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File 137680659081.jpg - (146.18KB , 500x375 , community_image_1375200529.jpg )
8215 No. 8215
Oh man. I posted art here one long-ass time ago, under a different name, and was too intimidated to really do anything. I joke that TF2 is the only reason I know how to draw jawlines, let alone people (my normal fare is animals), but I fear it's true. I've recently fallen back in love with everything the design of this game has to offer, and I'm determined to make people feel natural when I draw them. So, before this thing gets too sappy, here's a quick computin' Pyro!
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>> No. 8216
File 137680673492.jpg - (234.36KB , 800x598 , tempscoots.jpg )
...Scout is my favorite because of that ridiculous face. I realize these are probably off-model save for the Medic- the blunders of drawing from memory! Lately I've been drilling away at drawing faces directly from photographs, so I already see things about these that could be improved.
>> No. 8217
File 137681602525.jpg - (50.26KB , 600x564 , proceed human.jpg )
Welcome back! I love what I'm seeing already! That Pyro is completely adorable and your faces have a wonderful sense of liveliness about them. I can't wait to see more!
>> No. 8218
ermagherd, the diabeetus

I'm really digging your style so far. Over-exaggerated cartoony Scout is fabulous, but the more accurate Medic also rocks my socks. Do post more, Nov!

Also I have seen your Pyro pic somewhere before, but I can't remember where. But eeeee you're posting here, now. Excuse me while I go celebrate in a corner
>> No. 8221
I also like your style. The Scout sketches in particular have a very nice caricature feel to them.

However, because I'm the kind of person to nitpick, here's a couple of things that jumped out at me.
1) Pyro's missing a leg (that should be visible given the pose) and the air filter on the gas mask. And this is a super, super tiny nit, but the laptop cover looks too big.
2) I think that Scout's hatchet chin should also be a feature that stays in caricature--the TF2 classes in general have longer chins and exaggerated underbites. For Medic, I feel that his prominent forehead and egg-like skull shape (in addition to the Manry Manjaw) also deserve to be maintained regardless of art style.
>> No. 8227
You all are TOO NICE!

Doo- Thanks so much! Hope I can continue to please.
Mawaru- the Pyro doodle ended up with notes numbering in the hundreds on Dumblr (for some reason), so that was probably it. You'd be able to find my proper internet name and everything! I am so. So fandom shy and I've never been able to articulate why.
Dot- Heeeh, yes, any future art will have more attention paid to the character models. I fully admit that both of these were rather spur of the moment. Will definitely work on that, thanks!

I'm really, truly hoping to produce some TF2-related sketches soon. I just picked up a part time job on top of my other art-related responsibilities, so art funtime has been very scarce lately.
>> No. 8270
File 138086110434.jpg - (271.20KB , 800x544 , tf2_dumbs2.jpg )
Unexpectedly busy! Someday I'll draw bodies! This is also the only Sniper face I've ever been pleased with, woo hoo.
>> No. 8275
Hot damn. The style and texture on these are lovely.
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