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File 131047997013.png - (120.08KB , 759x599 , animation 3-1.png )
7353 No. 7353
But I'm making something and I don't want it to be shit. Yes, this was made in Paint. Ignore that fact. Also ignore the opaque glasses and lack of situational context. I need to know how weird this looks and what's wrong with it. So, could I get some help pretty please?
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>> No. 7354
That completely straight on angle isn't really working for Snipes, imo. Msybe tilt his body a bit more towards Spy? And I would probably broaden his shoulders a tad more.

But otherwise, that's a great job for paint, I must say.
>> No. 7355
Thanks. Whew, it's not as bad as I thought, then. I appreciate the input and hopefully I can now make posts to Workshop without having a panic attack.
>> No. 7357
File 131305274283.jpg - (462.43KB , 1733x1195 , Scout.jpg )
I wish I had a tablet, my red line is so messy.

Anyway, his legs seem too long for his body. It's more visible in the leg that's dangling out.

Now about his arms, I tried to position my arms that way and it is so uncomfortable. Especially his left arm, it sort of looks like his wrist was broken in half. It's more natural and comfortable for the elbows to be closer towards the body rather instead of outward. The red lines I did for the arms don't seem to suite the drawing that well, there are better positions than the one I drew.
>> No. 7358
Yesss, thank you. I do want him to look like he's struggling a bit, but that left arm position is much better. I'll fix the limbs up. Not as important, but should I pull his pants up a bit? If it just looks like they're slipping off, I'll leave them there. Haha.
>> No. 7362
File 131339523373.jpg - (120.09KB , 1384x1186 , Scout 2.jpg )
I can't help but think you need to raise the belt a bit higher. Right now it looks like his pants are slowly being pulled off but if that were the case you would see ruffles on the pant legs. Leg and arms look a lot better. The right hand needs some work I think, I'm not too good with hands.

Look at your drawing from a vertical angle, it's a lot easier to spot the problems.
>> No. 7364
Major improvement with the waist. The calf on his right leg looks like it needs more curve but I'm not entirely sure. I don't know what other advice to give you, the proportions look good from my point of view but it's a shame you haven't gotten a third opinion.
>> No. 7365
It definitely looks a lot better. I'm liking the right foot, just the way it's bent/curved speaks to the struggle. I can picture how the tendons and muscles underneath would be flexing and straining as he pulls against the tentacle grabbing his leg.

Also, I love the tentacles. Okay, yes, yes, I always love tentacles, but even pre-detail, they have the right feeling of weight and strength and gracefulness.

I also think the calves could use a little more bulk/curve, just because those are some of the muscles he'd really be working when he runs, but yeah, there's been some clear improvement from the earlier drafts.
>> No. 7367
Actually, there are a couple places where the shading looks pretty darn good. I like the light and shadow on his shoulder/upper arm, and the left legs I can't find any shading problem with.
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