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File 13118362571.png - (208.03KB , 744x394 , canvas204233_6393_001.png )
7310 No. 7310
Buddy and I like to paintchat, so here are some doodles from our sessions. I put it under workshop because they're all just a bunch of scribbles, and won't really go well in the fanart board.

He drew Scout, and I drew Spah and Scout Mama.
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>> No. 7311
File 131183638240.png - (125.94KB , 710x586 , canvas072711_001_001.png )
I really like Makani's fem!Medic, so here she is, dispensing advice to the same buddy.
>> No. 7312
File 131183651666.png - (93.22KB , 681x354 , sss.png )
My personal favorite. He drew sexy Spah, then I responded with Sniper. Lulz were had.
>> No. 7313
File 131183675092.jpg - (72.05KB , 675x333 , WEHSNIPER.jpg )
Okay, this isn't from a paintchat session. This was the first time I tried drawing Sniper.

*Sniper voice* Sketch sketch sketch
>> No. 7314
Mmm, that's a handsome sketch.

And I giggled over Stupid Sexy Spah.
>> No. 7315
Pretty nice stlye there! Would like to see some full body stuff from you.
>> No. 7316
File 131293900019.jpg - (197.45KB , 900x600 , beachsnierp1.jpg )

Okay this is terribly sketchy, but I'd like to know if the torso looks proportionate before carrying on.

I think there's something wonky with the shoulders...? He's leaning on something like a railing, hence the arm position. Gah, now that I'm staring at it, it looks really off.

also muscles
>> No. 7317
File 131294201788.jpg - (240.61KB , 900x600 , fanservice_yum.jpg )
Mm, shirtless Snoipah!

Just a very rough Bluline, I can TL;DR about the details if you wish. If you need more muscle reference, Google "Male Muscle Anatomy".
>> No. 7318

Wow, thanks! :D

Were there any major problems with the drawing? Like common mistakes, etc
>> No. 7319

It's not too major, but as I showed in the blulines, Sniper's nose is a tad big for his face. In general, the nose is 1/3 of the face from the bottom of the chin to the hairline, but this sort of works for Sniper.

He could also use more Manjaw of Manriness. TF2's men, even Scoot and sort of Pyro if you count the Gaskmask, have Epic Chins.
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