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File 131784850467.jpg - (203.45KB , 600x714 , 101_0145.jpg )
7611 No. 7611
This is my first time sending something to Tf2chan... I was wondering if I needed to change anything or work on it.
>> No. 7612
He looks waaaaay too young and scrawny to be Engineer, for starters.
>> No. 7613
Seconding this, I can't really see this guy being able to pick up a tool box. His robot hand also looks a bit off, like it wouldn't work well as a hand or weapon, but I can't exactly put my finger on what's wrong with it. On the positive side, I really like how round his right (our left) goggle lens is. I couldn't draw a good circle if my life depended on it.
>> No. 7614
I like this picture as a picture in and of itself. However, it doesn't look like Engie.

Try beefing him up just about everywhere: thicker neck, wider arms and a better defined trapezius.

His jaw should be more masculine, as in less pointy but not as solidly defined as Solly.

And the hand. The biggest thing about that is the thumb is too far up. Try looking at your hand when you draw it or get someone to hold still for you. It also needs a connecting base to the arm, which on TF2, starts about midway down the forearm.

I hope this helps! Your art is lovely.
>> No. 7615
I may have forgot to mention that my Engy is an OC... But I like all of your input! I will work on this for the future!
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