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File 13144341271.png - (732.73KB , 673x2088 , scoot.png )
7437 No. 7437
hello um um! first time posting on a chan of any kind (aside from some generic "wow i love your art!" comments on other artists' threads sgfjghjkf) and i'm really nervous! but i think this section is really cool and i would love some help with this disaster of a wip i'm struggling with right now...

the first thing is just to show you the overall picture so you can see what's going on. ignore the confusing bs in the background, i'm not sure what's going on there yet, haha! i feel like something is bad with scout's body?? looking at it i know his feet are way too small, but like, something else feels off with the body too? i can't place my finger on it. something with the hips and shoulders i think.

the coloring is what is troubling me most though. i NEVER do lineless so i thought i'd try to challenge myself, and ugh. it's frustrating me so badly. i just don't get how digital painting works at all... so then i caved and added lines which you see there at the bottom. not sure if i should keep them? keep trying to lineless? do a mix of both?! (ps not done with the shading on his bandages)

i'm just an indecisive mess about this whole thing and it's really frustrating me! s-so if someone could point me in the right direction, i would give you all the virtual smooches! thank you very much, and i'm sorry if i did anything wrong, i'm new to this stuff ´—`
>> No. 7438
I'm guessing the finger on his mouth is his index finger, which would make the right hand have six fingers. Otherwise, it's his thumb, which would be a really too long thumb.
>> No. 7439
.... h-holy shit, how did i miscount fingers. WOW, ME. this is why we don't draw late at night! thank you very much for catching that sghlsfhgjkfhfk!
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