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File 129981795658.png - (174.12KB , 475x1092 , ZippyMakesBadArt.png )
7375 No. 7375
OH HI I DIDN'T SEE YOU THERE. Want to see something terrible? Yes? Okay.

Hello workshop. I hope I don't make you a significantly worse place by posting here. I will try not to fizzle your eyes out. The key word being "try". And if people are interested, I could perhaps take some requests. In the interest of improving.
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>> No. 7376
First of all, stop being yourself down so much. You're not here to wallow in your mistakes, you're here to focus on improvement! If you don't see your own potential you might as well stop trying to use it. Look forward!

Secondly, you have a nice style going on. I can't critize much in here, you have a decent grasp at the basics. You should just make sure you keep the features of the classes true - Stilization is cool and all but don't sacrifice the key features of the characters for it. Spy for example has a beaklike nose which is completely absent here.

Please, post more! I'd love to see more and crit it.
>> No. 7377
Could you draw heavy and spy comparing dresses? I have always wanted someone to do that ...

I like your art! Do you have a DA or something that I could follow you on?
>> No. 7378
Well shucks, thanks very much! I would very much appreciate your crit!
Thank you! And yeah, I'll give it a shot! Hope you like crack!
And yeah, I do have a DA, but is that... Kosher, here? I mean, will I be considered more of a dork for having one? Ah well. Here it is: http://nitrusoxide.Sparkledog Central.com/
>> No. 7379
File 130013756564.png - (124.57KB , 900x1302 , SleazyFrog.png )
Consider this the spiritual sequel to the first post. In my view, a more accurate representation of the relationship.
>> No. 7380
Sniper's missing a finger
But I love your style, and I would like to see more.
>> No. 7381
I love your style a lot.

Draw porn or something. I'd love it.
>> No. 7382
Ha, good eye! They both are, actually. On all visible hands too, making a total of 3 missing fingers. Maybe there's something up with the respawn?

And thanks very much! I have seen you around the chan, I admire your work!
>> No. 7383
But if Spy would have four fingers on each hand that finger that's pointing at Sniper would be his thumb...
>> No. 7384

Wow, I AM bad at counting. Good catch! Man, I will definitely pay more attention in the future.
>> No. 7385
>> No. 7386
File 130042376697.png - (417.83KB , 1123x1123 , Tf2SketchSMALL.png )

Okay, well, you asked for it...

So, these are some pencil doodles, experimenting with stuff. Spy profile, attempt at an unmasked Spy, extra-crispy Sniper, and two female Sniper attempts. The one on the left totally ripped off from Clarr over in /tits/.

More coming, hopefully better stuff. Soon.
>> No. 7387
Yaaaay! I will now check on updates on a daily basic ...
>> No. 7388
File 130073556382.png - (266.70KB , 1141x772 , spydersnipersm.png )
So, I know a lot of people have some intensely negative feelings towards TF2 characters with bug characteristics, so hopefully these don't piss anyone off.

Inspired by the whole Engibee thing, I've seen discussions and images about the other classes and what insects they would be, so because I was bored here's a Spyder and a Grassnoipah. And no, Spy's eyes are not meant to be all shiny and desu, it's actually a reference to Miss Spider's eyes from James and the Giant Peach. She has two eyes on each side inlaid into the socket.

Will be doing a Mothmedic if no one objects...
>> No. 7389

Shucks, thanks, guys! I'm flattered! As for porn... I am a bit too retarded to draw it, I suspect. But if I had that capability I would totally do it!
>> No. 7390
Lol, spiderspy! :D

I like your style :)
>> No. 7391
No objections from me, I love this. You ought to do one for every class!
>> No. 7392
Your clean lines amaze me
And, I'm loving your style
>> No. 7393
File 130092756631.png - (69.55KB , 602x608 , PISS.png )
Thanks kindly!
Glad to hear it! I would like to do some more, we'll see.
Ah, you are too kind! Thank you. These are mostly more doodly pieces, generally I ink cleaner with microns, but for these I've mostly just been using ballpoint pen to save time.

Anyway, here's a different take on Sniper, I've been trying out some different styles, so I'd like to hear what people think. This one's digital, as opposed to the other stuff.
>> No. 7394
Oh that is cool!
>> No. 7395
aw man that is so clean and sharp! Lovely line weight and motion, there. As well as in your other pictures, the style is pleasant. Hearts, all over this.
>> No. 7396
File 130171779561.png - (260.82KB , 999x658 , ultrabrutalsmall.png )

Shucks, thank you kindly!

So, is anybody familiar with Christian Brutal Sniper? I've loved those videos for a good while, but it never occurred to me until recently to do CBS fanart. So here we go.

>> No. 7397
File 130720519441.png - (93.69KB , 1033x671 , Glasses.png )
Turns out I'm not dead! What a twist! Anyway, my scanner was broken for awhile and stuff. So the stuff I'm about to post is a bit old. Hopefully inspiration will strike and there will be more to come.
>> No. 7399
File 131043525457.png - (349.94KB , 688x1018 , RobinRobertsTf2.png )
Back again. Been practicing... Let's hope it did some good. Anyway, so... I've been wanting to draw Spy as the Dread Pirate Roberts for a long time, and while rewatching the Princess Bride for about the hundreth time the other night I finally did. And then somehow one thing lead to another and... I blame Medieval mode.

So... Should I color this or just go hide in a corner until I produce something less... This?
>> No. 7400
I love your style. Clear, nice and funny. Unique.
>> No. 7401
I love this. Your style is interesting, and I really dig how recognizable they are even with the medieval makeover.

I like it a lot in b+w and think it suits the style, but there's a part of me that does want to see it in colour as well...
>> No. 7402
File 131416700499.png - (355.44KB , 878x1144 , CloseKnit.png )
Hey kids! It's me! I bet you thought that I was dead! But here I am. I didn't realize anyone had left comments in my absence, thank you! I thought I would have fallen off the chan by now.


Thank you both so much! I'm deeply flattered to hear that about my style, I am trying to develop one that is specific to me and it's wonderful to hear that encouragement. It really means a lot to me, you have no idea. I was really afraid of being eaten alive on here for a long time, it's been great to be proven wrong.

As for coloured work, I spent a bit more time on this next piece and am definitely planning on colouring it. I'm thinking both RED because I'm going for an Autumn theme, but we'll see.

So, in this piece, Sniper tries to get some knitting done and Spy ruins everything he touches, as usual.
>> No. 7403
I'm making embarrassing noises over how cute I find this.

Oh, Spy! Shoo now, Sniper is knitting! You'll ruin his lovely scarf, you naughty thing.
>> No. 7404
File 131467894413.png - (964.65KB , 872x1144 , CloseKnitColour.png )
Here goes, my first fully coloured piece on TF2chan. I'll be the first to admit I'm not the best with colour, still working on colour theory and all that. I'm particularly unsure about the background. I definitely want something abstract and simple that won't distract too much from the foreground. I've dicked around with it a lot, specific suggestions would be appreciated, unless you guys think it looks okay. I've been staring at it so long I'm not sure anymore.

Shucks, thanks! Just realized I'd been reading your fanfiction without realizing you were the one who posted in my thread. I admire your work as well, loved your piece about sawmill.
>> No. 7405
A) Yay, colour! (I liked it a lot in b&w, but I never don't love Sniper's sunburned nose... plus, the bright yellow of the scarf is so cheerful...)

B) Aw, thanks!
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