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File 131724174560.png - (334.37KB , 1024x683 , French girls.png )
7665 No. 7665
His head is too small isn't it? Any other concrit is also welcome- I still have the layers file so I can change it.
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>> No. 7666
File 131724209592.png - (354.93KB , 1024x683 , French girls.png )
And then I realised I forgot body hair.
>> No. 7667
So far as I can see, the head is the correct size. The face is too rounded, more like a younger Medic's. He's got a straight, horse like face.

The head could seem the wrong size because of the shoulders. His right shoulder looks popped out of joint. Take a peek at a skeletal anatomy and that'll be an easy fix.
>> No. 7668
File 131729307927.png - (353.85KB , 1024x683 , French girls.png )
>> No. 7669
File 131740741716.png - (397.54KB , 1024x683 , French girls.png )
Fuck facial hair. I made another few edits, skin texture and stuff. I might be drunk so I'm blaming new mistakes on that.
>> No. 7670
He still looks a great deal like Medic and for the life of me I can not point out why. I'd suggest staring at the G-mods for a while, I find that helps a lot.

(I'll just go ahead and dump, please for no offense.)

The shoulders are still out of joint. The deltoids and the point of the shoulder should be moved in a bit on his left side but I think it's basically fine for the arm he's leaning on.

Once you fix his shoulder, the abnormal placement of the hand on his thigh will also fix itself.

Try bringing his side burns down a touch further. It could be that and the bit where he has smaller then what I'm used to seeing glasses.

Hopefully this helps.
>> No. 7671
File 131777854416.jpg - (661.30KB , 1024x683 , crit.jpg )
>>2758 I think it's the nose.

I'm gonna blather about facial structure and body part positioning. First of all, Sniper's jaw seems to have been wrenched all the way to the back of the head. This head angle is generally known as 3/4 view, so draw accordingly, and don't forget the part in the back of his head. Also, the in-game models all have huge chins or something-- someone called it hypermasculinity in the ref thread, I think-- and that's also an important aspect of Sniper's facial structure. Apart from his jaw, the only problem on his face would be his nose. Sniper's nose does not look like that. Check a ref. Also, I think it's a little too high-- you shrank the distance between the nose and the eyes for some reason.

Next, head and neck connection. It's super awkward because Sniper's head is rotated a little too far back. Shift the 3/4 angle a little so that his head is facing towards the viewer instead of against it, then rotate his head clockwise a little to make the head/neck/shoulder angle more plausible.

And then we have body position. The only problems here are the awkward angle of his right leg and the bad perspective on his hips and pants waist. Turn the knee of his right leg towards the viewer a little to make it more comfortable a position. Shift the curve of the hips to almost 0 degrees, because the curve you have now suggests a perspective which isn't followed through by the legs.

I didn't draw anything about the hands, but keep in mind that with foreshortening the fingers still have joints, and that you can use them to imply length. Also, thumbs are opposable-- bring his thumbs(right and left hands) farther back down his hand, so that the gap area between the thumb and forefinger is much farther down than the gap area between forefinger and middle finger etc.

Not gonna comment on colouring cuz I suck pretty badly...
Btw his head size is fine.
>> No. 7672
File 131784764994.png - (116.74KB , 1024x683 , French girlsWIP.png )

I love you.

The nose was different 'cause it was supposed to be an OC Sniper and I just gave up on that. Before I start going onto the lineart again, how's this?
>> No. 7673
File 131789800423.png - (210.42KB , 1024x683 , French girlsWIP.png )
More line sketching. I dick around with sketches too much.
>> No. 7674
The pose is much better, much more relaxed, but his head still seems to want to twist off. Does he need to be looking at the viewer's right, or can that change? Because if it can, it'd be a hell of a lot more comfortable for him to be looking a little farther left.

The body looks great, and I have just one correction-- his left upper arm should probably be resting on his ribs, because right now it looks like he's flexing a lot. Relax the joints of the arm. Making the pose look natural is pretty hard sometimes because of the perspective and awkward angles, but you're getting there.
>> No. 7675
>>2795 About his head, I meant turn it to the left and up. The direction can be managed, but not with him tilting his head down.
>> No. 7676
File 131810500949.png - (232.40KB , 1024x683 , French girlsWIP.png )
How about this?
>> No. 7677
File 131839226571.png - (81.61KB , 439x400 , thumbs_up[1].png )
>> No. 7678
File 131992048754.png - (214.07KB , 1024x683 , French girlsWIP.png )
Snoipahs everywhere.
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