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File 135052691648.png - (799.78KB , 1008x720 , Medic.png )
8104 No. 8104
Yeah so I'm not quite stating that I'm an amazing artist or anything or a major PS master, but, hey, I just want feedback, kay? Good, Passable, bad, whatever. Any criticisms are welcome! Thanks.
>> No. 8105
Did you trace this from Medic's pose from the selection screen?
>> No. 8106
Traced look aside, the shading on his boots is opposite how it is on Medic's pants, and it's pretty much nonexistent on his coat.
>> No. 8107
No but I used it for reference. It's probably note-worthy that I used my mouse for this and I'll keep using my Tablet once I get a pen that isn't 2 Crescaunt Rolls held together with prit-stick.
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