcake.jpg )
7301 No. 7301
Friend told me to upload some stuff for critique/help with head shapes.

So uh, yeah.

/casually has no idea
>> No. 7302
If you want to post art for critique and help, than there is a workshop thread which you can find at the sidebar to your left. So far as i can see the head is a bit to egglike and hasn´t the full proportions of a normal head. And the right shoulder is a bit too high.

The workshop thread has References of the classes and good tutorials how to draw humans anatomical correct.

But i like your coloring already and i hope to see more of your art.
>> No. 7303
Ah, thankyou for moving this here then!

The egghead thing is a habit i'm trying to rid myself of (to no avail) but i'll take a look at the resources here to see if they'll help me any.

And i've got plenty more drawings that I haven't uploaded because nonexistant confidence.
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