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File 137274464417.png - (1.24MB , 2624x781 , sbn fiep.png )
8134 No. 8134
not looking for a critique, just sharing this strange unrecognizable thing i drew while i was stoned.
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>> No. 8135
Can't get enough of the diabeetus
>> No. 8141
File 137290056642.png - (550.93KB , 1749x777 , nhfjghfhgf\'.png )
bringin' some more of my fanart over here. happy july 4th
>> No. 8142
Dat tiny flag.

Keep the dorbs coming, y'hear?
>> No. 8143
Oh yeah. Heavy and Medic are the most American. All the time.
>> No. 8144

And a happy 4th to you too! This is adorable, as is the first image. I know I would like to see more, please.
>> No. 8149
File 137318922551.png - (117.15KB , 743x738 , tf2scout.png )
you requested more, i give more! :'D sorry, i usually try to include more of the mercs together in one picture but i was tired. i'm glad yall like my art so much! ;v; it makes me very happy!
>> No. 8150
File 13731914038.png - (106.34KB , 614x584 , tf2bluemedic.png )
and another for you guys ;v;
>> No. 8151
Protip: you can convey emotions perfectly well without the overuse of emoticons, especially when you have the luxury of time on an imageboard. Use your words.

Cute mercs! I for one would like to see some fully coloured works from you, but that's just a suggestion
>> No. 8152
heh! sorry, force of habit... and thanks! i know i'm not the best artist- i dont really draw often cause it's just for fun... but i really do like hearing nice words about my art. and sure, i'll do a colored piece for you! it'll give me a chance to show off my line art skills as well, aww yiss
>> No. 8154
File 137331731879.png - (268.22KB , 631x655 , scoutsoldier.png )
ach i know i said i'd do something colored but here have this warm up drawin
>> No. 8165
The head/body ratio proportion is way off on this one, it's really really distracting.
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