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File 130821662469.jpg - (111.65KB , 756x756 , ineedsomebody.jpg )
7693 No. 7693
Hi all!

I'll be posting things I'm working on here, but I would really appreciate if anyone wants a redline, please also post in this thread.

I love to draw and do my best to help others out along the way. I'm afraid I'm not good at actually helping, and I need some serious practice.

I think Workshop is a great opportunity to get better at drawing, communicate ideas with others and pass that knowledge on.

When you post please tell me:
1. What your goal is in drawing that particular picture (what's the most important thing you want the picture to convey).
2. One thing that I can give you an in-depth instruction on regarding the picture.

I will do my best to critique and get back to you! Please help me get better at helping others.
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>> No. 7694
File 130821686751.jpg - (164.30KB , 1334x912 , howtoredlineyourself.jpg )
This is a picture I did late at night probably in fall or winter. I was immensely proud of the original, but each time I open the folder containing it, I saw more and more problems.

I spent enough time initially to justify a "go back and fix it" so here I go.
>> No. 7695
File 130823361079.jpg - (23.38KB , 328x246 , Happy Heavy on PC.jpg )
Oh, you are the nicest person, really. I will definitely take you up on that offer and I hope others will too! Your help is so valuable and insightful!
>> No. 7696
I love you. Seriously. If it's not too much trouble, could you redline >>1799 ? I wanted him to be leaning back in the chair with his legs up on the desk, defiant and casual-like, but I could get a handle on it. Crossed legs always seem to give me trouble.

Thanks in advance~
>> No. 7697
I will aways remember kilo and you for help me improve. Thanks alot alotalot!!
>> No. 7698
File 13082983658.jpg - (253.28KB , 850x1100 , gingerredlinept1.jpg )

hmmm... quite a predicament we are in here. I am no master of perspective, but I can take you through how I would try to draw this were I you.

pt 2 :how to use your reference effectively coming soon!

hope this isn't a tl;dr moment
>> No. 7699
File 130830317270.jpg - (395.02KB , 1275x1650 , gingerredlinept2.jpg )

Well that was fun. Please let me know if there
is anything I can help further with. If you have any questions about the steps or i wasn't clear on what I was doing I'd be happy to go further.
>> No. 7700
File 130844684433.jpg - (217.69KB , 1222x1096 , tf2-boxingWIP.jpg )
Eep! A cry for help here, as people usually only mention what I've Done Wrong after I've given up revising it and gone nuts with stuff like colouring.

This is kind of a joke picture; I guess what I want to get across is the REDs being a bunch of smug bastards, and the BLU Medic being a nagging bitch and subjecting his Heavy to a screechy conniption fit.

Anatomy is always a concern of mine, but what I really feel unsure about in this picture is perspective (not of the ring itself, but of the figures). Obviously I don't expect you (or anyone) to go over the whole thing, but if anything looks screwy to you, I'd love a second opinion.
>> No. 7701
This thread is already amazing. It doesn't deserve falling down to page 2!
>> No. 7702
Oh jesus, how did I miss this?


Thank you so much. You are an amazing person.
>> No. 7703
File 130947693696.png - (796.91KB , 916x604 , scan0153.png )
Hurray! It looks much better. At the very least, I can look at it without cringing.

Any last suggestions?
>> No. 7704
I have a thread at >>654. I don't know what's wrong with my artwork, but people really don't seem to be impressed. I'm a little desperate here.
>> No. 7705
File 132144610661.jpg - (436.34KB , 1275x1650 , Obvious_redline.jpg )

I'm sorry i fell off the face of the earth. I moved and picked up a second job for a while.

I hope this can still be useful to you even at this late moment.
>> No. 7706
File 13215000956.jpg - (207.40KB , 1313x1635 , SleepingMedic.jpg )
So, as apparently outlined, I'm having problems with the leg here. Also, needing input on how to have it look like he's having weight put on that 'counter top', eventually it'll be a scene filled with mass amounts of filing cabinets, ect. Trying to resurrect the will to finish this out of my sketchbook, 'model' sitting at the bar wasn't too still, so dodgy anatomy, and having a hard time finding a good reference.
>> No. 7707
File 132186768491.jpg - (431.96KB , 1275x1650 , Dallanredlinept1.jpg )

I hope this is what you were looking for
>> No. 7708

Ah! That is indeed useful, I keep glancing at that in my folder now and then, but hadn't been able to make any progress on it. Thank you very much for the advice! (I've been realizing over time that I have this stubborn compulsion to include entire figures in everything I draw, even when cropping some of them to allow a better layout would help...)
>> No. 7709
File 132930593514.jpg - (89.37KB , 612x792 , redlinemyself2.jpg )
captcha: and butsoc...

anyway, something I'm working on. I know it has errors, and I'm working on it. Anything you can point out would be great and I would be greatful!
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