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File 129487185216.jpg - (191.69KB , 456x571 , sheepyrequest.jpg )
8007 No. 8007
I'm a little nervous about posting here, but it's all for the better, right?

I do own a tablet, but I haven't really gotten the hang of using it yet.
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>> No. 8008
File 129487673380.jpg - (91.33KB , 254x572 , ohhaymedic.jpg )
One more, if it'll help.
>> No. 8009
File 130046126643.jpg - (99.25KB , 513x404 , dansemacabre.jpg )
Let's try this again with more recent art.
>> No. 8010
The older drawings show a case of big head syndrome, but the more recent one is pretty fine proportionwise.

Generally I can say: Dare to draw chins! The TF2 characters got a very strong, clear facial design and the jaws are a big part of that. They don't look proportional to the rest of the face here. Try and draw them bigger and stronger.

That being said, your style is delightful and nice to look at. Draw more!
>> No. 8011
File 130082694161.jpg - (109.28KB , 359x574 , medicjokes.jpg )
I tried to get his jaw more accurate with this one, and I used a ref (as I always have), but apparently it's still wrong.
>> No. 8012
File 130085285319.png - (289.46KB , 719x574 , 130082694161 copy.png )
The problem is not the neck, you are making him with small body.

I like to use the source sdk modelview for references.
>> No. 8013

I'm sorry. I honestly don't have a lot of experience with drawing guys, but I'm going to fix it. Thank you. How do I view the Source Viewer?
>> No. 8014
File 130090261235.jpg - (262.64KB , 1556x712 , source.jpg )
>> No. 8015
Ahh, thanks. Dunno if it's the exact same route on a Mac, but I assume it's close.
>> No. 8016
Ah, I don't think Source is available for Mac yet. But I do know there's a handy dandy reference thread floating around somewhere in resources, so that might be of some help.

Sage for contributing very little, derp berp.
>> No. 8017
File 130120760742.jpg - (174.18KB , 560x563 , IMG_0001.jpg )
Thanks! I had a bunch of them saved already, but I'll keep checking back just in case.

More practice.
>> No. 8018
File 130120767476.jpg - (121.44KB , 521x653 , IMG.jpg )
I post here on a regular basis now, and I'm still afraid to namefag, hurr.
>> No. 8019

This made me giggle like an idiot. Critwise, I'd say that his head is a bit too big, and his neck is definitely too long.... Admittedly, the Medic has an enormous, weirdly-shaped head, so it can be very hard to get him looking proportionate.
>> No. 8020
File 130306688122.jpg - (105.97KB , 353x527 , sollymcarthur.jpg )
Another. I actually used a ref for this one. Solly's head isn't quite right yet, I think, but it's getting there.
>> No. 8021
Again, not enough exaggeration in the jawline. Soldier's chin takes up like half of his entire head so you should go ahead and chin him up. You don't have to exagerrate it as heavily as in the game but keep in mind that he's supposed to be a parody of all things manly - Try to incorperate that in his facial structure and body shape. Buff him up!

That being said, you did pretty well on the body hair. More people need to draw nice body hair!
>> No. 8022
File 130440540752.jpg - (148.90KB , 374x714 , engineer.jpg )
Another. I think I'm better at Engie than Soldier.

I've been getting a lot of shit from people on dA, but I refuse to listen to them because they're neither offering to help me improve or artists themselves, so their opinions are being quietly ignored. At least you guys are helping me, and I thank you for that.
>> No. 8023

Getting better! You're still giving your figures overly large heads and overly long necks- I've become dependent on the UNDO key that a computer allows to let me resize and reproportion figures in my own art, because it really can be a pain to get things like head size on the first pass, especially with the unrealistically-shaped heads that the TF2 characters have; all of them have eyes that are set more than halfway up the face, giving them unusually long chins and unusually small brain cases. It's an intentional stylization, but it really throws me off when I'm trying to size their heads. Keep it up!
>> No. 8024
File 130566078991.jpg - (182.58KB , 465x663 , mishaintel.jpg )
That awkward moment when two people tell you entirely different ways to fix the same drawing and you're lost.

I really want to get to the point where I draw likable art that doesn't need fixing.
>> No. 8025
Contradictionary feedback sucks. All you can do about that is ask for clarification, try both ideas or just pick what makes more sense to you.

Also judging by your post, it actually sounds like you don't draw to please yourself, but to please others? That's not the idea! You are not a professional, you are a hobbyist, and the strive for improvement is only healthy as long as you want it yourself. If you just want to improve so more people like your art, you take your work too seriously. It's about the fun, after all!

Just my two cents.
>> No. 8026
But that's the thing. I'm not a hobbyist, I'm in school for art...I want to become a professional cartoonist. And I was raised thinking that unless you impress people, you've failed. Doing personal things is selfish.

I'm really worried if I can't impress people, I won't have a job.
>> No. 8027
File 130575144988.jpg - (103.81KB , 434x400 , tumblr_llanbnlpXq1qdxh0p.jpg )
Ah, I understand. Well that's also alright - You go to school to learn, remember? If you were already a master you wouldn't go there in the first place. You can't expect everything you make to be impressive, and that's perfectly okay! Practice, learn from others, get good literature on the topic. Don't feel bad if you don't push out a masterpiece everytime you draw. Having such high expectations of yourself only slows down your learning process. Don't paralyze yourself, accept your faults and work on them.

You can do it!
>> No. 8028
I'm just worried that my failings are "everything". I'm not looking for a buttpat, but if the only commentary is "fix this, this is wrong", I worry it's completely wrong, unappealing, etc.
>> No. 8029
File 130599094153.jpg - (144.90KB , 536x479 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
New plan: Just draw things I like and enjoy the process.
>> No. 8030
Result of new plan: the face already looks better. Aaaaaww yeeeaaah

As crit, you really just need to widen his shoulders. His body is too small for his head, you know?
>> No. 8031
Thanks! I swore I did it right based on the ref, but now that I relook at it, it is a little small.
>> No. 8032
That's the right attitude! Aside from the critique already given, I must say it IS better than the previous things you showed. Keep going, you're on the right path.
>> No. 8033
Can I post het/genderbends here too?

I know it's not the het board, but this is more of a crit board.
>> No. 8035

Yes, genderbends may be posted here as long as your purpose is to receive crit and help. That's what /workshop/ is for!
>> No. 8036
File 130799649259.jpg - (150.51KB , 330x414 , bloodymedic.jpg )
>> No. 8037
File 130812328211.png - (249.62KB , 641x558 , phreakpressie.png )
And some genderbends for you.
>> No. 8038
File 130835678120.jpg - (179.08KB , 620x513 , knightsnbirds.jpg )

Sorry I'm never specific on what I think I need help on. I think I need help figuring out what exactly I'm doing wrong first.
>> No. 8039
File 130869512310.jpg - (129.25KB , 465x466 , wellfinally.jpg )
"Meet The Medic" reaction meme reaction thing.
>> No. 8040
File 130886822130.png - (458.58KB , 566x750 , IMG_0001.png )
I dedicate this one partially to Yang because of their help and the "Tom of Finland" comment.
>> No. 8041

Gasp! So much manliness.....
>> No. 8042
File 130889020830.gif - (273.65KB , 200x176 , astridgasp.gif )
You mean it?
>> No. 8043
File 130936359883.png - (596.75KB , 626x618 , kassspacugifts.png )
>> No. 8044
The perspective is a bit messed up here and there. The objects don't seem to fit quite into the picture. I like the facial expressions, though.
>> No. 8045
How so? I drew them from reference (as always, I don't have any faith in myself to draw from memory, even if I've drawn something 1,000 times before). I don't draw backgrounds much, but I try.
>> No. 8046
You still draw the heads a tiny bit too big. But your art has improved quite a lot since the first picture.
>> No. 8047
File 130960324455.jpg - (226.10KB , 524x773 , canadascoot.jpg )
Something silly that started as a joke, and then I found out another artist had the same idea, so I felt a little less weird about it.

I don't know if the heads are too big or the necks are just shorter, because that's what I was initially told to fix. I'm just so lost at what to do right to become good.
>> No. 8048
Your bodies are an ok size. It's the head that's a bit too big for the body. Just out of curiosity, do you draw the head first and then draw the body to go with it, or do you start out with a rough sketch of the figure (croquis)?
>> No. 8049
I draw the head first, it helps me get a good idea of where the rest of it would be.

What's croquis?
>> No. 8050
Croquis is a rough sketch of a figure/quick drawing.
>> No. 8051
Oh! We never learned that term in class, sorry.

Wonder why.
>> No. 8053
File 130972258033.jpg - (341.86KB , 2468x1171 , 0.jpg )

I'd been meaning to give you some concrit for a while, and, being Canadian, this picture stuck out for me, so I went with it.

A lot of the 'wrong' things I notice in your pictures involves the use of arbitrary shapes to represent features- you tend to use the same set of shapes for eyes, noses, folds in clothing and feet, and you put very little detail into your characters' hands. As you're obviously looking to improve, I would highly suggest that you get into the habit of just looking at things around you, and trying to consider their underlying structure. Look at your face in the mirror, your hands, the way that the clothing you're wearing folds and hangs depending on how bunched it is. Take out a book on the human body- study the scans from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gray%27s_Anatomy on Wikipedeia- or, heck, even just peruse the huge collection of reference and art study guides that people have uploaded here. That you're already trying to use reference is a good start, but never stop looking beneath the skin of what you're drawing and striving to understand why it's shaped the way it is.

It doesn't surprise me that you start by drawing the faces and work outwards from there, as it explains a lot of the trouble you have with proportions. You've mentioned having a tablet, and while I can't help you set it up, I implore you to start playing with it and learning to use it, when possible. Digital art is a godsend; my hands are woefully untrue, and I tend to make a ton of mistakes when sketching, so being able to simply start tracing/sketching over and even resizing hands or heads at the 11th hour of a project without having to worry about eraser marks or the texture of paper or wasting precious markers has been immeasurably helpful for me.

Lastly, and somewhat related to the first part of my concrit, there's the matter of your style. While the TF2 characters are always recognizable in your artwork, they don't strongly resemble official artwork. While it isn't always pleasing to me, that's a personal choice, and as long as you're striving to find inspiration in life when you draw, it doesn't matter nearly as much whether you're purposefully giving your drawings the exagerrated proportions that the characters in-game have.
>> No. 8054
Having taken figure drawing and usually reffing EVERYTHING off my own hands and eyes (or a reference site, when I'm not basing it off official artwork), I feel really defeated by this.

Maybe I should just leave, I clearly do nothing right or eye-pleasing.
>> No. 8055
I should clarify: I am doing exactly what people have suggested, believe me, and it seems like it's never enough. I feel like people don't think I'm improving at all. I'm not fishing for compliments, but I'd like to know if I'm doing ANYTHING right.

I have a degree in graphic arts. I have zero self esteem beyond this. Art is the only thing I can do with any confidence. I'm ten times worse with tablet. I don't like using it.
>> No. 8056
You are improving. You just can't expect too get change all at once. You say you're doing everything we suggest, but you still seem wary to step out of your artistic comfort zone. You really need to take a chance and do something drastically different, even if it looks like crap the first couple of times. I'd even go as far as suggesting tracing. You know, to adjust your hand to how the lines form. Trace a couple references, then try it free hand, free hand while changing some details to suit your needs. It's not a crime; it's practice.

Don't get discouraged. You really are improving.
>> No. 8057
File 130982467144.jpg - (55.16KB , 407x305 , heavymedic.jpg )
Attempt at more realistic stuff. Looked at both skulls and 3-D refs for this one.

I'm sorry I got so downtrodden. I really do appreciate all the help, I base my skill level entirely on what others think of it, instead of the fact that I worked hard and improved since my last drawing and had fun drawing something I love.
>> No. 8058
That Heavy looks great! The only thing that irks me is the mouth. I really wish I could redline, but my mouths looks pretty bad too.
>> No. 8059
Augh, sorry. What exactly is wrong with it?
>> No. 8060
The mouths (on both of them) seem positioned oddly. Too high up, for sure, but also... I'm not sure how to describe it. They seem detached from the face. They don't seem to follow the shape of it, you know?
>> No. 8062
File 131027014421.png - (249.34KB , 701x1059 , yup.png )
I think I see what Ginger's talking about. I did a little fix, for the alignment-- If you look at medic's nose, you'll notice that there's a curve that follows the forehead etc.; however, the infranasal depression (aka the line between his nose and mouth) and his lips are skewed to our right and are much too close together. Also, Medic's ears are a little too high-- for ear placement, tips at the eye line and bottom at the end of the nose are the best, and for perspective, just draw in curves that follow the structure of the head so they line up. (... And they're a bit too pointy. ears are hard, use reference if you need it.)

With Heavy, you have most of his face down really nice, but his lips are at the wrong angle. If his head were turned more to the right, the lips would look fine; In this case, trim the extra line at the left, because in a 3/4 view the edge of the mouth shouldn't cross over the edge of the visible face space.
You're doing pretty well, though; I looked through the rest of the thread, and there's a lot of improvement.
>> No. 8063
File 131234763999.jpg - (95.84KB , 432x407 , IMG_0002.jpg )
Thanks for all the help! I'm feeling a lot better about myself. If you have any ideas for things I should draw, poses or ideas for drawings or whatever, so I could get better, lemme know.
>> No. 8064
File 131234770173.jpg - (152.16KB , 557x606 , incomingcupcake.jpg )
>> No. 8065
File 131234774994.jpg - (127.93KB , 551x371 , forcindyagain.jpg )
Ignore the right half if you want, because it's not TF2-related.
>> No. 8066
File 131275632859.jpg - (98.78KB , 570x644 , medicfascinated.jpg )
>>informed on another site to "stop drawing animu shit"
>>aware of artistic shortcomings but not sure if trolling on the animu part
>> No. 8067
If you mean your style, I think it's barely animu at all. So, it's just trolling.
>> No. 8068
File 131311243010.png - (307.45KB , 479x563 , dessybirthday.png )
Thank you. I mean, like a lot of people, that's where I started drawing seriously, but it hasn't been an influence of mine for years now.

I know there's a couple problems with this one, but I really like the coloring. I'm going to go back and recolor more art for practice.
>> No. 8069
File 131830664161.png - (377.57KB , 575x756 , murder.png )
Coloring is fun!

Hope Sam doesn't count as "furry shit".
>> No. 8070
File 132012396525.png - (222.16KB , 607x457 , halloweenfortress2.png )
More coloring.
>> No. 8071
Before I critique, I do have a question. Do you do any under-drawing or sketching in pencil before you ink? Or do you just go for it? Just curious what your process is for drawing.
>> No. 8072
Wow. I just came across this thread and would like to say that you have improved a lot.

As for your recent picture, I would have to say Medic's right arm looks a little too thin while his left shoulder looks kind of low. His torso also seems to narrow.
>> No. 8073
File 132751326511.png - (151.73KB , 430x342 , samandpaul.png )
I sketch and resketch before I ink anything.

Thank you so much- I still need to nail down anatomy just right, could you provide me with any tips on getting him to look more evened out?
>> No. 8074
File 132751887550.png - (155.89KB , 430x342 , 132751326511.png )
you need to learn how arms work and look. also ears and noses.
>> No. 8075

Admittedly, it's an older picture (I haven't done anything TF2 in a couple months), but I'll work more on studying arms and how they attach. Could you explain what's wrong with the ears and noses?
>> No. 8076
just study the anatomy of them. proportions, how the attach, what different parts look like etc.
>> No. 8077

I'll look at more refs, then.
>> No. 8078
File 132875832336.png - (315.28KB , 637x676 , sketchdump.png )
Think I'm getting the ears a little better.
>> No. 8079
File 132916944135.png - (255.36KB , 977x766 , heavymedicvalentine.png )
>> No. 8080
File 13293053553.jpg - (562.58KB , 1275x1650 , anonredline.jpg )
Hey Anon! I see your working hard in here. I have deep criticism for you, but not at 3am. which it is. So I leave you in the capable hands of my R.T. Soldier with this "redline", while I sleep, then I will give you more crit than you could ever want probably.
>> No. 8081
File 132954606423.jpg - (148.43KB , 1000x762 , IMG.jpg )

Thanks- I think I was trying to do it like that, but I still don't have it quite figured out yet. I'll definitely go to a coffee shop and observe next time I get the chance.
>> No. 8082
File 133072295722.png - (313.96KB , 1000x700 , snowyandarchie.png )
Only sort of TF2 art.

I'm going to do a storyboard for a potential cartoon project, and the bird's based on Archimedes, so I thought I'd stick Medic in as a cameo.
>> No. 8083
File 133091745378.png - (341.97KB , 1000x700 , snowyandarchiewip.png )
>> No. 8084
I think you missed the point of pinkshotgun's critique anon, I think the problem is that you seemed to just have, well, traced over your own image to try and improve. That really isn't going to help you, especially since you just went over what you already did originally. You should start a new, resketch it while keeping in mind the tips and words of wisdom pink said in her well-given crit.
>> No. 8085
File 13310280061.jpg - (358.71KB , 600x1650 , anonredline2.jpg )
Hi Anon! I can see that you are sketching underneath, but the shapes you are using are graphic 2D not boxes spheres and pyramids. It really helps to get an idea of the perspective of the body parts if you start from boxes instead of squares.

That being said I have some critique for your overall art style.

You are at the very beginning of artistic skill, which is good, because you will see vast improvement over a relatively short period of time.

What I like about your art is:
-You have attention to detail in cloths and adding props to a scene.
-You are aware of telling a story with your drawings
-You are fearless about taking challenging material
-You place a strong emphasis on body language and facial expression.

However, there are a lot of things undermining your good qualities.
Heads too large
Overall proportion is inconsistent
Hands lack joints
Necks twist uncomfortably
Face lacks structure/is too 2 dimensional
-Composition of pictures is often confusing
too much going on
parts are unbalanced
-Props though included are drawn poorly
lack perspective
obviously lack reference
-Lack of lighting adds to flatness/ makes the art look incomplete
-The final line art is unvaried, also adding to flatness or over all confusion since most things have the same line weight.

All of the above are things I know you can improve. You have a good work ethic, and you actually ask for help. Try not to look at these things as flaws, but as room to grow. If you can buckle down and draw everyday and get critique from lots of people, your art quality will soar quickly.

Good luck and I am always here if you have any questions to clarify my critique.
>> No. 8086
To be fair, that was the original lineart I'd inked the final pic over. Sorry for not clarifying. I was trying to show the usage of cylinders and ref that I had used- for whatever reason, when I ink it, I sort of flatten it out unintentionally.

I thank pink for their support quite a bit, and I'm sorry I'm struggling a bit with the anatomy. I really need to figure out the general reference of "this is 2x this" and so on.
>> No. 8087
File 133355811765.png - (196.85KB , 414x612 , lintubirthday.png )
A couple of doodles I worked on recently- I know the anatomy's off, and I'd like to fix it.
>> No. 8088
File 13335582107.png - (155.35KB , 386x486 , yangbirthday.png )
One more.
>> No. 8089
File 134005976138.png - (322.39KB , 688x585 , heavy.png )
I hope I haven't scared anybody off...
>> No. 8091
File 134037172177.png - (393.31KB , 638x900 , stuff.png )
>>3412 I like this, it may be my favorite of your drawings of Heavy. The perspective in the background detracts slightly, though. For example, the straight-across angle of the roof of the house doesn't look right. Proper perspective often takes a lot of work, but it is worth it.
But back to the always-important subject of anatomy. I recommend this simple exercise: Find a reference picture, any picture, and try to draw it accurately. Then put your finished drawing and the reference right next to each other, carefully look at them side-by-side, and find all the differences. If you can, even try overlaying your drawing on top of the reference. I've done this in the past, and was surprised by all the things I didn't notice in my own drawings. If you find you did something wrong, figure out what it is. Being able to see and accurately reproduce the shapes in something is an important skill.
In the image attached are just more of my thoughts on references.
>> No. 8092
File 134186073595.png - (172.50KB , 542x701 , prickory.png )
Aah, thank you- all it took is a closer examination of the refs and my art already started looking better.

I hope this one's a little more accurate.
>> No. 8093
File 134576889333.png - (217.89KB , 445x667 , catbirthday.png )
>> No. 8094

Never forget HatCon '97.
>> No. 8095
>> No. 8096
File 134948702833.png - (249.22KB , 402x638 , request_medicus.png )
>> No. 8097
File 134948708768.png - (153.65KB , 396x632 , request_viruscherub.png )
>> No. 8098
File 135154925967.png - (197.12KB , 456x700 , mediccest.png )
OC Mediccest.
>> No. 8099
File 135154931789.png - (258.84KB , 700x537 , Spoiler Picture.png )
Attempt at OC Heavy/Medic porns.
>> No. 8100
File 135190940265.png - (342.44KB , 825x554 , rescuezeprincess.png )
I enjoy pudgy bellies.
>> No. 8101
File 135459533423.png - (356.61KB , 557x700 , fananas.png )
>> No. 8102
File 13564584986.png - (532.98KB , 800x610 , spacedragonsecretsanta.png )
Done for another sites' Secret Santa.
>> No. 8103
File 13568996694.png - (610.51KB , 722x1272 , secretsantatf2chanwip.png )
Coloring my Secret Santa drawing.
>> No. 8179
File 137522246025.jpg - (105.23KB , 640x480 , image_1.jpg )
Been awhile since I did any TF2 art.
>> No. 8208
Taking critique and/or requests, if anyone's interested.
>> No. 8211
Hi there! I've been lurking in your thread today and you're making great progress! If you're still taking requests I would love to see Medic asleep at his desk with his little doves keeping him company. I'm a sucker for sleepy Medics!
Unfortunately I don't have the time right now to do a redline or a critique, but feel free to hit me up on Sparkledog Central if you ever want some advice. My username there is also Doowhacker. Keep up the good work!
>> No. 8212
hahaha, dat word filter.
and by Sparkledog Central I mean deviant art (ach hopefully that works)
>> No. 8222

Disclaimer: These comments are made using either real human proportions or TF2's art style as a basis. Whatever style you end up with, hopefully it'll still be relevant. I'm also going to explain things you may already know.

General comments -
1. Underdrawing:
When making drafts, you should start with ridiculously detailed sketches that accurately portray the volume of objects that you draw, taking into consideration things like perspective. I'm terrible at perspective in general, so I'm only going to comment on what jumps out at me.

2. Attention to detail:
When drawing from reference, it's important that you take note of things like placement and proportion. If you are going to exaggerate for the sake of caricature, then it's better to exaggerate in the direction that emphasizes contrast.

3. Referencing:
Pictures are nice, but what's even better is for you to get an actual object (or similar enough analogue) to play with so you can get a feel for what it's like. If you can't get someone to model for you, pose yourself against a mirror and take note of how your reflection looks.

Detailed feedback, from top to bottom -
1. The Head
* Exaggerate Medic's nonstandard skull shape, since that's something that makes him distinct.
* His hair curl starts in the middle of his forehead.
* The strap of the Blighted Beak goes behind the head like so: it goes straight back until where the ear meets the head, and then goes down and around. You are free to do whatever else on the details, but the function of the strap should stay as close to original as possible. Wear a headband to help you figure out how to draw it yourself.
* The ear should start at same height as the corner of the eye, rise up around the height of the brow, and then taper off at the height of where the lips meet. As far as how the ears are angled, anything goes.
* I tried this pose in the mirror. Once I turned my head so that the angle of my nose matched what you were suggesting with the angle of the Blighted Beak, I noticed that the front-facing portion of my face was not as wide as your drawing. The eye-holes should be further to the right, spaced closer together, and jutting "out" more. (While your character isn't posed in as extreme an angle as the reference included in this redline, it's still helpful to look out.)
* Exaggerate Medic's Manry Manjaw of Manriness. All classes with visible faces have longer chins and greater under-bites than the average human.

2. Archimedes
* Does not look anything like a dove, not even a cartoon one. Unfortunately, most clip art only feature doves in flight, but I was able to find pictures of 白鴿牌洗衣精 (White Dove Brand Laundry Detergent), whose logo is that of a brooding dove holding a single white feather, and I would suggest you use that as a basis for a more stylized depiction.

3. Shoulders
* Looks a bit too narrow compared to references, even taking perspective into consideration.
* Collar is inaccurate.
* Placing of visible portions of Medigun Backpack is too high. (In the picture on the right, it has the illusion of being higher because both the Medic's head and shoulder are tilted down. The smaller picture to the left is how much of the backpack is visible in front view.)

4. Arms
* The right arm (our left) is too skinny, and the elbow placed a little bit too low.
* Both wrists are too skinny.
* The left forearm (our right) should still be fully visible and the upper arm partially visible with this pose. Foreshortening should take into account Medic's thick rubber gloves, which are wider at the bottom than at the wrist.

5. Hands
* Fingers should be longer and thicker given the Medic's gloves.

6. Torso
* Buttons and straps are inaccurate compared to the original.

7. Rest of the body
* Should have at least been present in drafting stage. The artist is not a camera, and thus is not obligated to draw everything "in frame", but it's better to draw more and then cut away in editing than to leave things out and then have to add things back in later.
* This is more of a personal preference, but I think you should have at least drawn as far as the Medic's entire torso, or re-framed the picture with an even narrower field of view.
>> No. 8223
File 137686608435.jpg - (810.10KB , 1970x961 , blighted_beak.jpg )
Whoops, forgot to include the redline.
>> No. 8224
Thank you. It's an honor. I'm sorry if I disappointed you-- I've been really hoping you and/or mawaru would grace me by looking at my art.

I don't have a mirror, and I'm very stiff physically, so I don't know if I'm a good person to reference for anatomy. I've been looking for a lot of references online.

I'll try my best.
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