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File 131379704242.png - (320.76KB , 814x692 , spytrainer.png )
7425 No. 7425
I am not sure if my last thread was deleted due to me spamming but I will try better this time...for now, enjoy this Pokemon/TF2 Crossover I drew for my brother.

Please feel free to give me crits and requests.
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>> No. 7426
keep ur pokemons and nuzlockes and shit out of my tf2
>> No. 7427
I don't find anything terrible about this personally, but just know you're kind of walking on eggshells with this concept, newcomer.

I'm not an art... person, but I can tell you what comes to mind when looking at spy, at least. He's drawn in a very cartoon-like manner that makes him look at least ten years younger. I say this because his eyes seem a little larger than usual, and his head definitely is, which gives him child-like proportions over-all.

His pose looks a little stiff and rigid - kind of unnatural. I would suggest using reference for this sort of thing - poses are hard to nail down - and if you can't find the right one on the internet, get a guy friend (very important that it is a guy since girls are shaped differently) to pose for you, then snap a picture or some shit. IDK.

Also, HIS NOSE. NOOOO. His nose is my favorite thing about him ever - it's convex, almost like a hawk beak. Keep that in mind when drawing him!

Can't really say much about the Pokemon, seeing as I don't know the one on the left, and Ditto is... well, it's a blob. I think you nailed that pretty well. I will say that I like fake-Heavy's pose a lot more than Spy's - it's a lot more... dynamic, I think is the word. I like his hands, too.

Now hopefully a real artist can give you some hints about this thing, because I'm seriously out of my element here.
>> No. 7428
File 131384563278.png - (261.00KB , 500x332 , scoutsnipe.png )
Apologies. But since this was a request by my brother I am not terribly concerned about making more immediately in the future.

Thank you for the feedback. I did realize post-lineart that the pose is stiff and the body/face was not that accurately drawn but I suppose more practice is in order. The characters in the game definitely have body types different from what I am used to drawing so we'll see how I progress over time.

Here's a warmup doodle I did for a friend.
>> No. 7429
You've always been completely unable to draw a character how they are meant to look. Please pay attention to characteristic details. Sometimes it's painfully obvious how mediocre and lazy you are; I would suggest putting quality over quantity for once.
>> No. 7430
I'm sure you didn't mean to, and I'm really not trying to start drama, but the second half of your comment just seemed a tad bit harsh there.

I've been to your DA Ky, and you seem like a nice person and a good artist, but the chan seems to prefer a less comic/cartoon looking style. I'm sorry I can't offer any crits really, I myself am more of a comic artist, but I'd love to see you improve and post some more. Hopefully someone with more artistic credibility can offer some better crits.
>> No. 7432

I'm probably going to regret getting involved with this, but...

The thing is, there have been some stellar cartoon artists on here in the past (Cashew and Kilo being two that stand out in my memory the best) and pretty much no one had a problem with their style the inherent cartoonishness. The problem comes in when the characters basically wouldn't be recognisable by their features if you were to strip them of their iconic attire.

Essentially, like a friend and I were discussing earlier today, there's a difference between adapting existing designs into your own style, and just using your own limitations as a crutch.

I'm not really sure how to say this in any other way, so I'm not trying to come off as inflammatory.
>> No. 7433
Understood. Maybe it is because I have recently started to draw things in this fandom, but it will probably take time for me to I guess have a more acceptable style of art to post here.

I'll just stay low again then. Feel free to delete this thread.
>> No. 7434
Okay, what the fuck is this nonsense we're spewing here? "Acceptable" style of art?

If you want to keep drawing like this it's perfectly fine so long as you apply some of the critique you recieve. I don't honestly see anything wrong with drawing cartoonishly, and as >>2556 said there are already several artists on this site posting in less realistic styles. If you'd like to get better and improve as you seem to want to, we have this board, /workshop/, for a reason. Staying low will not get you the critique you'd need to improve, especially if you "stay low" on DA where you will recieve nothing but asspats. I encourage you to keep posting here, and I also encourage >>2553 to stop posting until they read >>1366 and learn from it.

The only "style" of art we outright hate here is drawing the characters as though they were anime characters with massive eyes and no nose. What I see here is nothing of the sort, so don't drop it as though it's that bad. Take some time to focus on the distinctive facial and bodily features of each class (such as their noses, jaw shape, silhouettes, etc.) and you will grow better, faster.
>> No. 7436
Will I regret getting into this? No, no I will not.
Ky, I really like your style, the warmup had nice movement, especially for a sitting pose; and while I preach no "accepted" style of art since everyone has their own style, I advise taking into account at the noses. Many of the classes have convex noses (Scout and Engie are the two exceptions), so that would be something worth looking at.

Really, even if the nose thing doesn't work out, capturing the body language of the subject says a lot about that character anyway, and you seem to be pretty good at that. It's always good to have flow in a drawing.

Should you feel that you want to move to a more realistic style or proportioning/anatomy, I would recommend checking out this thread: http://tf2chan.net/workshop/res/22.html and looking at reference photos for poses and the relationship between body parts: how they move, length comparisons, etc.

Long story short, everything Ashe said. Derp.
Also, keep drawing and posting, Ky; don't be so hard on yourself.
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