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File 133013266184.jpg - (416.60KB , 1000x777 , gunslinger.jpg )
7735 No. 7735
I can't look at this anymore: proportions are off, anatomy is laughable, colors are off, and I just can't bring myself to finish it.
le sob.
If anyone wants to take a crack at it, I'd appreciate some pointers so I can do better the next time I attempt this pic again.
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>> No. 7739
File 133048360828.jpg - (177.24KB , 1000x777 , Untitled-2.jpg )
Scout's back is facing us, but his head is turned sideways. For clarification, in the redline I turned his head so the back of it is facing us, too. I'm actually not sure what angle you were going for -from the side or from a 3/4 view. If you're going for 3/4, redraw Engineer's body so that it is more facing toward the viewer. Also, maybe if you put the Gunslinger under Scout's arm, rather than on top of it, the position would look more natural. As for Scout's hand, right now you have the palm too curved. (Sorry if this doesn't make much sense)
>> No. 7740
Gah, the more I look at it, the more painful the thought of me ever considering this being close to done.

Thanks so much for your critique guys, it's really helped on pinpointing just what went wrong. Darn tricky angles, the bane of my existence.
I'll see if I can make a revision once I find some time to myself.
>> No. 7741
File 133125293940.jpg - (367.63KB , 1099x1007 , comfort.jpg )
lazy filler doodle stuff.
What is anatomy? What is lighting?
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