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File 131406858866.jpg - (234.74KB , 1284x1228 , Image0012.jpg )
7779 No. 7779
So a long time ago I posted on TF2Chan and you guys told me to go out and draw better anatomically and I did. I thank you all so much for that push that led me to go beyond animu. (It was horrible, believe me I know...)

So have a crazy Medic and let the crits begin. I know I should not red-line before you guys can have a chance to rip it apart, but I knew somethings were wrong or needed more attention. I bet there are more things wrong with it.

I hope to draw more and get better. Thank you in advance for Red-lines and Critiques.
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>> No. 7780
I think that's pretty damn good. I kind of want to see what your older art looks like, as a sort of before and after.

I think his forehead might be a bit too big and sloped back though. As is, it sort of looks like his face is sliding off.
>> No. 7781
File 131407998793.jpg - (213.78KB , 1348x1232 , Image001290908.jpg )

Thank you. I hope I've fixed whatever issues you addressed and others I found on my own and through others.

Oh yeah, and the old art is going to make you regret saying that... It was god awful, but I bet I could find something buried in this computer of mine a year or two ago...
>> No. 7782
File 131408566998.png - (698.52KB , 2680x1204 , Spoiler Picture.png )
Sorry if the file is too big.
Please let your bodies be ready.

Dear god...
Thank goodness I didn't post on TF2chan those days... Well since someone suggested a progress report on one of my many fail pictures of TF2. I did have fun with this sketch though.

It's been slow progress since then... Lets just say I stuck with that for a year before... Yeah I tried to study more anatomy and stuff.
>> No. 7783
That's an incredible improvement, and pretty inspiring as well. I look forward to seeing more of your art!
>> No. 7784
Whoa holy shit, that's leagues better! Good work! The only critique I can offer is to make Sniper's head larger and his neck a bit thinner/longer. Right now he kind of has Heavy's proportions as far as the head and neck area is concerned.
Still, great job!
>> No. 7785
File 131414375045.jpg - (277.61KB , 1354x1204 , HerfmyDerf.jpg )
Why thank you, I've been studying anatomy diligently since then.

I noticed that about this Sniper picture. Thank you. I fixed it to the best of my ability. Something about fixing a progress picture that seems odd to me, but the thought of leaving as it was urks me. Hopefully this is an improvement. I tend to get really into drawing TF2 like style art and I try to blend my art into and sometimes it does not turn out the same way and ill proportions are an out come. I should study more head sizes and count them and make sure I'm not getting too ahead of myself.
(More anatomy; Less style)
>> No. 7786
File 131419435326.png - (507.59KB , 2000x756 , Spytryagain.png )
I know it's just a side face that I whipped up quickly, but this before picture is the last time I tried to draw Spy. I rage quit his face a long time ago because I could not draw it and you know... I forgot to add his beak-like nose on purpose because I thought it looked funky to me. I was a picky weeaboo. "Lets ignore a main facial feature for the sake of me drawing it hurrderrdahderp."
(Also at this time I was 'studying' anatomy at the time to. What books was I studying from?!)

I hope to be uploading some actual art soon... (Sorry for just boring sketches and random Before and After crap)
>> No. 7787
File 131437648454.png - (207.16KB , 648x592 , somuchloveyhugging.png )
Oh Scout... You're only making Spy more angry.

Couples are not my strong point so I thought I would try a spy and scout picture because they love each other so much.

I'm sorry for the size or sketchy-ness and if you guys think anything is wrong before I try to line art it would be great to know your thoughts.
>> No. 7788
File 131441128348.jpg - (322.98KB , 1476x1788 , Image001876876.jpg )
Another Sniper picture.

This picture was to be a lot more 'sexy', but yeah. He looks a lot more 'cute' now. Oh well. If you see anything wrong by all means tell me and I'll see what I can do about that before I continue to line art this.

(Sorry about the size if it's an issue.)
>> No. 7789
File 131466805631.jpg - (433.70KB , 1354x1204 , HerfmyDerflines.jpg )
Line art to >>2609 because I thought the sketch was far too rough so I did some line art. It is also rough and a very weird way of line arting I know... Hopefully the colouring will redeem it slightly.
>> No. 7790
File 131512757856.jpg - (931.72KB , 1354x1204 , HerfmyDerflines.jpg )
Sorry for it's size if it's an issue.
The colouring took forever... I hope you guys like it and if you find anything wrong with it by all means tell me.
>> No. 7791
File 131515330464.png - (41.51KB , 424x599 , Shoop-Da-Whoop.png )
Oww yeah. Yeaaaaaah.
>> No. 7792
File 131942822361.jpg - (102.76KB , 814x844 , RnadomTF2face.jpg )
Just messing around with some character's faces.

Crits are always welcome.
>> No. 7793
File 132199972863.jpg - (112.38KB , 970x1084 , Comparethisyouanimal.jpg )
Decided to re-draw the first thing I posted. Hopefully this is an improvement.
>> No. 7794
I think you've improved spectacularly. Can't really offer any good critique because I have just crawled out of the desuanimukawaiishit zone myself.

Keep up the good work! I adore your Snipers btw.
>> No. 7795

It's cool that you're getting away from the desuanimukawaii stuff. I'm still struggling to get out of it, myself.

Eh... enough of my artist problems, though. Anon, you have definitely improved a lot from your first drawings. As far as critique goes, I think that your colored Sniper could use some more shading. You shaded the hat really well, but I'm not seeing that kind of attention being given to the rest of it, and it makes everything else seem flat. I'd say go into the skin, his vest, and his shirt with some even darker colors in places, and it'll start to look more dimensional.
>> No. 7796
File 132669102817.jpg - (46.67KB , 490x784 , Stupidsexyengie.jpg )
Thanks a lot. It means to know that people see improvement.
Thank you for the critique, colouring was never something I was really ever good at. But I shall invest sometime into learning how to colour.

Until then, have a horribly coloured Engie, it was a request someone had for me. Critiques are always welcome.
>> No. 7797
>> No. 7798
File 132850932183.png - (281.34KB , 565x714 , derpycolors.png )
A collab I did with a friend.

I know there are some errors, but anything you spot is always helpful. Thanks in advance.

(None may get the little Nazi with Medic, but it was fun none the less.)

Why Engie is quite delicious isn't he?
>> No. 7799
File 133411071257.jpg - (632.95KB , 1680x2192 , Scootscoot.jpg )
Just some doodle of Scout running.
>> No. 7800
File 134301204744.jpg - (875.54KB , 947x832 , Hoovymedictimes.jpg )
Just a quick Heavy Medic (in hats) doodle.
>> No. 7801
re: desukawaiishit rehab of pain
I am on the slow crawl out of it myself, and I have to say, you really made a huge jump out from it. dayum

I guess if there's anything that is of noticeable concern in this picture though - medic on left's forehead is too large. You've drawn that medic's hair almost like it's in a mugshot profile, but his head is drawn at a lower angle than that. I'd say bring his hairline forward a bit and mind the angle you've drawn him in, in short.

Again, however, I commend you. I wish I could be advancing as quickly as you are in the matter!
>> No. 7802
File 134316464485.jpg - (545.71KB , 947x832 , Hoovymedictimescolour.jpg )
Why thank you Kawaii, it's been a long journey out of it. Still leaning A LOT.

Thank you for the critique, although I won't be able to go back to it all fix things since I don't have the original picture anymore (size wise)-- But hopefully I'll be able to remember not to go too crazy with their foreheads and try and steer away from generic facial expressions.

And I thank you again. Just took a lot of studying and reading of art books and tutorials. Wish you the best of speed in learning art and applying it to your pieces as well.
>> No. 7803
File 134334426168.jpg - (443.08KB , 624x1463 , Whutmedic.jpg )
Still have lots to learn about colouring. Just a tester.
>> No. 7804

I hope this doesn't seem rude; I'm not really good at writing criticism, but I thought I'd give it a shot since I can identify the anatomical problems with this picture. The hands are too small, especially on Heavy. They look stiff and doll-like, and the fingers emerge in a straight line, as though the bones of the hand are all identical in length. You drew the knuckles more naturally, which is a good start- here is a good reference that shows how the fingers should appear. http://tf2chan.net/workshop/src/128943909736.jpg
As well, the appearance of Medic's torso is kind of wonky. He's not waifish, but his chest is narrower than it appears here. If he's standing contrapposto, the only thing suggesting it is the crease lower down his flank, and it really just looks like he put on weight.

That said, aside from the oddly narrow end of Medic's jaw, the faces are promising. You just need to give their anatomy a bit of fixing up.
>> No. 7805
File 134789538329.jpg - (342.33KB , 733x1185 , Redmedicderprunningshitlines.jpg )
Rude? No. Thank you for the critique. When it comes to the issue with the proportions I am still very uncomfortable with exaggerating their arms and hands their rather memorable of having.
As for poses being rather stiff, my art is rather tense still, hopefully working on that in future pieces. More fluidity is needed in my work.
As for Medic's body, I just took notice it to it as you commented upon it. Hopefully in future pictures I try to steer away from that body type with him. Or just over all awkward anatomy with him. Yup and his jaw was something that was weirdly intentional, but that's just me being stupid with faces.
Thank you again for the critique, I took it to heart even though my response was REALLY delayed.

Have another Medic picture because yeah... Medic.
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