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File 131391853970.png - (227.12KB , 399x352 , iamimpatient.png )
7473 No. 7473
Help! I need some assistance with Engie's face; I would greatly appreciate it, if you feel so inclined.
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>> No. 7474
And I guess it goes without saying, help with anything else that looks wrong. But I said it anyway.
>> No. 7475
File 131392147589.jpg - (171.01KB , 900x869 , stillsoimpatient.jpg )
Third time trying to upload this. Witty commentary gone. Have an update because I'm impatient and can't sit still.
>> No. 7476
Aha, wow. Engie's legs are... too long. Oops. Fixing that. Thing I need to adjust his grip on scout's shirt, or at lest, adjust the origin of the folds or something like that. Might also broaden engie a bit.

I hate morning-after realisations.
>> No. 7477
The fae looks fine to me.
Is there just something about it that looks plain wrong to you? Try lightly drawing a skull on Engie's face, eye sockets, jaw conetion, nose hole, teeth. Mabey that will help you find the problem.
Also, Engineer is the sortest guy on the team, so scout is potentialy taller that him. (perhaps he should be pulling more downward than foreward.) And yes, haha, the legs are a little long.
I hope my two cents is of any assistance.
>> No. 7478
Depends on what you want his expression to be? If it's "seething" mad, I think you've got it. If you want him to be more "infuriated" I would suggest widening his eyes more, and add more snarl. I have a really simplistic, cartoony style, but I usually do that by pulling back the upper lip more and showing gums.

Eh... I'll just doodle up a poorly drawn example with my mouse on freaking DA muro. GOD HELP US.
>> No. 7479
File 131398757179.jpg - (195.79KB , 886x900 , phase3.jpg )
All right, so to remedy the height discrepancy, I've opted for (in addition to shortening Truckie's legs) bending Scout's legs a bit more dramatically at the knees. Did that help any?

I think I've got the mouth looking the way I'd been wanting it to, but thanks. Turns out some of the issues I was having with his face extended to his whole head, the size of his nose, and even the set of his eyes and the focus of his pupils.

Additionally, I've extended the edge of his jaw by his ears a bit, flattened the curve out a bit to better demonstrate perspective, set the right edge of his mouth a little farther back, broadened his shoulders and torso, and lowered his pelvis.

The main problem I'm experiencing now is Scout's shirt. If someone could redline the direction the folds should be coming from to better emphasise that the shirt is being tugged down and in, that'd be swell.
>> No. 7480
Delena? Drawing male art?

>> No. 7483

Remember that part where I was satisfied with the current draft. I LIED. So disregard that last post, the image isn't there. I figured out what bothered me about Engie's face: he didn't fucking look like the Engineer. So I fixed it and all was well again.

So, should be the ACTUAL last revision: >>4540

Apparently I don't know how to captcha tonight, either.
>> No. 7484
File 131420825228.png - (189.87KB , 600x567 , urg.png )
All right, so I don't really know how to explain post-adolescent!Engie making out with Scout except that young Engie was an awful idea my roommate and I had... And then he thought that adding sloppy makeouts with the scout into the mix would be even better.

So here I am. Suddenly very aware of my own inability to draw sloppy makeouts.

Just, like, facial angles without warping the features, limbs intersecting, the whole shebang. I just need to know what looks off/completely wrong and how to fix it. Please?
>> No. 7485
File 13145288682.png - (212.37KB , 477x500 , moremakeoots.png )
Hurm hurm, still experimenting with drawing make-oots. Apparently I like things that involve the Engineer.

Something about the Spy's head is bothering me, though.
>> No. 7486
File 131452984566.png - (166.71KB , 600x561 , moremakeoots2.png )
Hm, like this a little better now. Still not sure about Spy's head. I can't decide if it's too small or if I fucked up perspective on it.
>> No. 7487
File 131458616692.png - (580.51KB , 552x700 , ogrehands.png )
I have so many feelings about drawing man hands. Because I'm used to lady hands. Please help me with these ogre mitts.
>> No. 7488
>>2646 First of all let me go UNF. Secondly, to crit...humm...well Spy has thinner / smaller hands then most of the classes, so his will be smaller than Engie's (like how you have it.) I think they look alright size wise, not everyone draws TF2 characters with to-game-scale. I draw smaller hands myself.

Quick way to man the hands up, make them squarer, and add the knuckles/tendons prominently on the backs (you started doing this on Engineer, nice!). Go further with that and made them a little broader.

If you WANT to-scale-TF2-hands, look at some ref, it really helps you realize how LARGE their hands are. You'll need to make their wrists and arms bigger to accommodate.

Also again as people have styles of drawing the characters, Engineer in this doesn't look much like stock Engineer. He looks APPEALING,(cranium might be a tad large tho) but he's too sharp-featured and not large-chinned enough for Engie.

Also I envy your kiss drawing skills.
>> No. 7489
File 13169472748.png - (404.53KB , 453x505 , Sep25&01.png )
Help a ladybro out? I'm back to drawing couples and making myself nervous. I'm pretty much having trouble with all things spy today.



Ooooops, I came into this party late. Yep, I noticed those sharp features after I wrapped up on things, but I'm still considering retroactively applying changes... And hoping that my mega-impressed lines won't be too distracting.

As for in-game hand proportions, you really aren't kidding. I pretty much said, "Fuck no" when it came down to matching exactly because I just can't make myself exaggerate that much.

Thanks bro <3
>> No. 7490
File 131695316891.png - (217.42KB , 572x561 , Sep25&02.png )
And I guess input on the Spy for this piece would be pretty sweet, too.

My pet pairing is showing.
>> No. 7491

Only big ish I see with the Spy here is that his chin is too thin and pointed. He has a more slender face than characters like Solly or Engie, but his chin should have a little width to it.
>> No. 7492
Ohay, Delena. Recognize me?

I suppose I should be looking in this section of the Chan more often. Just following your Tumble page doesn't quite show everything (and I really enjoy seeing your in-progress stuff).

Really like how Engie's turning out in that latest post. (Nom.) Also, your Gunslingers are pretty damn good.
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