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File 134071157726.jpg - (68.51KB , 698x544 , uguumedicdesu.jpg )
7753 No. 7753
I've decided to step out of lurking for a while to politely ask for redlines on medic and heavy here (especially the hands, fabric folds and arms), and also maybe some help with color theory.

I think I went way out of the gamut I picked, or perhaps I just have to gather the wits to unify the skintones with the other colors.
it probably would've helped to resolve the drawing completely before coloring it, womp womp
I wanted a warmer color setting in comparison to the original screenshots taken from MaxofS2D's one vid that I directly ripped off because I love this video with all of my being used for reference.

Thanks for your time. I'm so sorry for rambling!

I pray I'll get the hang of letting work be finished, though. This is far from it, but maybe I'll get better with managing this problem with a little more self-discipline.
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>> No. 7754
File 134071174181.jpg - (47.56KB , 701x534 , uguumedicdesu.jpg )
now, with slightly less eye raping transparency
>> No. 7755
File 134127254876.jpg - (68.97KB , 701x534 , Proud Asian Medic.jpg )
Looking pretty good, actually.

His near arm was short. Elbows are level with the waistline when the arms are hanging freely.
You had some weird perspective making Medic's face look flat, which in turn made him look Asian. Remember, there is foreshortening on faces, too.
The hands look pretty good for hands floating around by themselves, but I really can't speak for how well they're interacting with the thingamabob he's holding onto, because the thingamabob in question isn't finished enough for me be able to figure out its shape. Once you finish up shading the thingamabob, you might want to run it through Workshop again to see what we think then.

You're actually doing pretty good with the fabric. You just need to be a little more careful about identifying sources of pressure on the fabric, such as the stiffness of the class patch, the pull of the buttonholes against the buttons, or his medipack straps pressing against his body and pinning down the coat. Just little things like that make the difference between fabric that "doesn't look wrong," and fabric that "looks perfect."

Your colour will look a lot better once you get some big old, shamelessly blue-tinted shadows onto Medic's skin and shirt. I think you'll get even more stunning results if you take the hue contrast in your lighting even further, making the highlights even more red-white, and the shadows even more blue.
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