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File 134776857034.png - (116.64KB , 578x464 , boomheadshot.png )
8109 No. 8109
Headshot. (Boss man said to post here.)
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>> No. 8110
File 134780371328.jpg - (39.32KB , 321x480 , 0leanforward.jpg )
His ribcage could stand just a little more emphasis. This computer's only got a clumsy mouse, so I can't redline, but I usually look up stock images and crap on google when I'm doing things like this, it helps me get some idea of what I'm trying to do. http://www.koalaswim.com/ is another site where I've found a lot of reference material for porn.

The picture here isn't perfect, but it gives an idea of what Sniper's midriff should be doing.

As always, I love your faces.
>> No. 8111
1. Needs more Manjaw of Manriness.
2. Needs more underbite.
3. Head doesn't quite seem to match the body. His body as a whole should be wider, but the shoulders especially.
4. Arm position looks more like he was amputated than tied up.
>> No. 8112
File 134808920520.png - (124.38KB , 825x660 , beenaroundwip.png )
Whoop, been applying to jobs and shit today, but I got this pic I'm planning on finishing. Here's a sketch of it, critique away.
>> No. 8113

1. Head looks too big.
2. His arms are level (I think), but his left (our right) boob looks higher.
3. His waist and hips might be too skinny.
4. If you're going to give him arm hair, where is the chest hair in the shape of Australia?
>> No. 8114

Lol, you know me too well. Arm hair was just a little note to myself to not put any stickers and stuff where body hair was present. I shall set to work on head shrinking.
>> No. 8115
File 13481534754.png - (201.10KB , 890x669 , empirelovewip.png )
Bonk. 'Bout time I did a Demoman pic, I love playing him (even if I end up throwing stickies everywhere and being useless, lol)!
>> No. 8116

This looks more like two people wrestling than having sex. Sniper's body is being pinned far too close to the bed; his back would be more arched and his ass higher in the air. (Or, if this is supposed to be nonconsenting sex, then the body language needs to reflect that better.)

Also, Demo's leg look seriously out of alignment from his chest, even considering the angle of the bodies. Drawing his other leg would help, but I think you need to do more foreshortening.
>> No. 8117
File 134834057649.png - (165.76KB , 890x669 , empirelovewip2.png )

>> No. 8118

It still looks weird. Where's the horizon line and the vanishing point?
>> No. 8119
File 134836795828.png - (200.61KB , 890x669 , foreshortening.png )
Here are some lines based on my best guess of how the lines should be looking.
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