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File 131909293258.jpg - (76.53KB , 700x1117 , mijosdetf2.jpg )
7608 No. 7608
I like anime but i'm interesed to draw a style less animu. For me, it's very difficult to draw different faces. When i was 18 years old,I even drew the typical anime style.
It was very useful this pic http://tf2chan.net/resources/src/131560962494.jpg (uploaded by Rebaccus in /resources/).
emmm... what do you think /workshop/? I am doing well?
(sorry for the engrish)
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>> No. 7609
File 131909307142.jpg - (29.64KB , 618x642 , scouttestcolores.jpg )
the same scout, but with colors.
>> No. 7610
File 131912820934.jpg - (134.28KB , 1043x401 , eyes.jpg )
Looking at your pictures, the only thing that makes them look 'anime' to me is the way that you are using an idiosyncratic shape for the characters' eyes. Try to avoid rendering the outline of a person's eye as a perfect 'dimante' shape, and remember that the eye yas a 3-dimensional quality to it that will effect the shape of its outline. This is more a matter of realism and, to a degree, style.

There is something that gives your characters' eyes an unnerving quality. By making the whole of the iris/pupil area visible, you make your characters look stunned and horrified- I've attached a photo of human eyes to give you an idea of what I am talking about. Unless a person's eyes are wide open in shock, the iris should not be totally visible, and should be partly covered by the eyelid.

Your noses could use a little work, but noses are an enormous pain to draw in general, and I think you're off on the right track. You've got a good grasp of the different head shapes of the game's characters, and looking at all of the different reference shots that people have put in /Resources/ should help you.
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