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File 131396226858.jpg - (29.23KB , 561x378 , fyi__i_am_a_spy_by_lagoticlogolepsy-d46sqqk.jpg )
7349 No. 7349
my style is in a really derp stage right now since i'm phasing myself out of anime. any help, any help at all is very much appreciated since i've apparently lost the ability to draw faces.
>> No. 7350
Go read JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, it's a nice stepping stone for anime-to-realistic.
(Part 7 is best for this kind of thing.)
>> No. 7351
It's good that you're moving away from what's comfortable, but you can't go from one style to the next. You need to know how to draw properly before you can develop your own style (which will come naturally).

So look up pictures of things and start drawing them. That's really the only advice I can give. Study anatomy and perspective and color and everything else. I know that's vague, and it's difficult, but you'll need to just start over fresh if you really want to leave anime behind (I did, it wasn't easy and I'm still learning a ton).
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