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File 131727689915.jpg - (130.28KB , 1120x1232 , rotated2.jpg )
7622 No. 7622
Besides Scout's obviously messed up hand which I'm still messing around with. This is my first attempt at drawing any kind of fanart and I feel like things are wrong.

This is also based off Steve's fanfic Hourglass, which is based off a short comic. It's one of my favorites and I wanted to give back with a nice picture.
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>> No. 7623
File 131752784361.jpg - (68.70KB , 873x900 , Untitled.jpg )
Scout's right arm is oddly place. If you've ever given or taken a piggy-back ride, it's ridiculous easy to end up accidentally choking the person giving the ride. You have to keep your forearms away from their neck, or otherwise you'd crush their windpipe. Also, the way you had the arm placed made his arm look too long.
Scout's head seems pretty big compared to Soldier's. To fix this, just make the back of his head smaller. Finally, I'd suggest moving Scout's eyes down. I redline'd where they should be on his face, hopefully it helps.
>> No. 7624

Thanks! I'll rework it with some of your suggestions and hopefully get a more complete picture up soon.
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