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File 13119593146.png - (239.70KB , 911x1213 , revo.png )
7332 No. 7332
So I decided I wanted to make a fan class, so... meet the REVOLUTIONARY!

He'll eventually get some guns and stuff (I was thinking an AK-47 and some smoke grenades?), but for now I just want everyone's opinions, crits, etc. I'm kinda aiming to mimic the art direction of TF2, what with the large hands, angular, blocky form, etc.

Also he kind of carries a large flag/spear as his melee weapon. Lame, I know.
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>> No. 7333
File 131195972288.jpg - (185.29KB , 500x500 , 3424222568_f1c7bfaab2.jpg )
Oh yeah did I mention he looks like Clayton?

>> No. 7335
Awesome, I can't get enough of your art. I particularly love the concepts in the second picture. Your grasp of TF2's art style is looking real good so far. Also, the Revolutionary is an interesting idea. I haven't seen a class idea quite like it before which is neat. Loving his classy ruggedness.

Seeing how the TF2 guys are big fat stereotypes of their respective countries, I can just imagine this guy yelling things like "Jolly good show, chaps!" across the battlefield. (I gather from the monocle and fetching moustache that he's English?)

Clayton! I knew he reminded me of somebody!
>> No. 7336

LULZ. I see I may have been too sarcastic in my second comment. Firstly, that pic I posted ain't mine, I merely posted it to show my fault in drawing a guy who looked too much like Clayton, and only realizing it AFTER I posted the thread. Hence the /facepalm.

Naaah, in my silly little head I like to believe the revolutionary is from Columbia or some central American country hellbent on revolution (even if there's no need for one).
>> No. 7337
Ohlol, I was under the impression the second picture was another concept you did which happened to look a lot like Clayton. That's why I thought he was English I guess. I did briefly wonder why the two art styles were different. Still, the idea is cool and so is your design! Plus, smoke grenades ... never heard of them but they sound most awesome.
>> No. 7338
I like him! (the first image)
I can totally see him being all enthusiastic and giving stirring speeches and patting people on the back a bit too hard and buying everyone rounds at the pub. I also dig his mustache.
>> No. 7339
A hispanic character in TF2? If your design and art of him wasn't enough for me to back you, you definitely have my support now!
I'm curious - how does he and Soldier get along?
>> No. 7340

I imagine at first they'd immediately dislike each other (what with the whole Cuban Missile Crisis being just a few years ago), racial slurs would be flung as well as punches, but eventually they'd realize they both fight for freedom, as well as for the helluvofit.
>> No. 7341
File 131281285249.png - (122.56KB , 500x500 , new bffs.png )
Sorry demoman, soldier has a new bromance!
[also sorry for the mistakes in this I had trouble with the pose...]
>> No. 7342

Omg I didn't even see this. /feelslikeshit

Thank you for the lovely fanart! I will most definitely try to finish Revolutionary.
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