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File 131802833774.jpg - (167.55KB , 1121x1001 , ART 002.jpg )
7616 No. 7616
I plan on painting over this to show shadows and the like, but for now what do you think anatomically wise? I also exaggerated the height differences...
Ill post some actual fanart when I get my scanner to work properly again.
L-R; Engie, Scout, Solly, Sniper, Heavy
>> No. 7617
I'm 100% agree with the body types, but I don't think scout is that short and sniper is that tall haha.
I'm excited to see more form you!
>> No. 7618
Heh, yeah I figured, and I was dying a little inside cause, no Free Transform tool on my sketchbook. Dang.
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