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File 131286413347.png - (893B , 104x45 , high school v1.png )
7322 No. 7322
I don't usually draw. I can draw, but am still in the state of developing a style. Sometimes I sprite. I feel that because there are so few pixels, it is easy to see what needs to be fixed and fix it really fast. Proportions are also easier and drawing faster. Each pixel counts; none can be just looked over. In the /afanfic/, I got a silly picture of an 80s high school movie and tf2. I don't usually post my work, but I feel that you might want it. I'm still learning stuff (why go to /workshop/ if you aren't?), so bear with me.

In this picture, I set up the sprites themselves: heavy, medic, and /afanfic/ dweller. I like how Medic's body and Heavy's legs turned out.
I referenced http://www.flickr.com/photos/redherring1up/3692158908/ in seeing a good general shape for Heavy's head.
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>> No. 7323
File 131286448221.png - (1.35KB , 104x45 , high school v1_2 - background.png )
Alright, that post worked

In the next stage, I put in a background, the back of a car, a guy in the back, and a "HIGH SCHOOL." I'm not really here to draw backgrounds correctly, so let's leave that alone. I, however liked how the guy in the back was placed.
Oh, and I forgot to tell you, these look better closeup, like 800%, which is how I work with MS Paint. Again, I only seriously draw sprites, so MS Paint (And GIMP if I want transparency) is really all I need. I'm sorry if I'm talking too much.
>> No. 7324
File 131286463256.png - (1.33KB , 104x45 , high school v1_3 - costumes 1.png )
Okay, guys. Cars totally look like that.
>> No. 7325
File 131286491825.png - (1.38KB , 104x45 , high school v1_3 - what cars look like.png )
I got the files mixed up. This picture goes before 2429's. The description in 2429 applies to this picture and this description applies to 2429's picture.

Letterman jackets are pretty cool. Heavy would totally be in the jock... club... where people wear those. What is sports?
>> No. 7326
File 13128652843.png - (1.44KB , 104x45 , high school v1_4 - what do 80s high school girls w.png )
Okay, this was a struggle. I just watched an 80s high school movie and can't remember what the shy girl was wearing. I tried google image searching, but I rarely found a good outfit and they all looked like this on the Medic.
>> No. 7327
File 131286544148.png - (10.18KB , 832x360 , high school final.png )
Finally, in big so words can be put.

This was an interesting process that I though someone might like and hey, what's creating a whole thread if you just put one picture in it?

The end.
>> No. 7328
Also, to be clear, Medic's hands are r: behind his back and l: touching his cheek. He's not actually stump-armed.
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