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File 131425458481.png - (3.82KB , 96x96 , _1313955013_910.png )
7452 No. 7452
I dunno if this is even going to fit in here but I'm thinking of knitting some TF2 themed blankets and I'm having trouble getting down how I want them to look. Would you guys please look at what I have drawn out and tell me what you think? Does anyone have tips for doing circles on a grid? I seem to be hurpin' and derpin' my way through it :/. Also, I'm going to be doing them in red and blu I guess whatever people want and WHATEV is the symbol. Again, sorry if this doesn't belong here.
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>> No. 7453
File 13142547163.jpg - (23.42KB , 595x451 , WHATEV.jpg )
AAACK! sorry, wrong picture.
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