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File 130906080572.png - (475.83KB , 795x1149 , Sitting on wip help.png )
7713 No. 7713
I've been a lurker for quite a few months now, and I barely draw any TF2, despite loving it. I found this sketch from a while ago I drew and started inking it on photoshop... only to find that my anatomy has only gotten worse.
I was wondering if someone good tell me what parts are wrong. I'd be very grateful for the magic of those drawing lines over it or directing me to some references or something...

(Ignoring the lazy coloring, style, etc... I mainly just want help on the anatomy.)
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>> No. 7714
Well, Scout's hands look pretty small
>> No. 7715
File 131182523938.png - (163.44KB , 857x605 , relaxed.png )
I scrapped the pic above, oops.
Not really happy with this either, mainly because I have no idea what pose this is and I really should have used reference but oops.
Help is loved...
>> No. 7716
Yeah, reference would have been good. The proportions are seriously wonky, Spy seems to have an itty bitty lady body. I recommend using undersketches or at least short doodles to get the proportions and stuff right before you draw in detail.
>> No. 7717
Yeah he's way too feminine, I agree. Thanks for the advice for me as well as all the other help you contribute to tf2chan.
>> No. 7718
File 131189533052.jpg - (21.67KB , 450x337 , Blushing birdy.jpg )
D'aww, thank you! I'll keep it up.
>> No. 7719
File 131251177862.png - (42.68KB , 233x272 , srs soldier.png )
From Furei's Drawing Tuesday Project which has been locked, not sure why. Was going to post there but I can't.
I'm really proud of this one!
>> No. 7720
File 132505304141.png - (131.01KB , 622x828 , maggots sketch.png )
long time no see. studied some official pictures of soldier for this one.
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