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File 131900960148.jpg - (23.79KB , 390x519 , medicwhatever.jpg )
7679 No. 7679
This is the first time I have properly drawn in about three or four years. And it shows. Everything looks hideously stiff and flat, the eyepieces do not line up with his ear, no fabric wrinkles, terrible scanning, little to no speed in pencil strokes, etc. Anyway, I would like some redlining on this little bitch before I finalize the shading/detailing on the body (the lines are just reference), I'm trying to get the Proof of purchase on his head, and failing miserably, also any other mistake tweaked would be nice. The gloves up to the shoulders and the disheveled collar were intentional, it is not an oc but a particular loadout so I decided to take some liberties.

Tl;dr Redline this piece of crap and give me some advice if you feel up to pointing out the myriad mistakes.
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>> No. 7680
File 131965977657.png - (337.93KB , 805x519 , Bite\'s Medic Redline 3.png )
I'll be honest, one issue I had when trying to redline this was the fact that I don't really understant what Medic here is doing (with his left arm, right side of the picture, in particular.
As far as critique goes, I do think utilizing guidlines for his face would help to fix a few errors (the placement of his eyes, of course), as well as doing some light sketching where his features would be (the mask is a bit too low, I think, when considering where you placed the rim of the PoP). The shoulders are too narrow; the torso slims down from there, which would give him rather childish proportions. Finally, his arms seem a bit too short. I'm not sure if super-deformed/"chibi" stylization is what you were going for, though.
As far as the clothes go, I'm no expert myself, but (in regards to the Proof of Purchase), I think you might have either made it too tall, or the brim area too small.
I'll try to do some tweaks on the picture to help illustrate my points (when I get a better opportunity to, anyway). In the meantime, I suppose I could share some references I found?
Here are some proportioning guides I found on the chan: http://tf2chan.net/workshop/src/128923662825.jpg and http://tf2chan.net/workshop/src/128923690764.gif

References of the headgear (Medic-specific): http://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/f/fa/Medic_proof_of_purchase.png (note how the brim is right above his brow) and http://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/8/88/Blighted_Beak.png

Also found on the chan was this fabric creasing tutorial: http://tf2chan.net/workshop/src/128930670967.jpg . It's not medic's coat, but it should work on about the same level. As I understand, as creases/folds become more affected by gravity (on longer fabrics), creases become longer and more vertical in appearence. Someone feel free to correct me on this.

Anyway, Bite, good luck in your work.
>> No. 7681
File 131981276794.gif - (302.39KB , 320x289 , OMGGGGGGG.gif )
Thanks a lot for that, I didn't think anyone would reply. The help is appreciated and I'll try and take it into consideration next time I draw, maybe copy your advice onto my iPhone. I'm not continuing on this particular drawing any more because it feels far too wooden and I now know can do more flighty drawings.

A possible reason for the childish proporions is because I use myself as a model half the time and... well... I'm 4.11 feet tall with a big ass skull and very feminine body. I'm not using this as an excuse, simply a reason. although that doesn't act as a reason for the stubby arms really...
I'll try and focus on making proportions more adult and less... Ew, in the future. probably use some references to get it in my head that I am very abnormal in proportions for a male adult.

You have no idea how appreciative I am for the references, I swear I couldn't find any through shitty phone-google, so I winged it. The crease guide makes me very happy also.

(also, I'm sorry that you don't know what his hand is doing, I couldn't figure that out either, which is bad and in future I'll be sketching out the whole (relevant) figure before doing this sort of thing).

Thank you for wasting some time on me. Really, thank you.

I'll be doing another medic in due time. Hopefully that will be better. Gif related as it was my reaction to your reply. your reply that is a crit. Which is over a paragraph. With reference pictures. Yes.

Captcha says: For crateme. I think it knows where it is. And it wants keys.
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