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File 12898624126.gif - (93.79KB , 709x800 , morning_2010_10_21.gif )
7857 No. 7857
Will be tweaking the contract and adding a half-assed background later.
Expand all images
>> No. 7858
File 128986246231.gif - (27.11KB , 1050x696 , noon_2010_10_24.gif )
*Contrast, even.

Engie's turn. I seem to remember somebody mentioning that the pose looks too stiff, but I'm not sure how to fix it.
>> No. 7859
File 128988290018.jpg - (164.62KB , 1050x696 , 128986246231.jpg )
Here, I hope this is helpful. Just a little bit of restructuring for the legs and torso.
Lemme know if there's anything you want me to elaborate on :3
>> No. 7860
File 129021347188.gif - (128.69KB , 709x800 , morning_2010_10_21.gif )
/abuses Photomanipulation effects like woah.
>> No. 7861
File 129030160878.jpg - (91.33KB , 709x800 , morning_2010_10_21.jpg )
Tweaked with suggestions from Dr. Inkwell.
>> No. 7862
File 129046714872.jpg - (125.40KB , 800x780 , nerd_embroidery.jpg )
Ohai, I've picked up a new hobby.

I'll definitely be adding some more stitches to the cross to hide those uneven lines, but does the red circle need another layer before I fill it in with yellow?
>> No. 7863
File 129048326663.jpg - (243.70KB , 725x800 , medic_embroidery.jpg )
time to throw this baby in the wash to see how well it launders
>> No. 7864
That is goddamn beautiful and I want one.
>> No. 7865
You make me want to pull out the one I started last year for Fanime and never finished
>> No. 7866
File 129113527280.gif - (35.37KB , 800x530 , noon_2010_10_24.gif )
Perspective, I fail at it.
>> No. 7867
File 129115304813.gif - (24.47KB , 800x530 , noon_2010_10_24.gif )
With some feedback from the ever lovely Dr. Inkwell.
>> No. 7868
File 129116399846.jpg - (94.63KB , 1024x716 , EngieisHOT.jpg )
I love your Engie. But I thought It was Francis from L4D...

So here's a red line and I hope this helps you.
Anything you can't read, I'll type it out for you.
Keep on drawing.
>> No. 7869
File 12911666344.gif - (42.75KB , 613x800 , afternoon_11_30_2010.gif )
Among other things, I think I made Sniper's torso too thin...
>> No. 7870
File 129117037411.jpg - (106.13KB , 828x808 , WANKAWANKA.jpg )
I love this picture. So here's a red line of something I nit-picked at. Over all it's awesome. Keep up the awesome work DotChan.
Once again if you cannot read anything at all, run it by me and I'll type it out for you.
>> No. 7871
File 129134837887.jpg - (222.15KB , 800x581 , noon_2010_10_24.jpg )
moar photoshop abuse
>> No. 7872
File 129167332666.gif - (35.38KB , 800x715 , afternoon_11_30_2010.gif )
I ended up taking back some of the massive photoshop abuse for Engie.

Meanwhile, I'm toying with a slightly different composition for Snipes because I'm feeling lazy. We'll see, I guess.
>> No. 7873
File 129167601434.gif - (24.42KB , 600x800 , twilight_12_06_2010.gif )
More of a concept sketch than anything else, because I'm not sure if I can pull off such a weird camera angle and extreme foreshortening.
>> No. 7874
Wow, that's going to be a very hard angle. Your doing practically a worms eye view of Solly. Maybe it would help if you make Solly a bit closer to the point? That way when you get up to his head, your not drawing in such a tiny space.
It also might help if you were drawing like you were laying on the control point, looking up to Solly coming down on you.
But I do look forward to seeing what you do with this!
>> No. 7875
File 12920904381.jpg - (158.22KB , 800x715 , afternoon_11_30_2010.jpg )
Every picture I get up to the "eh, it's good enough" moment and want to stop fixing it.

...except a week later I'm looking back at it and going "ffffff"...
>> No. 7876
File 129255851044.gif - (36.13KB , 600x800 , twilight_12_06_2010.gif )
In which Dot is a cheating cheater who uses the SDK as a pose reference.

Someday, I won't have to use that as a crutch. Today is not that day. And I'm not shelling out $80 for a poseable ball joint doll.
>> No. 7877
Dude, they're like 10 bucks at Micheals (That gay art store, I'm sure there's one by you) unless I'm thinking of somewhere else.
>> No. 7878

I own one of those art store wooden pose-able dolls for drawing reference and I will say from experience, they don't work worth two shits. Sure you can do a few good poses with them but if you're going for detail type posing, they don't hold the form, and start taking on more of a ballerina look.

IMO, save some money aside and get the ball jointed doll or look through some magazines and still shots for referencing, it'll be more worth it than a wooden posing doll (mine is now just sitting on a shelf, collecting dust.)
>> No. 7879
File 129264654056.gif - (79.35KB , 582x800 , twilight_12_06_2010.gif )
Okay, okay, trying it from scratch, with even more extreme forshortening action.

...and now I'm belatedly realizing that I'm basically doing an upskirt of the Soldier, of all people. /fml
>> No. 7880
There are people here who don't mind an upskirt of Solly.
... Ehm yeah.

I like it so far, you did a pretty neat job on the perspective! I'd look at his left (from the viewer's perspective) and arm again though if I were you. Looks pretty wonky and not properly in place.
>> No. 7881
I really like the persepctive here, but if i may make a little critique, i think he looks really flat, especially the face, and the chest seems to be too small (but that may be because of the perspective)
>> No. 7882
File 12929103327.jpg - (190.69KB , 379x466 , redlines.jpg )
first off I commend you doing such a difficult pose.
Here is my red-lines... I hope it's pretty self-explanatory. All you really had to do was think of the anatomy within those foreshortened spaces, that's what was making it look overall 'flat'
>> No. 7883
File 129485703371.jpg - (76.18KB , 331x337 , test_badge.jpg )
So why is Dot freezing her butt off in Illinois? Because her super awesome godparents have an embroidery machine, that's why.

I have half a mind to make a buttload of these (as in, iron/sew-on geek badges) to sell at conventions. Of course actually doing this would be a lot more complicated than just all the wrangling that goes into even making one in the first place.
>> No. 7884
File 129729385556.jpg - (132.06KB , 594x800 , badges.jpg )
Have I mentioned that my super awesome godparents have a programmable embroidery machine?
>> No. 7885
I'd buy those. Especially a BLU Engi one for my cosplay.
>> No. 7886
File 130022189227.gif - (32.64KB , 800x422 , ootfortress.gif )
taking a break from trying to draw realistic-ish.
>> No. 7887
File 130248405478.jpg - (53.12KB , 600x795 , femhoovy.jpg )
Don't really feel like starting a thread in /tits/ since I have no idea if I'll do genderbends of everyone else.

Draft of Lady Hoovy. Still kind of deciding on her build right now. The gut doesn't feel epic enough.
>> No. 7888
File 130248710045.jpg - (39.23KB , 600x717 , femdic.jpg )
Tits!Medic's turn. I wanted her to look really mannish, and I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out.
>> No. 7889
File 130248744672.jpg - (79.19KB , 794x800 , femscoot.jpg )
Scoot's turn. I want to fancy up her hair a bit, and she's not enthusiastic about the idea.
>> No. 7890

I'm digging the proportions you gave her, myself... she manages to look like a very large woman, and the head/nose give her more than a passing resemblance to the original version.
>> No. 7891
File 130263946183.jpg - (165.04KB , 600x749 , femhoovy.jpg )
Version 2, giving Tits!Hoovy a bigger gut and more junk in the trunk.

This changes the silhouette to a more pear-shaped physique. I may try again later starting from the original Heavy's gorilla-esuqe shape.
>> No. 7892
File 130264126125.jpg - (99.01KB , 600x712 , femscoot.jpg )
Still not too much fancying up for Tits!Scoot, except for an upgrade in the dental plan.
>> No. 7893
File 130266468116.jpg - (137.81KB , 566x800 , femspah.jpg )
Just a general concept for Lady Spy. She's probably the only Class who'd intentionally invoke Fanservice as part of her job--after all, with an outfit like that, nobody would be looking at her face.

Whatever I end up doing for Lady Spy I really, really want to have a visible holster because that's very Secret Agent-y.
>> No. 7894
File 130366980891.jpg - (22.54KB , 600x554 , easter.jpg )
Scout's Mom makes the best Easter eggs.
>> No. 7895
I like the concepts for genderbends so far! They look fun and believable.

And that egg made me crack up (get it?).
>> No. 7896
File 130409164424.jpg - (90.69KB , 600x561 , easter.jpg )
Not sure if I'm going to color this.
>> No. 7897
It needs to be colored!
>> No. 7898
File 130428905176.jpg - (250.56KB , 800x563 , technologyoverkill.jpg )
Well, if I ever get around to modeling a kitchen, I guess I can use this as a prop or something.
>> No. 7899
File 130435282296.jpg - (14.81KB , 640x480 , easter_spy.jpg )
Eggs everywhere
>> No. 7902
File 131049321787.gif - (27.74KB , 800x389 , tootinghisownhorn.gif )
Almost a year old sketch I did for a meme.
>> No. 7903
File 131233598023.gif - (293.26KB , 884x1239 , gothloli.gif )
Ooh, got bit by the inspiration bug, let's see what interesting ideas I get today...

...uh. Well. Um. Redlines, please? And help me place Heavy's legs so I can give him fishnet stockings and high heels?
>> No. 7904
File 131239640628.jpg - (112.30KB , 884x1639 , loliheavy.jpg )

Here's my shot at a redline. I assumed that you were going for a more realistic style for his proportions, and went accordingly. I'm also not totally sure how a 300-pound man would stand if he were wearing high heels.
>> No. 7905
File 13124282912.gif - (33.15KB , 499x800 , theprettiestprincess.gif )
It occurs to me I haven't even worn something this frilly not even when I was into this kind of thing.
>> No. 7906
Very carefully.

Oh man, I should be shot for that. That was a lame joke.

Anyway, I'm enjoying this whole thing more than I should. Heavy in heels... disturbing, and yet, I like.
>> No. 7907
File 131258222324.jpg - (59.46KB , 602x566 , stilltheprettiest.jpg )
Progress report. Suggestions welcome.
>> No. 7908

Eyes look a bit too close together. Using light and shade to define his glorious cheekbones looks good.
>> No. 7909

Yeah, the placement/size of the eye has been driving me crazy. It either looks too far away (and thus too small) or too close (and thus too big).
>> No. 7910
File 131299210222.jpg - (185.85KB , 511x552 , stilltheprettiest.jpg )
Coloring is slow as I fight laziness and the reluctance to have this onscreen while parents are in the house.
>> No. 7911
File 131300415792.jpg - (345.27KB , 600x963 , theprettiestprincess.jpg )
So much for wanting this picture to be the one that gets me out of /workshop/...it still needs so much fixing, but my brain is dead at the moment.
>> No. 7912
File 131309534984.png - (629.44KB , 600x963 , face.png )
His head seems too small in parts and his mouth should be farther from his nose. Also his legs seem like they were drawn separately and stitched together somehow. They just don't quite align properly.
>> No. 7913

Yeah, the skirt breaks up the silhouette so it's really hard to place the legs properly.
>> No. 7914
File 131404617679.jpg - (63.87KB , 477x600 , shaveandahaircut.jpg )
Loosely dramatized scene from Mayfield, wherein the RED Sniper I had been playing went for several months without cutting his hair because the new barber (the BLU Spy, whom I also play) made him too paranoid to let the man anywhere near him with a straight razor. The Spy depicted in this picture is RED, without his mask because you enter into Mayfield minus any of your stuff.

...man this is a lot of teal deer for a picture. I wonder if I should just re-contextualize it within TF2 itself once I get around to publishing it.
>> No. 7915
You know that thing where you stare at something so long it loses meaning and you can't figure out what's wrong?

This is me, staring at the reference models, and trying to figure out why my art doesn't look anything like them unless I add the requisite accessories.
>> No. 7916
File 131422416759.jpg - (115.78KB , 600x567 , sotemptedtocheat.jpg )
It'd help to attach the picture, wouldn't it.
>> No. 7917
File 13145746899.jpg - (88.75KB , 635x600 , peekaboo.jpg )
Oh, well. Maybe next time.
>> No. 7918
File 131476679334.png - (98.22KB , 635x600 , Redlines.png )
Now, I'm no artistic genius myself, so uh. I'm kind of nervous to redline, but I'm hoping this helps. And a couple notes. The line below Spy's nostril should be above it, and then both jaws are somewhat lacking in definition. Also I would suggest referencing the character model for the shape of the holes in Spy's balaclava, specifically around the mouth. Speaking of, you'll notice on the model that the balaclava somewhat obscures certain features, so take it into consideration around the nostrils and lines in the face. Anyway, you got some neat stuff going for you! I really hope this is useful.
>> No. 7919
File 131481781473.jpg - (101.94KB , 641x600 , failingatpants.jpg )
You don't have to be a genius, you just have to notice something that I missed.
>> No. 7920
File 132130292691.gif - (22.62KB , 800x800 , igotaletter.gif )
You know who has a lot of feelings? Blokes who smother their wives to death with a pillow.

Just general posing/composition stage for now. Obviously there's stuff that needs fixing, but I can't exactly go trying this pose myself to see how it's supposed to work.
>> No. 7921
File 132132274658.jpg - (158.22KB , 700x800 , redlineseverywhere.jpg )
Because I fail at remembering the actual shapes of objects.
>> No. 7922
File 132232219728.gif - (21.26KB , 525x600 , howdoiperspective.gif )
I don't really like how the hand is covering his face. I may change the pose, even if that means departing from the way the original picture was staged.
>> No. 7923
File 132234303915.jpg - (250.25KB , 1454x1616 , 0.jpg )

Hands are a salty pain in the ass for artists at any level to draw- back in the age when people liked buying painted portraits of themselves, getting one with visible hands cost extra.

I've tried to throw together a bit of a redline here, though it may be junky and useless. The thing that's making this picture not work right now isn't the pose itself, but the rendering of Sniper's hand. Try to keep track of where each joint in his hand should be, and use details like his fingernails and the folds on the underside of the finger to suggest dimension.

Also, you should know a dead person can't write letters.
>> No. 7924
File 132293887484.jpg - (67.50KB , 779x800 , silentfortress.jpg )
What's that word for that awful moment when you want to give up but you KNOW what you've done isn't perfect enough?
>> No. 7925

He almost looks like Data. If he's stressed out (Silent Fortress being a reference to Silent Hill?) maybe he should have more stress lines in his face? I mean, you don't cause an Underworld shift by being zen.
>> No. 7926
File 132309927211.jpg - (329.68KB , 779x800 , feelingstupid.jpg )
Cue the world's biggest facepalm when I realized that I put his scar on the wrong side of his face.
>> No. 7927
File 132880914689.jpg - (73.38KB , 830x1828 , needfixing.jpg )
Ohai, it's only been...oh, forever, since I've had an idea worth trying my hand on.

Just general pose composition right now, but obviously I could always use pointers at every stage of the work.
>> No. 7928
File 134160526659.jpg - (253.88KB , 1000x959 , morelikeinterpretivedance.jpg )
Decided to try my hand at Pyro being Pyro.

At this point, I'm more just trying to get it done than fix any problems it has, but redlines are still welcome.
>> No. 7929
File 134231187823.jpg - (503.08KB , 720x720 , faaabulous.jpg )
Last chance before this picture goes live.
>> No. 7930
i think you should really work on your colors and minimize the palette. a lot of rainbow colors in all of your stuff. too much saturation also. try to get used to color schemes and sticking to them.
>> No. 7931
Woah woah woah. Easy on the filters, br'a. You had some really interesting lines there before you threw that pointillism effect on it, and now it just looks like a lame photoshop effect. Because it is.
And like the person above me said, you aught to scale back the colours in the background. It's really eye-searing, and it competes with the foreground. I'd definitely limit it to just two or three colours. I'd also consider hand-drawing the background, even if it's just drawing some action lines. Computer-generated patterns just aren't going to fit with your sketchy, organic style.

I really like the highlights you've put around Pyro's body though. You should keep those.
>> No. 7932

What do you mean by "color schemes"? I've studied color theory, but I pretty much pick colors based on what looks good.

(Except the rainbow background, obviously. Super low effort work there.)
>> No. 7933
File 134680622121.jpg - (32.32KB , 500x534 , whatisaman.jpg )
The result of playing too much Castlevania Harmony of Despair.

General pose/composition sketch. Obviously a lot of stuff needs fixing at this stage.
>> No. 7934
File 134711489859.jpg - (170.37KB , 500x533 , pileofsecrets.jpg )
I'll probably be drawing the lineart first as always, but here's the preliminary color scheme that I've decided for the picture.
>> No. 7935
>>3477 If you're looking for feedback, I think the colour scheme looks good. It's unified and lower saturation than some of the other pictures here. (Mind you, I always prefer subdued palettes.)
>> No. 7936
File 134736890465.gif - (29.89KB , 1220x944 , butenoughtalk.gif )
While I try to figure out how to draw Spy's legs, help me decide the tone of this picture. Should it be a straight Castlevania parody, with Spy wearing Drac's outfit, or should it be a mix of the two?

I'm somewhat tempted to add a Towering Pile of Hats on Spy's head and give him a Camera Beard...
>> No. 7937
File 134748940527.gif - (15.00KB , 500x597 , haveatyou.gif )
Still somewhat undecided.
>> No. 7938
File 134784444645.jpg - (71.24KB , 387x444 , howdoiface.jpg )
I think I've drawn his eyes too small for once.
>> No. 7939
File 135822302867.gif - (51.26KB , 697x1271 , sowrongonsomanylevels.gif )
My inability to draw feet + the weird-ass breadloaf shoes that all Precious Moments characters have = fail. And I think overall the proportions look a little weird, even taking the idiosyncrasies of this style in consideration.
>> No. 7940
File 135961026786.png - (185.18KB , 691x1456 , amikawaiiyet.png )
Experimentation with using vectors for line cleanup. I may add some highlights and shading via airbrush, we'll see.
>> No. 7941
File 135986291929.jpg - (205.58KB , 677x1100 , omnomnom.jpg )
What do y'all think? Too much? Not enough?
>> No. 7942
File 136173369992.jpg - (81.87KB , 768x630 , howdoiface.jpg )
Giving this picture another shot. Spy's face looks better this time, but I think Sniper's has gone off model?

Why am I not allowed to trace baww
>> No. 7943
File 136311626482.jpg - (161.42KB , 758x600 , thosesausagefingers.jpg )
Laying down some base colors and trying to figure this goddamn pose out.
>> No. 7944
File 136434602285.jpg - (226.30KB , 758x627 , redlinefordotchan.jpg )

Man, I hope this is okay?

I could only see issues with Spy in this one - Sniper looks really good!
Spy's body was far too large for his head, and the lower half of his face was on the wrong plane in relation to the rest of his skull. Also, his left arm/hand was held at an awkward angle.

I think your earlier version made for a more interesting pose ( >>2645 ) but there's nothing wrong with continuing the one you have now. It'll just be more of a challenge with Spy's left arm.
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