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File 131348110296.png - (251.09KB , 898x768 , tf2 -- sunset scout.png )
7440 No. 7440
so i've lurked here for a while and am now getting up the courage to post stuff. feel free to have at it, i really like crits and you guys definately know your stuff.

i'll post this one first since it's still a work in progress and i want to know what sort of things i should change before i finish it up. obviously legs and a background are factors, but aside from that, what should i change? my style is sort of at an in-between place right now as i try to go less animu (which of course is totally lost on me drawing scout hurr) so i'm trying to learn more about face shapes and anatomy especially. also i have no clue what to do with his legs in this pose.
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>> No. 7441
File 131348129480.png - (724.38KB , 1289x904 , tf2 -- why did i draw this.png )
this one is just here for shits and giggles. blame this video entirely. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xg6IasiL7VA

what are backgrounds i don't even. but this is also sort of me practicing different bodytypes/face shapes. his proportions threw me off when i was working on it, had to resize his head a few times.
>> No. 7442
I'm pretty sure the hat and headpiece don't clip together like that.
Also, his left wrist appears broken.
And his shoulder clips weirdly into his shirt.

His legs are really short here...

Do you want a redline?
>> No. 7443
Alexander, are you sure you're skilled enough to do redlines yet?
>> No. 7444
I like the way you do the colors. Kinda soft and melty, in a good way.
>> No. 7445
They're not that difficult, man.
Just like, take apart what you think's wrong with something and make it in a red layer.
>> No. 7446
Okay. My bad. What I mean to say was: do you think you know enough about human anatomy to start doing redlines for other people?
>> No. 7447
File 131393430145.png - (368.01KB , 898x768 , 131348110296.png )
Loved the pose, but I thought I could add somethings you could improve upon.

Anything you can't read, or I forgot to add more detail to if the red-line does not speak for itself be sure to reply with areas I skimmed out on and or is illegible.

Study more of Scout's face and some general facial structure. Also hands seem to be rather stiff and you can use the posemaniacs "Hands for Drawing" section and pick your preferred hand for reference. If you can't find specific hand? Use your own hands then (I used my own hands for the hands in this picture).

As for the pose, you chose a hard one. Even I had to look for reference for this one. Keep at it and you should do fine.
>> No. 7448
File 13144330538.jpg - (243.47KB , 1339x1395 , tf2 -- solly vs demo WIP2.jpg )
oh hey, so that's where this went! i thought it got deleted or something. awesome!

ooh thank you! the redlines help a lot. i've been having issues with giving people horsefaces lately, so the slight movement of his mouth/nose gives me a better idea of how to position them. also holy shit that website is boss and i'm going to spin that torso around while going WHEEE to amuse myself now.

i actually came here to post this picture. i started it on a whim and kept going with it because i liked the concept and soldier's face. having a hell of a time with demo's pose, though. dynamic poses are hard. any crits would be greatly appreciated! sorry, it's really REALLY sketchy. that probably hard to pick apart, but any input would be awesome!

apologies in advance if this is like a quadruple post, having issues with filesize here.
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