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File 13714543934.png - (1.21MB , 1692x1704 , GL Mychael.png )
8122 No. 8122
Here, have a TF2/Pokemon crossover spam!
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>> No. 8123
File 137145448221.png - (655.27KB , 1168x1370 , GL McCoil.png )
Previous one was Gym Leader Mychael.
>> No. 8124
File 137145460776.png - (615.25KB , 1100x970 , GL Dell.png )
I might continue this series...
>> No. 8125
File 137145468095.png - (699.56KB , 1285x1590 , GL Snipe.png )
...it would be a nice excuse...
>> No. 8126
File 137145477633.png - (390.45KB , 1535x922 , Trainer Joey.png )
...my GOD, these were fun!
Answer: because I hate Medic.
>> No. 8127
I like the expressions and poses you have going on for the most part, but your rendering of clothing and cloth seems a bit inconsistent. Scout appears to be a more realistic rendering of clothing wrinkles and bagginess, but the Engineer's overalls look more like some sort of Spandex contraction instead of actual thick denim overalls. I would suggest looking at some photo refernces for that type of fabric, to get a better idea of how it folds and sits on a person.

I would type up more critique, but alas, I've got to go to work.
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