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File 132192093678.png - (198.96KB , 480x640 , おいしい!11 21 11.png )
7685 No. 7685
Err... I don't even know how to color or do lineart. But there's a lot of people around here that seem to be gods at it, so I thought I could (perhaps) get some tips. Made in Autodesk Sketchbook in case anyone is wondering.
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>> No. 7686
File 132216414618.png - (499.86KB , 1280x762 , awwwwyeahlol.png )
I think I'm starting to figure out how to color things.... Critique more than welcome, please.
>> No. 7687

Completely untrained eye here, but he looks a little pasty. Also look at the torso/leg proportion. There's a size chart/grid somewhere on the wiki.
>> No. 7688
>>3003 I did think the skin was too unshadowed and kinda bland, but I completely missed the leg thing. Thank you!
>> No. 7689
File 132218533875.png - (528.83KB , 1280x762 , smexymedicfixed (hopefully).png )
Hmm, I fiddled around in PS for a little bit, hopefully this is better? I've noticed drawing on a non-white surface (especially gray) helps with having a better perception of the colors... I'm not sure why. Maybe my eyes are retarded....

I think the reason the legs looked weird was because of the boots and how the pants are tucked into them, kinda threw me off. I probably made it even worse! :s
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