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File 133525585072.jpg - (154.25KB , 1100x1368 , lolpyro.jpg )
7759 No. 7759
Well, I'm quite new to drawing as well as the 'Chan and I'd like some constructive criticism. I'd love to have some advice on improvements from you all since other sites which have any interest in art only reply stuff along the lines of: "OMG SO KAWAIII!" or like "That's nice." I never seem to get any fleshed out critique.

I really don't get how light and shadows work, so I'd like it if someone could give me an example on how they'd work. Any redlines are welcome.

I did post in /workshop/ but it seems like a ghost town there, so I thought this here would be better.
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>> No. 7760
Try posting in Workshop if you're after con-crit and all, they're really good in there and not to mention helpful :)
>> No. 7761
Aurgh, sorry for the smilie, been typing to my family for too long!
>> No. 7763
Workshop is incredibly slow, unfortunately. Looking at your picture, what I can suggest is to use differing line weights to better suggest dimension.

Honestly, the occasional smiley isn't a problem. People only get riled up if your entire post is peppered with, "^______________________________^".
>> No. 7765
File 133533465579.jpg - (256.93KB , 1100x1368 , Pyromancer Redlines.jpg )
Bugger me dead. Several days ago, I'd redlined this and written about half of a doctoral thesis on the virtues of deconstruction, but then I decided to take a break for gloomy Russian novels, and that was that.

You may or may not get your deconstruction essay after I'm good and drunk.

Disclaimer: I failed miserably at making this post twice before this, which means that the fairies are probably trying to tell me that something is terribly wrong with my redlines. Fortunately I never listen to them.
>> No. 7766
Thanks for the Redline! Its just now that I finally realized a quite some stuff was out of place.

You don't have to, but if you really want to write a whole critique you can take your time.
>> No. 7767
do you run "Soda's Frag Server?"
>> No. 7768

I don't run that server. Sorry.

Though I might want to start my own once I find some way to get the money...
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