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File 13135494824.jpg - (116.64KB , 400x400 , GRAGH.jpg )
7369 No. 7369
This is probably a bad thread choice for this sort of question, I don't know, maybe someone can direct me to a better thread/a place with some answers, but here goes: my tablets acting up in an odd way that I can't really say is broken. It's a bamboo pen and touch (wacom), but it's not responding to the pen, only to my fingers. Clicking the button on the tablet that'd normally turn touch off isn't helpful, because now it's acting like the back button for the internet. The other buttons on it are just generally acting like a mouse clicker. I've tried googling for a solution, but nothing came up that seemed to adress this particular problem. So, I'm just convinced that's it's not a grave malfunction so much as a different configuration. If anyone has any tips for making it work as I'd like again, I'd really appreciate it.
For now, cruddy Medic/Archimedes doodle. I apologise if this is in a bad section as a whole.
>> No. 7370
I don't know if this is the right place, either, but hey, here goes.

Mine wouldn't respond to the pen the first time I wore down a stylus. Is it possible the pen needs its stylus changed? If that's not the issue, then I'm afraid I'm useless.

(I know when I first opened mine, I was like 'Replacement stylii? Pshaw! I've never needed to replace a stylus in my life!', and then within a month I was saying 'I don't think they packaged this with enough replacement stylii!'... It turns out if you spend as much time doodling as I do, they wear out fast...)
>> No. 7372
If replacing the pen nib doesn't work try re-installing/updating the driver. Best of luck!
>> No. 7373
I appreciate your tips and advice. Replacing the pen nib didn't resolve the issue and I'm reinstalling the software now. If that doesn't work, well, I'll just have to get re-acquainted with my old tablet. It's not the end of the world.
Thanks a bunch, though, you guys! I appreciate your willingness to help me out here.
>> No. 7374
...Aaand... Done! The tablet's responding to the pen again, pressure sensitivity's working and I can freely turn touch on and off with the appropriate button. Thank you guys so much! Sageing because this really doesn't need to be a bump.
(capcha: helsout rejoicing? Yes.)
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