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File 137581246066.jpg - (1.52MB , 1552x1771 , HILF MIR BITTE.jpg )
8188 No. 8188
Hello! I'm back after not playing an ounce of TF2 for years. I missed this Chan.
Here's a piece I squeezed out today. (ps how do I robots?!?!?!)
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>> No. 8190
Yes hello welcome back and please stay forever

I love the lighting here, unf. I demand more!
>> No. 8191
File 137597339019.jpg - (34.16KB , 377x365 , medic bust sketch.jpg )
Cheers Mawaru!
Have a sketch that I forgot to put up here as well. I'm currently working on an MvM comic but it's a long way off yet.
>> No. 8192
File 137600509849.png - (563.34KB , 629x524 , oh.png )
>MvM comic

Also, you draw lovely Medics. Pretty stoked to see what's next in your pipeline!
>> No. 8193
File 137608235613.jpg - (659.95KB , 1651x1281 , whoops looks like i drew medic again.jpg )
Just a quick light study thing?!?! I don't really know to be honest. I'm sorry I keep drawing Medics. I'm going to go on a Sniper binge after this.
>> No. 8197
My, what a menacing oversized butter knife you have there...

why am I the only one commenting in this thread
>> No. 8198
Where is everyone?
>> No. 8199

No, don't apologize for Medics. There is never enough Medics. Medics everywhere! Your art is great and I am very excited to see this MvM comic! All I ask is that it doesn't end up unfinished. I've seen too many amazing artwork and fanfictions only for the creator to stop midway and never pick it up again.

And yeah, this place has become a ghost town, say for a few dedicated people, I don't post much since I am embarrassed for not having new material to contribute.
>> No. 8200
Thank you, I just hope the comic doesn't disappoint! I'm writing the story at the moment and I'm trying to keep it as canon and plausible as possible. The only problem for you guys is that next week I'm going to Europe so I won't be posting anything during that time. Sorry!
It's a shame about the Chan though. But as quiet as this place is I will still love it and the people who post here.
>> No. 8201
We get spikes in activity, and traffic to /fanart/ seems to be quite on and off. I just hope that if lurkers see people talking/posting, they might decide to join in as well. A community is only as strong as its members, after all

and then there's the whole issue with the unshakeable rep this place seems to have but let's try and change that shall we
>> No. 8202
What's the rep that it seems to have?
Personally, when I first came across this place, I thought it was a really nice board.
>> No. 8203
File 137651695326.jpg - (1.21MB , 1651x1281 , i coloured a ting.jpg )
I suppose some view this place as intimidating and tough to please. Changoers love to offer technical and in-depth critiques, and I've seen some artists/writers etc. interpret it as, say, a personal attack on their creations and whatnot. But Changoers do it because we want to see everyone improve. I personally find this site to be incredibly useful, and I think it's probably the main reason my art has made any sort of improvement. Others prefer to go back to places such as dA where praise is more readily available, I find. I don't know. I hope I'm not causing offence or anything.
Now, I'm afraid I've not much to offer in terms of new art. I'm currently working on a piece because I'm currently in talks with one of the chaps who's curating a fan-made TF2 artbook and there's a chance I may be offered half a page. It depends on various factors but I am keeping my fingers crossed. So, between that and writing for the MvM comic I'm working on colouring, I promptly slapped some colours on that old sketch here: >>8193
I'd love to hear your thoughts on it! I am terrible at colouring and I'd love to finally develop a concrete way of colouring things.
>> No. 8204
File 137651717021.jpg - (91.38KB , 399x529 , bloody wankas.jpg )
I was true to my work and also drew a Sniper. A...really small Sniper. It was mainly an excuse to practice colouring.
A penny for your valuable thoughts.
>> No. 8205
His skin is bathed in SUCH a wonderful warm light and shadow (seriously, pretty skintones) that the blue of his shirt distracts me a bit- almost as if it isn't in quite the same environment. I'd suggest pushing the shadows on it a bit deeper, and desaturating it a little, maybe even pushing it into a slightly more green-blue. Slightly. C:
>> No. 8206

The only thing that jumps out at me about this picture is that the Sniper's ear doesn't quite seem attached to his head. This isn't as much of an issue in your Medic pictures since there's enough context for me to figure out where things go. (Even TF2's style, as cartoony as it is, goes to the trouble of detailing almost everyone's ears.)
>> No. 8207
Pretty much what Doowhacker already said, plus the insistence this place is "full of drama", that the people here are snarky and will hate on you unless you're famous, that the mods are arseholes, and a plethora of other gripes. Stick around a little an you'll see that most of it is unfounded these days. There's also this post and its replies that outline a lot of the misconceptions spread within other communities, and a mod's insight on the points:

But yeah. TF2chan is a great place to grow and give your work a chance to actually be seen. And that Tumbling place now hides NSFW blogs from searches so you really are next to invisible there. We just need to let people know we.. you know.. still exist, and not in the light the rumours paint us in?

Ooh! You've obviously got a grasp on rim, fill, and key lighting, which is great. One thing I'm curious to know is if you've spent some time with is colour theory? Especially in regards to combinations and how to establish an effective palette?

What I see in the Sniper image is a good grasp on technicality, but a tiny bit lacking in 'oomph'. If you introduced some blue tones to the shadows (instead of greys), and some warmer tones to the lit areas, it will save it from looking muddy. There is definite visual pop seen in the Medic image though, so you're on the right track!

Here are some tips for learning colour (based on my own experiences - I'm forever learning myself!) aka mawaru's ARTFAG RANT MODE ACTIVATED:

1) learn from life/life drawing, specifically colour studies. Try doing a "speed paint" series not for detail or anatomical accuracy, but trying to separate bodies of colour. One interesting area to study is the human face, as the colour zones change dramatically when you introduce different kinds of lighting. Once you can see how colour/light works in real life (which you seem to have a grasp on already), you can step it up or tone it down, which leads to:

2) limiting yourself vs going crazy. Go nuts with colour, do all kinds of crazy things to get it out of your system. Then try using a limited palette, a natural palette, or any other kind of palette you want to experiment with.

3) get inspired! Pull images you find really attractive and that have a visual pop, study them to see how they do it. Pick colours out of the image to establish your palette, if it will help you. All lighting is implied by colours interplaying with each other to give the illusion of a light source (or is it the other way around? haha), so sometimes when you're really stuck, picking a colour and seeing it separated can teach you how the illusion actually works. If you practice life drawing, you'll also learn to see things as they really are and be able to spot colours on their own!

4) make adjustments in your image editing program of choice and learn from it. I usually do this to my palette at the beginning, to make sure I'm not going to waste my time with bad colour combos. But sometimes after having worked on what I thought was a vibrant image, I make a quick adjustment at the end and find that.. wow, I worked on a really washed out piece. Take any of your given colour pieces and run them through Photoshop - play with Curves, Colour Balance, and Vibrance adjustment layers to see if there is any way you could improve and make notes for next time.

5) not necessary, but you can always play colour 'games' to help you see colour and get ideas for interesting combinations. One I highly recommend is http://color.method.ac/

Anatomy-wise they both look great, though! Just keep going with your colour, have fun, and do regular reflections on your work and how far you've come. You'll be poppin' eyes in no time.
>> No. 8209
File 137665970788.gif - (1.82MB , 500x281 , me gusta.gif )
Wowzers, such fantastic responses! I'm afraid I won't be posting much for a while. I have just been offered a place at university so I need to prepare for that AND pack for a holiday next week. I am also busy writing my comic, and I am working on another Medic piece because there's a chance I may get half a page in a fan-made TF2 artbook. Hang on in there, folks.
Cheers, Anon! To be honest I don't know why I went with BLU, but I will have a look at fiddling about with overall colour balances and contrasts next time.
Ah, Dotchan, I was hoping you would be summoned. I can see the mistake with the ear now, so I will give that some more attention in the future. Thank you for pointing that out.
Sweet Gibus, Mawaru, that's a critique and a half. I confess, my actual technical knowledge of art techniques is nonexistent. I have always gone with what sticks but I can't keep doing that forever. I will definitely set some time aside to do a bit of experimenting - thank you very much for your Artfag Rant!
>> No. 8220
This is awesome work, I love Medic's expression!
A nice piece that really shows off the 'feel' of MvM in my opinion. :)

Keep it up!
>> No. 8235
File 137847493721.jpg - (172.18KB , 548x242 , artbook preview ting.jpg )
Hi guys! I'm not dead! I've just got back from Berlin the other day and I have exactly a week before I move to Scotland to start university, so I'm a right busy bee at the moment. BUT! The very least I can offer right now is a little sneak preview of my contribution to the TF2 Artbook, which is being assembled as I speak!
Thank you very much! I'm glad you find it has some atmosphere to it.
>> No. 8241
File 137866495594.jpg - (291.88KB , 731x611 , papierkram überall.jpg )
I diddly done did a doodle.
>> No. 8243

His head looks too big (and not "Medic"-y enough, for lack of a better description) for his body and arms too small.
>> No. 8245
I really like the emotion in this piece. I do get the feeling Medic's completely exhausted, poor guy.

For the redlining, it depends. Some people intentionally don't draw on-model, because they worry about photocopying the canon art too much (I know I do), while others strive for it.
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