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File 132431326748.jpg - (334.63KB , 2000x2000 , Engie.jpg )
7721 No. 7721
I was derping around Sai and drew this - It's Engiee how I imagine him when he was young. He's hippie, because he plays guitar in Meet the Engineer :D
>> No. 7722

You DO realize that hippies became a THING in the 60s, right? And that the game is based in the late 60s. So that would mean that your "young" Engineer would have just a few years - seven at most, to get all his 11 PhDs and ten years in the Texas oilfields. Not to mention the fact that there are obvious clashes with his personality to consider he was ever a hippy.

It's like saying, "Hey, Medic plays violin, so I bet he was a fiddler in the good ol' south and made Cotton Eyed Joe!" Okay, that would be awesome, admittedly (my idea - DON'T ANYONE TOUCH IT), but hippy Engie just seems lazy and unoriginal. "Hey! Hippies exist in the TF2 universe! I'll make Engie one! GENIUS."

Try harder, newfag.
>> No. 7723

Alright, I'm not a mod or anything, but I'm not sure the tone of this was necessary. You're right in pointing out that Engie couldn't have been a hippie given the timeframe, but there was a politer way to communicate that, you know?

Also, while I agree it's canonically inaccurate and shows a lack of research, I don't think I've seen a hippie Engie before... so I have to ask, what makes you consider it trite?

(Not trying to be rude here, just... )
>> No. 7724

Oh, weird. Apparently I've not posted to the chan from this browser before or something.

Anyways, I was that Anon, if you needed to know... ahaha...
>> No. 7725
You may not have seen an Engineer hippy before, but I have. Granted, it was an OC, but still. The very idea of it just annoys me beyond belief. So, yes, you're right in saying I was a it snarky because I didn't even bother trying to hide my irritation.

Even ignoring the timeline, having Engineer as a hippy just goes against who he is. I don't know why people think he's such a peace-loving guy - if you've slaughtered an entire team trying to push a payload cart and racked up dominations to boot, you'd know that this is a man who LOVES HIS JOB.

He may not be the type who is aggressive outside of the battlefield and is polite to civilians and all, but he's still a grown man who fights for a living and grew up in the same era as Soldier. Having him as a hippy just DOESN'T MAKE LOGICAL SENSE WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT AAAAUUUGH. Because he plays a goddamn guitar in Meet The Engineer? Yes, because EVERYONE WHO PLAYS A GUITAR IN THE 60S IS TOTES A HIPPY U GAIZ

Seriously. Engineer is my favorite character, and I'd rather see him portrayed as a KKK member than a hippy again.

character development in a game about grown men blowing each other up for hatz dirt in the desert is srs bsns, u gaiz.
Calm down.
>> No. 7726
Not sure why that "Calm down." didn't go into bold/redtext, but just letting you know that was me and not part of TwoRefined's original post. I personally have no opinion for or against the hippie Engineer idea yet, but I feel we shouldn't completely crush the idea so early when all we've got is a mugshot and a basic idea. Who knows, it could be interesting, with more work on it.

It could also be terrible, but then again there's no real shame in trying something different when it hasn't been tried before.
>> No. 7727
I'm not the artist so I'm not sure, but I believe the hippy thing may have come from all the times in fanfictions that people allude to Engineer's "crazy colledge days". I've seen in quite a few of the stories Engineer was portrayed as a (for the most part) former pot smoker who although he had a lot of school things to do managed to get a little partying done. This could make him seem like he was a hippy to some people even if the time frame doesn't fit. As I said though, I'm not the artist so it could be some completely different reason. Also, sorry if this is hard to understand as I just woke up.
>> No. 7728
But that makes no sense, because the Engineer's 'crazy college days' would have been back in the fifties. They had pot, but not hippies.

Thing that people need to realize is that, while TF2 takes place in the 60's, these men in it grew up in the 50's, the 40's, etc. and will thus still have a lot of the lingo from then, a lot of the habits people had then, etc.
>> No. 7729

Weren't beatniks the thing in the 50s? I don't know of the counter-culture before then. Let's see a Beatnik Engie!
>> No. 7730

Yes, beatniks were very 50's.

I'd love to see beatnik Engie. Or maybe beatnik Sniper?

Both could work.
>> No. 7731
I know it still didn't make sense I was just saying that it could have been the reason.
Beatnik Engie would be awsome.
>> No. 7732
Beatnik Sniper. Dear lord. I think this might have accidentally just become my headcanon.
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