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File 131736530121.jpg - (373.63KB , 893x1155 , OhJonnyBoy.jpg )
7469 No. 7469
It's Jane and Johnny. Tell me I'm not the only one that likes this pairing...
>> No. 7470
Jane's eyes are looking pretty close together there.
>> No. 7471
>> No. 7472

If I recall correctly, Johnny would be Solly's brother in Cat Bountry's fanfics.

It looks like Solly's upper legs might be a little too long, or at least his left one. Looks like you need to work on the foreshortening there. As well, what Cat said about his eyes - they're very small and his left eye could be moved a little further towards his ear there.

Good start, and poor Solly...
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