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File 13195714377.png - (859.38KB , 600x800 , S\'okay Small.png )
7769 No. 7769
So, uh. Been wanting to post some of my urts on here for a bit, but I wasn't sure if the quality merited it being in /fanart/ or here. But, uh, seeing as most of my stuff doesn't seem to make it out of developmental hell, I would wager this would be the more appropriate place.

So uh, yeah. Really hoping for some serious redlines and concrit on this one, if that's okay. I know some of the things I need to fix; the problem for some of them is HOW I need to fix them.

That's a girl Scoot right there, so please don't tell me she doesn't look enough like canon Scoot. And please don't shoot me for drawing her ajdflkalsakjls;

Areas that look problematic to me: Engie's left shoulder, his left leg (how do I foreshortened argh), lack of sitting surface, Girl!Scoot's right arm and possibly leg. Any tips for how to address them, and any suggestions of what else should be fixed, would be appreciated greatly.

And, uh, apologies if the sheer amount of sketch mess makes it confusing to tell things apart. I know it confuses me sometimes, and I'm the person who freaking drew them, so...

Thanks in advance, guys.
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>> No. 7770
I started doing a redline for this and then I realized that I don't really understand what's going on. How would you describe what's going on in this scene? From what I can tell, I think it's supposed to be Papa Engie trying to cheer up a gloomy femScout, but I just wanna make sure I'm reading it right.

And you probably don't wanna hear this but, you're probably gonna have to redraw this. It's tough drawing two characters interacting physically with each other and as the picture stands now, it's way to wonky to look convincing, but hopefully I can give a few examples on making it look more natural.
>> No. 7771

Yeah, you pretty much hit the nail on the head with the Papa Engie thing. And I'm not surprised to hear I'm going to have to re-draw it; it wouldn't be the first time I've had to do that. I was suspecting I'd have to anyway... at least as far as putting them on separate pages to work out the kinks without getting confused as to what lines belong to whom. (I'd be lightboxing it for such purposes... )

Also redoing it would mean I could position it better so that I actually had enough room to draw Engie's feets, derp
>> No. 7772
File 131960742487.png - (312.73KB , 600x632 , redline-kino.png )
Good to know I was on the right track. Admittedly one of the reasons I doing larger works on paper was because it was just a pain to always be erasing limbs and adjusting poses. I dunno how I could manage to do this on paper anymore, haha.

Anyhow, for storytelling purposes, it's best to have the viewer be able to tell what's going on within seconds of seeing the image. I was trained in the school of thought of keeping things simple and the action easy to read. A good way to test this is to examine the characters' silhouettes/outline and see if you can tell what's going on without the details.

So the top pose was the one I did over the original image. There's a clearer silhouette for both characters that isn't quite as all over the place and limbs aren't conflicting much with the line of action. I'd definitely look up some stuff on the the "line of action" as it would really help with bringing a smoother flow in your posing. My first suggestion is simple, though admittedly it's a little static, so the facial expressions would be key in showing the mood.

The second pose I did when I noticed that it looked like Engineer was playfully poking Scout in the stomach and then it kinda made sense that she may have been retracting from his touch. It's also a little more action-oriented than the first and gives a more light-hearted feeling about it.

I'd recommend picking either or as it can be difficult to mix both these moods without it action being read as something else entirely. Hope this helps some.
>> No. 7773
Uh. Testing this really quick to see whether it's autosaged or not.

If no, there will be another sketch up soon that I'd like crit on.
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