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File 13127611104.png - (270.11KB , 1000x800 , wiphellstrom.png )
7329 No. 7329
Hey people, I've been hanging around here for about a year. Mostly lurking, have posted comments sometimes but always as anon. Filled a request around Christmas and was prompted to get some help with my stuff here, said I'd do it after new year. ...even though that was a while ago, but here I am!

I'm basically doing this because I frankly think this is the only place I could get help in trying to advance into some kind of style since I'm getting mightly sick of the animu in me and no one wants to help me on dA. So... help?

In picture I mostly want help with the pose of that guy sitting in the supposed-to-be chair. The dude is meant to be a Pyro, but I haven't gotten down to the equipment, thought I'd ask for help with the pose first before I go on. Though I wouldn't mind help with the Spy either. You know, make him look less square-ish?
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>> No. 7330
File 131280902870.png - (350.58KB , 1000x800 , msen sledge redline.png )
Okay - first time red lining, so I can't guarantee it's perfect, but I wanted to give it a shot.

You have the movement right in your pose [which in my opinion, is paramount], but you're missing a few studies of anatomy. Because his left leg is closer to us as well as moving away from us, we've got to use foreshortening. Also, the back is always what I like to call 'attached' to the arm through the shoulder. I can't tell you exactly what I mean by it, but the back moved with the arm, sort of. In your picture you gave the ribcage almost a concave shape, but it's really quite the opposite.

For the spy, I'd say just make his neck longer and his shoulder more relaxed. I don't think you'd be able to see that line where his arm is underneath, either.
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