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File 131397151519.jpg - (416.45KB , 1240x1754 , sniper.jpg )
7343 No. 7343
I'll be posting my practice art here, since I'll be testing my tablet with TF2 people. Edit me, please, I need it, 'specially with shading.
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>> No. 7344
We've got a board for things exactly like this. It's /workshop/ and I'm sure you can get some help there.
>> No. 7345
File 131397773776.png - (100.25KB , 410x408 , Spoiler Picture.png )
>>Edit me, please, I need it

If it's critiques and advice you're after, you'd do well to head to the /workshop board, as it's specifically designed for helping shape up art.

The first thing I'd like to ask is how do you form your humans? Do you use any guidelines/skeletons/some form of geometric structure? I ask because going on this picture alone, the construction of the head, the formation of the face, and the way the head connects to the neck connects to the shoulders strikes me as linework drawn without a guide, that is, free drawn.

If that is how you're constructing your figures, I'd advise working with something as simple as a vague skeleton. It's easier to show than explain, so if need be, I can link a good example or two.

Now, two things stood out when I first saw the face. One being that the eyes and eyebrows are uneven, and not from perspective. The other being that as far as resembling the Sniper goes, you have the right idea for what his defining features are, but need to iron it out a little more. Sniper's face is long and thin, with a very tapered jaw, but you do have the nose length and the distance of the mouth from the nose in the right ballpark. Really, you just need some refining, and unfortunately, when digital comes in, that's where I'm not so good at advising.

Keep up, though, you do seem to, as I said, have an eye for what makes a character stand out; and I really do advise heading over to /workshop. There may be people there *far* better at explaining this stuff than I am.
>> No. 7346
Oops. Ninja'd by stubs.
>> No. 7348
File 131399894411.jpg - (440.12KB , 1240x1754 , dfasdfadf.jpg )
here's some redlines, I hope you can make it out okay (sorry I tend to draw with pretty thick lines). also, I guess I ended up just redrawing this in my style. hopefully, this is helpful regardless. oops how does I redline???

when I first saw this I specifically thought of McCoy for some reason

the main changes I made were: lengthening the jaw, raising the hairline a little, I used some perspective lines on the face to readjust the eye placement, I used several model refs I found in /resources/ to get the shape of the facial profile down and the placement of the mouth and also the shape of the head (it's kind of long in the back). I also used these refs to set up the shoulders. the green lines are a few setup lines I used. it's a good idea to draw in a basic skeletal structure with balls and sticks and perspective lines to get the pose positioned before you flesh it in with anything, I don't know if you did that or not though. the outside lines of the nose should line up with the inside lines of the eyes and the center of the eyeball should line up with the outside edges of the mouth, unless the features are exaggerated. in sniper's case, his mouth is a little wider than this measurement.

oh and I just noticed I seem to have changed the perspective a little because I tend to favour lower angles, that's my mistake, sorry

a few things sniper-specific: if the hair in the back is too long it looks like a mullet. yours doesn't quite reach that point. however, it should line up approximately with the outside edge of the sideburn (or maybe just a little lower), which lines up with the lower edge of the ear. his jaw is sort of narrow... compare to a character like medic, who has a much more square jaw. it looks like sniper's jaw has that edge corner cut off. sniper's hairline is pretty high and his nose points slightly down with a continuous line (something I didn't realise for a long time haha but you seem to have picked up on this). his hair also has sort of a high strip down the middle, kind of like medic's but less exaggerated, and the back of his head (probably because of his hair) juts out pretty far to visually balance out the strong underbite.

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