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File 137327179782.jpg - (70.17KB , 625x775 , sPDxG.jpg )
8153 No. 8153
Anyone know who made this?
>> No. 8155
I don't know but whoever made it is in serious danger of becoming the key icon of a sex cult.
>> No. 8156
So apparently it's by someone named Kob, and they have like no gallery other than http://rule34.paheal.net/post/list/kob/1 not even sure if they made the page but yeah. It's like this person doesn't want to be followed.
>> No. 8159
I remember when Kob would post pics like that one, and then he/she disappeared for a bit, then came back for one final hurrah before announcing their permanent departure. The ones in that URL link are basically all the pics I remember
>> No. 8160
Holy shit, so it's Kob who got me into TF2 in the first place!

Man, I remember seeing a bunch of their stuff dumped in a TF2 thread on /cm/ years back. At the time I'd never heard of TF2, just saved the images because they were beautifully done and moved on. And a year or two later, my then-boyfriend showed me the game and I was like "Oh, so this is what that porn is from!", thus beginning my slow spiral into TF2 obsession and sustained madness... BUT ANYWAY

I owe Kob one.
>> No. 8161
I must admit, he was one of my biggest inspirations when I first got into the tf2 fandom. Would have been nice to have been around while he/she was still active. Or at least to know who they are.
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