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File 13124262028.jpg - (69.43KB , 586x930 , 0.jpg )
7408 No. 7408
Putting this up for chop while I waffle over how fancy a colouring job I want to give it and whether I should have gone with a more dramatic angle.
For the technically-obsessed, the pistol he's holding was not based off of any in-game model.
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>> No. 7409
File 131249434010.jpg - (136.19KB , 879x1395 , tf-jericho.jpg )
Added colour and repositioned the arm. Something about it still seems wrong, it might just be the underwhelming composition.
>> No. 7410
Hopefully this isn't too late, but the seat of his pants look weird. I'm pretty sure the Scout's pants are loose-fitting enough that he wouldn't show bulge there unless he was erect, and even then the shape would be different.
>> No. 7411
File 131251185939.jpg - (138.80KB , 879x1395 , tf-jericho.jpg )

I'd gotten comments in the past that my attempts at illustrating garden-variety pants crotches looked more like bonerville, so I finally got off my butt and googled 'knickerbockers' to figure out what a normal male groin should look like under fabric. Also, I made the Scout's face a bit less derpy.
>> No. 7412
It's definitely looking better. And I like your Scoutface there. He just looks very... Scout-y.

I'm sorry, I'm terrible at concrit sometimes. But I can see the improvement, and I'm liking it!
>> No. 7413
Some of the lines on his face are kind of superfluous and look like wrinkles. Also his crotch does look less like a boner but now it seems like he's wearing granny panties.
>> No. 7414

I'm not entirely certain what you mean by 'granny panties'. I've put some heavier line definition around his eyes, but he's supposed to have them squinched up. I might take away the heavier line along his cheekbone, but I'm about to go AFK from the internet for 2 weeks, so it'll wait til I'm back.
>> No. 7415

A quick search of baseball pants in google image search brings up this - http://acdsports.com/images/products/detail/3229large1.jpg
>> No. 7416
I think I just realised what it is that irks me here. His mouth looks very high up and his nose looks kind of tiny. Other than that I actually really like this.
>> No. 7417
File 131267730520.png - (850.76KB , 879x1395 , pants.png )
I mean that the area at the bottom of his crotch reminds me of the base of girls' underwear once you remove the bulge. It's better to remove that wide gap altogether and bring his thighs closer as Dotchan's pic shows, it would also avoid the boner issue.
>> No. 7418
File 131267746849.png - (83.86KB , 298x279 , face.png )
Also it seems to me like parts of his face are off-center. The axis of his eyes and nose looks oblique with regard to that of his entire head.
>> No. 7419
File 131406997294.jpg - (157.51KB , 1178x1189 , 0.jpg )
Something I'm working on- I like imagining that the Medic enjoys making dirty postcards for his Heavy on the weekends, but honestly, trying to find a logical explanation for senseless porn fanart seems kind of like overthinking it. As always, looking for feedback and someone to point out mistakes that I've probably missed.
>> No. 7420
File 131407467171.jpg - (487.78KB , 1178x1189 , 131406997294.jpg )
Here's a red-line to help you out.
I loved the picture. Here are somethings I thought that you could improve upon.

The face for one thing was lovely, but I thought it was a rather stiffened pose for the head and rather uncomfortable, so I loosened it up and took the liberty of showing you what angle of the face would suit it and keep the given expression.

And the ass could use more shape and muscle (It's the largest muscle in the human body).
As for the penis and sack it looked fine, I personally just thought it would be more hidden (unless of course it's a big cock then...)

http://cleanshvr.Sparkledog Central.com/gallery/#/d3544nr

I worked off of this picture to gain the shape of the buttocks.

And I just slightly defined the arms and back to give him a more 'manly' figure.

I hope this helped and if you need me to re-type anything you couldn't read on the read line just say and if you would like me to go into more detail about things I added that I might have not given enough detail by all means say so and I shall reply with more clarity about it.

I really love your art, never stop.
>> No. 7421
File 131412917229.jpg - (158.24KB , 1178x1189 , 0.jpg )

Thank you for the feedback and redlining, as always! I took a look at yours and went from there; a few of the 'odd' things about this picture, like his especially loose grip on the bar and his wang's length were intentional, but you really helped me in trying to give him a more natural pose.
>> No. 7422
I hope that thing up his ass is a buttplug and not...something else. Maybe it'll be more apparent in the colored version.
>> No. 7423

If it wasn't a dildo, it would be the most gravity-defying turd in the history of mankind.
>> No. 7424
File 131459338547.jpg - (155.70KB , 2141x879 , tf-hoovypractice.jpg )
Not actually looking for crit, but felt like posting these bust sketches of the Heavy that I'd done. I used model shots for reference, the weird light drawings were traces I did for the sake of being able to more easily gauge the proportions of his enormous head.
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