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File 131750214547.png - (335.33KB , 1280x233 , tf2weekmeme.png )
7625 No. 7625
Here's a fun project for everybody and artists of all skill levels. I figured this would do well in /workshop/ since I expect both adult and non-adult material will be made.

Let's get together and draw the classes as the days fall on them. For example, today is Saturday, so let's draw some TF2 ships or minor characters of the TF2 world!
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>> No. 7626
This is awesome.

Of course, by the time I found it, it was already technically Sunday morning, BUT, I haven't gone to bed yet, so...

Here's my Shipping Saturday piece.
>> No. 7627
File 131754888528.jpg - (940.63KB , 1920x1920 , TheArkOfALoveAffair.jpg )
And I would accidentally hit 'reply' instead of 'browse'.

Pardon my derp, and here is my art.
>> No. 7628
Do the shared days mean pairings or picking one of the two classes?
>> No. 7629
Either one is fine, but the pairs are preferred. For example.. Wednesday is Helmet Wednesday.
>> No. 7630
File 131760291031.jpg - (607.18KB , 1920x1920 , Sunday Sniper.jpg )
Banged out a super-fast Sniper for Sunday. Not the best work I've ever done, but considering the lack of time spent, I guess he's not my worst.
>> No. 7632
File 131761037225.jpg - (391.49KB , 999x1322 , sniper sitting on a chair.jpg )
Sniper Sunday! I like the idea of themed days!
Sniper's all smug because he can sit on a chair backwards and/or he has the only chair in the base.
>> No. 7633
File 131762191471.jpg - (126.08KB , 1146x836 , tf2-backseat1wip.jpg )
I, uhh, worked on a picture of Sniper on sunday. *cough* terrible person
>> No. 7634
File 131762515923.jpg - (294.33KB , 560x737 , Quick Sunday Sniper.jpg )
I came.

Also, I did another one, but if anything, it's worse than the first try... It's like I completely lost my ability to draw Sniper at all, and on the worst possible day for it.

I don't even know why the background is so fancy... because he is in a haunted house, and all haunted houses have Victorian wallpaper
>> No. 7635
File 131764602842.jpg - (68.32KB , 425x405 , fig01_loomis.jpg )
I now want to see Sniper in a paisley shirt and 70s gear. Or dressed fancy for a tea party!
As far as crit goes; I think his eyes just need come down a bit so that the eyebrows are level with the top of the ears.
>> No. 7636
Oh man, seconding the call for Sniper looking all 70s. Or all tea party. (Or both at once, but that would be a very trippy tea party indeed...)

Ugh, I made his head a little (way too) flat, also. No more speed-drawing, even for meme deadlines.
>> No. 7637
File 131787465728.jpg - (48.96KB , 412x315 , OneHelmetForWednesday.jpg )
I'm afraid I have only one helmet to bring to this party.

He came out better than either of my Sunday Snipers, even though I draw him less. Probably because I kept my ref up the whole time I was working on him instead of getting lazy about it.

(I feel bad about missing two days of doing this weekly drawing meme thing! Well, next week...)
>> No. 7638
File 131814331774.png - (220.93KB , 720x709 , tf2 -- miss pauling.png )
i really dig this idea. kind of gets you thinking of drawing things you might not ordinarily, which i'm totally up for.

since it's still saturday here for another 7 minutes, have a miss pauling i whipped up in an hour or so. drawing so much tf2 fanart lately has rendered me rather incapable of drawing women, so i figured i'd be better off drawing her instead of one of the playable classes. better practice. it's sort of rushed, though.
>> No. 7639
File 131822199321.jpg - (377.31KB , 1500x1500 , JustAnotherSundaySniper.jpg )
I keep missing days on this meme and I wound up coming right back to Sunday...

Well, practice is practice. His head isn't all flattened out, which was one of my big problems before when I was drawing hatless Sniper.
>> No. 7640
File 131829727091.jpg - (530.30KB , 1500x1500 , Heavy Is Strongman.jpg )
Silly little WIP for Heavy/Medic Monday. Maybe by next Monday it will actually be a presentable piece of finished art...

Just wanted to draw Heavy as an old-timey strongman doing his best to impress a lovestruck Medic. (I shall have to draw a companion piece with the positions reversed... or at least of Medic being manly, I don't draw manly!Medic enough...)
>> No. 7641

Give Medic a silly dress and that will be one of the best Heavy/Medic images I have ever seen.
>> No. 7642
File 131830973480.jpg - (267.50KB , 729x1167 , heavymedicsnugglins.jpg )
Heavy/Medic Monday! I tried to draw something kinda sensual without being too nsfw...

>>2813 Cute!
>>2818 I lol'd. Gotta love love-struck Medic!
>>2819 I second Medic in a dress... or more classes in circus gear.
>> No. 7643
File 131839503311.jpg - (236.57KB , 1500x1500 , kaboom.jpg )
Keeping with my circus theme, here's Demoman firing himself out of a cannon...

I... I don't even know. It all started with Strongman!Heavy and it started spiraling out of control. But I have some ideas for the other classes... (Not sure if this project ends on Sunday with a circus Sniper, or ends on Monday with a more finished Heavy/Medic where Medic is also in circus gear...)
>> No. 7644
File 131845830037.jpg - (432.80KB , 1500x1219 , AnimalTamingHelmets.jpg )
Again, more a quick little doodle than anything fancy, and I wound up not fixing everything that wasn't quite right, but...

Because I started this theme... Have a lion taming Soldier and a trick-riding Engineer, hanging out and talking circus animals, I guess. Can't really 'ship them romantically, but I do bro-ship them. (I think I like Engie just being good friends with everyone...)

I swear, if I wind up writing a circus AU...
>> No. 7645
File 13184993396.jpg - (100.99KB , 500x636 , pyro penguin.jpg )
Eh I didn't really bother with this one but I like the idea and might do something with it in future...

>>2828 He he awesome
>> No. 7646
File 131858040834.jpg - (906.08KB , 1500x1500 , CircusPyro.jpg )
Thanks! (And I hope you do do something with that penguin Pyro in the future, it's an adorable idea!)

Here's my Pyro, a couple hours late... Spent some time wondering what parts of his outfit to change and what to keep for his inclusion in Team Circus... he wound up like this. I think he is enjoying tossing flaming batons around.
>> No. 7647
File 131864861080.jpg - (485.35KB , 1500x1500 , DaringYoungMan.jpg )
Normally I go for Spyday Friday, but while I'm doing Circus Fortress week, I have been saving Spy up for something else, so... have a poorly-drawn Scout on a flying trapeze.
>> No. 7648
File 131865878570.jpg - (53.70KB , 1023x558 , penguin.jpg )

I actually drew this ages ago, but yours made me giggle like a schoolgirl. He really does have a penguin kinda shape to him.
>> No. 7649
File 13187520331.jpg - (203.31KB , 851x1339 , TheRingmaster.jpg )
Went with Non-Class for Saturday. Quick little thing. Second-to-the-last circus-themed fill.
>> No. 7650
File 131884332323.jpg - (365.50KB , 1500x1500 , JustBeGladHesNotWearingtheBlindfold.jpg )
Well... because my connection was down for a couple-few hours, I missed Sniper Sunday by a bit... and I used Saturday for Non-Class instead of 'Shipping (and Friday for Scout), so any way you look at it, this is late, but here's the last circus-themed weekly meme drawing...
>> No. 7651
File 131884343027.jpg - (857.70KB , 1500x1500 , SteamFortressSniper.jpg )
And again, technically no longer Sunday, but here's my Steam Fortress Sniper, so let's just pretend I didn't miss my deadline. (wanted another theme with the circus sketches out of the way. Expect some steampunkish mad scientist Medic soon-- hopefully he'll turn out better)
>> No. 7652

It’s okay spy! You’ve got the dead ringer in your left hand...right?
>> No. 7653
File 131895102362.jpg - (249.42KB , 657x969 , demo and scrumpy.jpg )
Aw cute! There definitely needs to be more Pyro surrounded by penguins!

Ooh! Steampunk. I have to say the hair pony and collar makes Sniper rather dashing...

< I drew a Demo in a kilt, pose copied from a ref. I think I need to work on my sketches for longer until they look more tight and cleaned-up... but I do like a sketchy concept art style too... is there a happy medium between sketchiness and cleaned-up-ness?
>> No. 7654
File 13191059919.jpg - (389.34KB , 1136x710 , pyro with a bird.jpg )
Pyro + birds = adorable.
>> No. 7655
File 131920752952.jpg - (612.07KB , 1240x775 , scout hopped up on bonk.jpg )
Mind your eyesight, I used some pretty garish colours!
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