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File 130837470610.jpg - (173.90KB , 500x400 , Doves.jpg )
7826 No. 7826
This is my first post here and I do apologise if this ends up in a bad section or something.
Thought I'd try to be cool by drawing a medic and a dove, because I'm totally not late to a bandwagon or something.
I feel I made some mistakes to start by not knowing what I was drawing until most of it was drawn (problems mainly in the shoulders/arms?), and critiques would be appreciated.
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>> No. 7827
You got Medic down pretty well here. Make his jaw longer and more defined and you have him down! The arm looks kinda weird and snakelike, though. That little dove though, awww!

Post more, sir!
>> No. 7828
File 130967431685.png - (437.29KB , 1300x1590 , Scouuuut.png )
Thanks for the feedback, Perry! I'll see what I can do. In the meantime, I have a picture of a class that I actually prefer that proves I really need to reference arms forever. Also, ignore the text, it's why I shouldn't try to write stuff at two. As before, feedback is appreciated.
>> No. 7829
File 131216256236.jpg - (130.13KB , 640x500 , Oh Hey Scout!.jpg )
It has been a while. Despite the fact that I have other things I should be finishing or working on like a fanfiction, I tried to draw something that wasn't static. It didn't work too well, so I suppose I'll have to redo it. I'd appreciate some pointers, though! Even if it's irredemable, I'd like to try my hand at drawing and finishing a picture like this, even if I had to do so from scratch.
>> No. 7830
His attitude comes through well. The one thing I noticed was, on his right arm, the forearm does look good, but the upper arm feels too skinny for it... That's the only real concrit I've got at the mo.

I love the lines and fabric folds, it gives a nice depth and texture. And I giggled at the text (sorry, it turns out I'm incapable of ignoring things!)
>> No. 7831
File 131421886663.jpg - (265.42KB , 700x800 , Doves.jpg )
...it'd probably help if I had remembered this site existed. Anyway, I worked on the ill-and-incorrectly-titled Medic fanart. I'm still unhappy with it, though, and that's probably because there's still serious errors. Help and feedback on this would be greatly appreciated, as always. Same for all my pictures.

By the way, I'd like to thank you for your feedback. I'll try to correct the arms when I get the chance. I have trouble actually learning from references, and poorly-constructed arms tend to be a reoccurrent issue in my doodles. So, uh, if anyone has some kickass tuturials for how arms'/shoulders' muscle groups would look like across several builds, I'd really appreciate it (I'm glad you actually found the writing funny, btw).
>> No. 7832
File 131421908753.jpg - (115.42KB , 500x700 , Color Practice.jpg )
Here's another scout doodle. There is a dove upon his head. This one looks awful, I know, but it was primarily practice in shading.
>> No. 7833
File 131571155445.png - (409.85KB , 800x625 , eat_this__help_needed_by_formidablyjust101-d49eyvq.png )
This might either end up being discarded or one of my most action-filled pictures to date. Either way, critiques, feedbacks and redlines would be very much appreciated, as it would be for all my pictures here. I'm still tweaking the Medic picture as well, and I'd just like to know if I was going in the right direction in the last post? Please and thank you.
>> No. 7838
Gah, deleted the old post for wierd errors. I haven't worked on anything here since my old computer's down, but don't be shy about leaving feedback, because I do have the files backed up. I'm just going to scrap >>1885 and >>2618 entirely and redo it, though.
For now, have a medic. Again. I don't even know why I draw so much of him, really. He's not my favorite by a long shot, but I suppose it's easier to get inspiration for the character... I'm thinking about fixing his arms/shoulders and reversing the curvature of his back (so, y'know, it actually looks like he's standing). Any thoughts? As always, feedback is appreciated.
>> No. 7839
File 131973065645.jpg - (133.71KB , 700x500 , Medic the Floating Torso.jpg )
...Here's the picture in question. Finally fixed all my typos and forgot the picture in question, wat.
>> No. 7840
File 132056338111.jpg - (279.65KB , 700x800 , Y\'all and You All.jpg )
Fuck Medic; I'm getting my mad scientist fix on Engineer from now on. After Scout, he's probably got to be my favorite character, anyway. That, and it's easier to draw someone with a similar body shape as you, no? I'm aware that his arms (as usual) need work, as does the wrench; other feedback is appreciated, though, as well as tips on the arms and whatnot.
>> No. 7841
I fuckin' love his pudge. Sorry for no real feedback. I can't think of anything other than what you've already deliberated on.

>> No. 7842
File 132093959071.jpg - (282.18KB , 1200x457 , Evil WiP Compilation.jpg )
Well, even if it's not "real" feedback, I do appreciate your comment.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some more progress on the Engineer picture (I titled it "Evil" now). I made him look even more bloated in what was supposed to be just the overalls looking too large, but I don't think it's the end of the world. I fixed up the wrench and overalls (yay, references!), I tried fixing his (visible) hand and arms, slapped some colors on and I'm about to expand the canvas space (with various minor little tweaks). Also, shading.

Am I going in the right direction here? Also, what do you guys think about the pallette choice; should I go with more saturated or less saturated?
>> No. 7844
File 132100492327.jpg - (333.13KB , 1200x457 , crit3.jpg )
Lovin the lines/cartooning. Great work, especially that crazy smile.

I would say more saturated. Go for some differently colored highlights and shadows, since it's looking kind of dull right now. Also I would ditch the palette in the corner, from experience I've found that it's not really any kind of useful of practical. Also watch out with making the skin too pink, it makes people look sickly. I would go for more tanned/orangish colors.

I also don't have my tablet on me so I scribbed kind of what I mean on your drawing. Sorry for messing up your draws bro, but I still think it kind of vaguely illustrates what I mean.
>> No. 7845
Testing something no update yet, I am tired.
>> No. 7846
File 133049369983.png - (231.10KB , 700x700 , i scribbled snoipa and called it art.png )
I have absolutely no updates on any existing pictures, as much as I actually want to get them finished. Bah, pure laziness is what it is.
...but for now, I try my hand at drawing Sniper, who's a pretty awesome if underappreciated character in my opinion. I dunno, that fact that he's a very effective straightman to just about every other character almost consistently (at least,the way I understand his characterization leads me to beleive) makes me wonder why he's so ignored overall. Unless he's taking it up the ass from someone else, being a terrible guy or the father figure dude to scout, idk. Anyone got thoughts on this? I might have just been exposed to all the wrong fics/arts.

>>2961 Thank you so much for the coloring and shading tips, man! I've been definitely trying to avoid making the characters look jaundiced and/or too orange, so I'll add "too pink makes them look ill" that to the list. I'll find a healthy pallette for these guys someday! The lighting shading advice is also appreciated, and it was no problem at all that you decided to color over my pictures to illustrate it; I consider myself a more visual learner anyway.
>> No. 7847
File 133546992831.jpg - (92.19KB , 364x500 , This Needs Redlines Bad.jpg )
Hello again. Switching computers yet again to present... a redrawing.
>> No. 7848
File 133548299871.jpg - (104.24KB , 364x500 , This Needs Redlines Bad.jpg )
Ah, yeah, this is the picture in question that I'm redrawing. I'd like to note that I'm neither the original artist nor do I remember off of the top of my head who they are. I'm just redrawing it as a personal challenge to myself.
>> No. 7849
I drew a medic, and have yet to fix it up properly; I need to fix his left arm, I know. I need to draw something other than medics.

Any other critique and reference would, as usual, be appreciated.
>> No. 7850
File 134427391059.png - (167.16KB , 640x500 , HappyMedic.png )
...and I forgot to post the picture again, oops.
>> No. 7851
File 134447905716.png - (174.61KB , 640x500 , im through.png )
Yet again, I update with no real updates. Today was a productive day in the sense that I started working on a lot of old pictures again and even starting some new projects; nothing has been updated quite enough to warrent a update post other than this picture, though.

This one is Engineer post-battle/respawn, having one of those days where one just feels older than they are; he'll get better, though. Can't keep a good man down and all that.

So, I have a question I've been wondering for a while: how is it that one draws the perspective lines for a picture? I understand the basic rules of perspective such as vanishing point, but I have a hard time with, um, pacing/placement and drawing the guidlines in the first place (at least, in the computer program; this is one of those things that I have a slightly easier time doing in real life, if only because of the slight increase of control I have with a straight edge, pencil and rough paper). Answers would be appreciated, as would critiques on this and the previous images.
>> No. 7852
File 134529842467.png - (823.00KB , 1000x1600 , Heavy sketches.png )
For once I didn't try to shade in the lineart layer!
Anyway, having pretty much had it with that old medic picture of mine and unable to find the first engineer picture file, I tried to draw HWG to draw HWG... and I guess this is why I never draw him; It doesn't help that I apparently think he and Engineer are built the same way. I've also forgotton how to draw hands and/or wrists. Also, I wish I could draw fat people without either making their heads way too tiny or making their legs go on forever and a half.

I'm currently working on a demoman picture, because I want to draw everyone but spy and pyro and because those complaints are popping up again. Problem with that one is that I chose a bad angle/pose combination. I'll post progress when it's more recognizable as demoman.

In all honesty, I'm just doodling wihout planning anything through in order to bust some art block I've been having; I'm aware that a lot of my sketches don't make sense because of that.
>> No. 7853
File 134530151420.jpg - (144.86KB , 500x500 , facial.jpg )
Not the demoman picture I referred to in the last post, but for how much I botched it, it might as well be.

I drew this to get a feel for how demoman's facial structure works: Demoman has a awfully elven face, huh? It's pretty rounded near the top, but at the cheekbones it just curves so sharply inward, he almost looks feminine. So, yeah, I'm going to try and get more practice in with that aspect.
I really wish people would leave feedback, it's o lonely in workshop but I'm not really able to go into fanart
>> No. 7854
File 135078296238.png - (447.15KB , 1000x1500 , demoman.png )
I've come to realize that I don't update my deviant-ART with TF2 stuff often because post stuff here. Well, in any case, I drew Demoman because he's cool.

At this point, I've pretty much decided that all the mercs are cool and I can't keep a favorite amongst them for very long.
It's so good to get reacquainted to the internet again, even if it's one-sided.
>> No. 7855
File 13645309219.jpg - (694.59KB , 1370x1262 , bluelineforsalazar.jpg )
This is great! I'd love to see a cleaned up version put up on /fanart/

I've done a red.. er, blueline for you. I hope it makes sense, sorry for the scribbles everywhere.

Twisted feet like that are all kinds of annoying, eck.
>> No. 7856
Thanks for the feedback! I'll try to work with it to improve my art (I did not know about the degrees a foot can go, so, like all tips involving legs, that's really appreciated!)
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