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File 133012577720.jpg - (80.74KB , 591x631 , paint.jpg )
7742 No. 7742
I wanted to look to you guys for drawing advice, even if the Workshop doesn't seem to be crazy happenin' lately.

I was hoping some kind souls could critique this for me. It's supposed to be Scout as a child, I hope it's TF2-related enough. I do have other TF2 drawings, but I particularly want help with this one.
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>> No. 7743
It seems a little too smooth, but that might just be a stylistic choice. Overall it's a pretty good rendering of Scout as a kid. Try adding more folds to his clothes.
>> No. 7744
I agree. Thank you for pointing that out, I shall add more folds!
I knew I would have to face my fear of drawing complex clothing folds someday.
>> No. 7747
File 133065636060.png - (124.08KB , 511x514 , hm.png )
Alright, am I on the right track?
(One other thing I want to do is make the shading and outlines on his face match the rest of him.)

Thank you for the input. If I can get any more opinions and recommendations, I would be eager to hear them.
>> No. 7748
Yeah ,that's better. I can't really think of what else to critique. Do you have anything else you want to post? Another picture you want help on? I feel bad that I don't have much else to say about >>3229
>> No. 7751

I'm not very good at useful critique, so I'll just add pointless commentary instead: I love seeing people draw Engineer with the gunslinger. Also, bare butts are always funny to me.
>> No. 7752
>>3266 I appreciate pointless commentary as well.
The gunslinger is canon sometimes, but it's my headcanon all the time. Under the glove maybe.
By the way I'm a fan of your drawings.
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